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									                     SCHUYLER COUNTY SAFETY COMMITTEE


Rick Churches, Beth Covert, Thomas Donnells, Deana Haynes, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy,
Glenn Larison, David Lisk, John MacVittie, Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, George Roets,
Jill Wicker
   I.     NYS Insurance Fund (NYSIF)
            Gail introduced Deana Haynes, a field service representative/loss control
            consultant for NYSIF.
            Deana suggested we use their website, as a resource for us.

   II.    Emergency Response Team
            Discussed method of identification for team members.
            Possibilities include but not limited to colored ID tags and/or
            lanyards or colored dots.
            The Emergency Action Plan will be distributed to each team member. Each
            member will need to have a working knowledge of the Plan.
            Reminder: Emergency Response Team training will be held Tuesday
            5/15 at 2:30 pm.
            Rick encouraged committee members to invite other employees to the
            training - encouraged more volunteers.

   III.   County Highway CPR and First Aid training
             Greg confirmed that this training is a requirement per OSHA regulations. He
             is looking for resources to provide CPR and First Aid refresher training to
             highway employees. Neither NYSIF nor Lovell Safety is able to provide this
             type of training. Possible to join towns with their training. Continue to
             examine our options.

   IV.    Home Visits
            Bill went over a memo he sent to Public Health, DSS, Probation and Youth
            Bureau asking them to review their departmental policy for assigning staff to
            home visits. They are to provide this information, along with any risk analysis
            that has been done, to the Safety Committee for their review.

   V.     New Business
            All were in favor of adding Review & Approve minutes as a monthly
            agenda item. There was discussion about the sharing of minutes, how it
            should be done, etc. Tim will place this topic on the next Administrative
            Council agenda for discussion.

              Upon reviewing meeting minutes from 4/10 and 4/26, all security measures
              and safety concerns regarding the new building project have been satisfactorily
              addressed at this time.
                           SAFETY COMMITTEE MEETING


Rick Churches, Tom Donnells, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Glenn Larison, Tim O‟Hearn,
Jayne Richardson, Jill Wicker

   I.     Review and Approve Minutes (5/8/07)
          Motion by Glenn Larison, second by Gail Hughey to approve the 5/8/07

   II.    Bloodborne Pathogen Policy
          Tim went through the draft policy with the following suggestions /
          - Employee exposure determination
          - Methods of Implementation and Control
                      Engineering Controls and Work Practices
                      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
          - Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up
          - Record Keeping
                      Training Records
          There was discussion on the need to make new employees aware of this plan upon
          hire and the best way to accomplish same. The plan will be posted on the web as

          This policy is to be reviewed and discussed again next month with the input of
          David Lisk and George Roets.

   III.   Emergency Response Teams
          Rick asked that the ERT be taken back to the Administrative Council meeting
          for a direction. The ERT meeting held on 5/15 was not productive.

   IV.    First Aid & CPR Training
          Highway employees are mandated to have First Aid & CPR training. Rick
          will meet with Greg for follow-up.

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V.     AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
       Bill will look into the possibility of extending or upgrading the Sheriff‟s PAD
       (Public Access Defibrillator) program to support AEDs in the new building
       and seek grant funding to supply them.
       Dave Lisk will be notified regarding locations of defibrillators.

       Motion by Bill Kennedy, second by Glenn Larison to make the new human
       services building in Montour Falls part of the PAD.

VI.    Old Business
       Dissemination of minutes –
       Approved minutes will be available to all employees and will be posted on the

VII.   New Business
       Bill read through home visit letters received from Probation and Public Health
       along with verbal information from Social Services. Youth Bureau has yet to
       respond. He noted there is no requirement to make home visits alone. Gail
       noted this information will become part of the workplace violence prevention

       Gail added that she has received approx. 75% of employee surveys back as
       part of the workplace violence prevention assessment.

       Next meeting
       Tuesday, July 10th at 2:30 pm

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Bill Kennedy, Jill Wicker Tom Donnells, Gail Hughey, Glenn Larison, Beth Covert, Deana
Haynes, John MacVittie, George Roets, David Lisk

      I.      Review and Approve Minutes (6/12/07)
              Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Glenn Larison to approve the 6/12/07

      II.     Bloodborne Pathogen Policy
              Gail said she continues to work on this. Marcia Kaspryzk from Public Health
              also reviewed the policy and forwarded on some questions. The following was
              - Some editorial changes were made regarding program administration as it
                  relates to training.
              - The entire Buildings and Grounds Staff were added to job classifications
                  which have potential exposure.
              - Initial departmental training will remain at the departmental level – still
                  need to formulate how this will happen.
              - Post Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up will be reported to the supervisor
                  within one hour.

              David and George are to get together before the next meeting and review:
              - Engineering Controls and Work Practices
              - Personal Protective Equipment
              - Housekeeping
              - Labels

              Gail shared that she is putting together a Reporting Kit for all the forms that
              are required for this policy.

              Since the Jail is now required to have nursing staff, it was decided that the
              Sheriff should be consulted to see what should be included in the Plan to cover
              this new responsibility.

              Update – Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
              Gail reported that the surveys have been completed and compiled. The next
              step is to meet with the County Administrator and Department Heads to review
              the results. The on-site safety inspection also needs to be scheduled. In

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       response to Bill‟s question, Gail said it is evident from the surveys that there is
       a great need for education on policies and safety procedures already in place.

III.   Emergency Response Teams

       Bill reported that this issue was taken back to Administrative Council and his
       office will start over with more structured meetings.

IV.    AEDs

       Bill reported that he is still looking for grants for the additional AEDs. There
       was a question about who would be trained to use these, and Bill stated that the
       Sheriff‟s and Highway Departments are already trained as well as some staff in
       Health Services. Anyone else could be trained on a volunteer basis.

V.     Other

       Gail asked for input on the newsletter. She noted that Jayne Richardson and
       herself have worked to make improvements to it and would like some input.
       The committee was impressed with the newsletter.

       Jill asked for clarification on the new interview rooms. The plan remains the
       same that the clients will be buzzed to be allowed in. The room will be divided
       by a counter. The other half of the room with the worker will have an
       unlocked door for security purposes. Most of the concerns seemed to be
       operational in nature and David will consult with Bill Weiss on trying to
       resolve some of these concerns.

       A suggestion was made to have the employees who are moving into the new
       building have a tour of same prior to moving in. Also a choreographed fire
       drill should be conducted at the same time to familiarize everyone with the
       plan prior to moving in. The committee agreed with these recommendations.

       David reported that the roof replacement project has been bumped another

       As far as the deputies for security, it was explained that the officers for this
       complex will become state employees in August. There will be county
       deputies placed at the new building for security purposes.

       John asked Gail to provide a report on employee injuries to date for next
       month‟s meeting.

       The next meeting will be August 21st at 2:30 p.m.
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Rick Churches, Beth Covert, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, John MacVittie, Tim O‟Hearn,
Jayne Richardson, George Roets, Jill Wicker

      I.      Review and Approve Minutes (7/10/07)
              Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Rick Churches to approve the 7/10/07
              minutes. All in favor.

      II.     Tour / Fire Drill practice – New Building
              There was discussion regarding how difficult it would be to get all employees
              in place at the same time to conduct a fire drill prior to moving in. Rick
              mentioned that an Exit Plan needs to be set up and posted as well. At this time
              the work areas are not set up to properly execute a drill. Gail noted that some
              tours have already been given. This will need to be discussed further with
              David Lisk.

      III.    Personal Preparedness Preparation and Training
              Information from the Health department prompted discussion on whether the
              county wants to take a role in personal preparedness planning and training
              community-wide. Bill Kennedy feels that the role of the Safety Committee is
              based more on employee training rather than county wide. He made note that
              Emergency Management has emergency folders that are being distributed out
              to the public. Rick feels the committee should encourage employees to be pro-
              active and get involved with emergency training. The committee could help
              department heads get information out to encourage their employees to be

      IV.     Bloodborne Pathogen Policy
              Gail reported that she has completed the Exposure Reporting Kit as well as the
              Exhibit “B” Training Checklist as the final components of the Bloodborne
              Pathogen Policy/Exposure Control Plan. They were handed out for review. She
              noted that Tim also reviewed the plan and is comfortable with it. A motion was
              made by Rick Churches, second by Bill Kennedy to approve the Bloodborne
              Pathogen Plan/Policy. All in favor.

      V.      Drug Free Work Week - October 14-20
              Gail noted that she has put forth a resolution and has requested the Safety
              Committee‟s help to promote this. She will pass information along as it
              becomes available.

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VI.   Other Business
      Gail mentioned that the outline for the Workplace Violence Prevention Act is
      completed. Still waiting for the completion of office inspections.

      In response to questions, Tim explained that the decision to allow employees to
      apply for a security waiver in the County Office building was prompted by the
      Office of Court Administration (OCA). Since the security process was
      lacking, and we are the only county in the state that requires employees to go
      through security, the OCA offered the county to allow waivers for its
      employees. The waiver process is by application only and a thorough
      background check is done on all applicants. The Administrative Council and
      Legislature supported allowing employees to apply for the waiver. Part of the
      thought process behind this decision is that we should have a level of trust with
      our employees, and our employees should be treated professionally and with
      respect, and be allowed this opportunity.

      Tim then said the issue of allowing security waivers for the new building is
      still up for discussion, and he wants this committee to formally vote on that
      issue. There were questions about the public hours for the new building as
      well as if a waiver process would include Cooperative Extension and Head
      Start. The committee wanted time to consider this question and it was decided
      to hold a meeting in a couple of weeks to render a decision on this matter.

      Next meeting

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Paul Beebe, Rick Churches, Beth Covert, Tom Donnells, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Glenn
Larison, David Lisk, Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, Bill Weiss, Jill Wicker

      I.      Review and Approve Minutes (8/21/07)
              Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Bill Kennedy to approve the 8/21/07
              minutes. All in favor. Tim Donnell‟s request to clarify Item II of the
              minutes regarding a tour/fire drill prior to the move was received and

      II.     New Building Security
              Motion by Tim O‟Hearn, second by Dave Lisk to make a recommendation to
              the Legislature to allow employees to apply for a secure pass at the new
              The following items were noted:
              -      Concern for consistency, noting a need for a standard procedure
                     throughout the county buildings.
              -      Swipe cards will be limited to specific doors and after hours, subject to
                     Department Head approval.
              -      Any employee without his/her swipe card would be screened as
                     well as any employee from another building.
              -      The importance of having trust and faith in employees.
              -      Guidelines will be posted regarding what is acceptable in the
                     screening process.
              -      Trained & armed security will be on premises.
              -      Head Start and Cooperative Extension employees may apply for a
              6      Support
              3      Opposed
              1      Abstained

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III.   Other Business
       Gail is in the process of forming a sub-committee for the Drug Free Work
       Week. Anyone interested, please give her a call.

       Gail noted that there are questions about the safest way for DSS to get cash to
       the Treasurer‟s Office for deposit.
       Monies generally do not to exceed $500. She advised that this would become
       part of the Workplace Violence Prevention Program for all departments, and in
       the meantime Bill Weiss has established an appropriate protocol.

       Bill Kennedy would like the names of any employee interested in training on
       the AEDs.

       Next Meeting TBA.

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Paul Beebe, Rick Churches, Thomas Donnells, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Matt Maloney,
Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, George Roets, Jill Wicker

  I. Review and Approve Minutes (9/13/07)
          Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Bill Kennedy to approve the 9/13/07
          minutes. All in Favor.

 II. Emergency Preparedness for new complex
         Rick Churches discussed our Emergency Action Plan and that it is specific to
         types of emergencies therefore evacuation should go according to plan.

          Bill Kennedy will be contacting Dave Lisk to coordinate an evacuation drill and
          will be sending out an email to all department heads in this regards with a
          deadline of December 1st. This will include both old and new buildings. Tim will
          bring this to the next Adm. Council meeting as well.

          Tim advised that the new phone system will be installed this Thursday (11/8).
          During this transformation there will be two-way radios, runners and/or cell phone
          usage in case of an emergency.

          Matt Maloney advised that security is positioned in the front and rear of the new
          building with a roamer throughout the complex.

III. Emergency Response Team update
         No update – still in progress.

IV. CPR and AED information
        Bill Kennedy is currently working on an agreement with Dr. Jamie Coleman and
        the STREMS Council for the provision of Automated External Defibrillation
        (AED). A total of (6) AEDs have been purchased and will be distributed as
        follows: (2) - new complex, (1) - Mill Creek, (1) - Highway and (2) – old building.
        Training will be scheduled after January 1st.

 V. New Business
        Jill Wicker presented the following questions/concerns on behalf of her
         1) When will the Sheriff‟s Department have the ability to monitor the Human
             Resources Building from the Communications Center?
             - There is a January 1st completion date which will include internet connection
             as well. It was noted that there is a DSS deputy currently monitoring internally.
         -   There is internal lighting 24-hours in hallways with the parking lot lights
             going off at midnight.

         2) She pointed out that all employees need to be informed that they must enter
            and exit the building through the front door during working hours.
            - Tim explained that staff will be notified through the orientation process. The
              one exception will be two OFA kitchen employees who will have access
              through the side door to the kitchen. He also noted that there will be a Sheriff
              vehicle on site at all times.

VI. Next Meeting
         Tuesday, December 4th at 2:30 pm in the Emergency Management Conference

Beth Covert, Thomas Donnells, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Glenn Larison, David Lisk, John
MacVittie, Matt Maloney, Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, Jill Wicker

   I.     Review and Approve Minutes
          Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Tim O‟Hearn to approve the 11/06/07
          minutes. All in Favor.

   II.    Bloodborne Pathogen Training Update
          Gail reported that the plans and kits have been distributed to all departments. She
          has set up a mandated training to be conducted by Deanna Haynes, field
          representative/consultant with NYSIF. The training will be held on 1/10/08 (am)
          and 1/16/08 (pm) in the Human Services Complex.

          There was discussion of the Hepatitis B vaccine and Dave Lisk mentioned that he
          had a few employees asking for information regarding the Trax vaccine. Gail will
          look into this and report back what is state mandated.

          Tim complimented Gail on a job-well-done with the plan.

   III.   Workplace Accident Report
          Gail went over the 2007 injury log. She pointed out that „slips and falls‟ caused the
          highest number of injuries. She also gave the number of workplace accidents by
          department. Gail asked John MacVittie his opinion regarding possible future
          trainings and John said he would get a complete loss report out to her. While slips
          and falls may have been the most frequent, they may not have been the most
          costly. The Committee will review again upon receipt of the cost report.

   IV.    New Business
          John MacVittie performed an inspection of the OFA kitchen at our Human
          Services Complex. He found the following safety concerns:
                  i.  storage of knives and sharp tools
                 ii.  green shelving in kitchen area too light for industrial work area
                iii. better arrangement of items on shelving with heavy items on bottom
                      and lighter on top.
                iv.   Floor mats needed in dishwasher area (Dave Lisk noted they are on
                 v.   Can storage (on casters) Needs to be a permanent fixture.

          Tom Donnells asked the committee for consideration of the following:
        - During fire drills at the new complex, the exit for DSS opens up to Busses
          parked in the lot. His inquiry is the possibility of creating a no-parking spot
          at that location.
        He also informed that the courtroom doorway has a device that sticks up from
        the flooring thus creating the possibility for injury.

        Dave Lisk will do a follow-up on the above mentioned.

        Bill informed that Rick was retiring and there needs to be a new chair person. All
        were in favor of Bill filling this position.

V.      Next Meeting
        Tuesday, January 8th at 2:30 pm in the Emergency Management Conference

     It was agreed that we should continue with monthly meetings in 2008 with the
     option to cancel if there is no business any given month.
                           Amended Minutes

Beth Covert, Thomas Donnells, Brian Gardner, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Glenn Larison,
David Lisk, Greg Mathews, Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, George Roets, Jill Wicker

   I.     Review and Approve Minutes
          Motion by Glenn Larison, second by George Roets to approve the 12/4/07
          minutes. All in Favor.

   II.    Workplace Risk Assessment
          Gail stated if she understands the new Workplace Violence Prevention, the County
          will need to develop both a policy and a program. She handed out a draft Policy
          for consideration and asked the committee to review and be prepared to discuss
          next month. The Committee then review Mr. Harp‟s Risk Assessment. The
          following areas of concern were discussed:

          The following items were discussed:
          - Consideration for more lighting at rear entrance of Human Services complex.
          - Consideration for more lighting in the back of the Mill Creek Center, and the
              use of blinds on the windows of offices on the back side.
          - Panic buttons: The need for a contract and yearly training for awareness.
              Suggested buttons for Highway due to the vulnerability in that
              department along with the possibility of a wall with a window for added
          - Potential securing of boiler room in basement of County Office Building
              (COB), break room in COB; Emergency Management meeting room and the
              generator in the court yard.
          - Video camera surveillance at all locations, and the erection of signage to act as
              a deterrent.
          - Hot key on phone system (Dave Lisk will email info).
          - Emergency Action Plan:
              The flipcharts, once updated, will be handed out to outside agencies
              within our county building with a March deadline.
              Departmental training needed for awareness of procedures
          - Agency notification of incident:
              The new phone system has this currently in place. Legislature and emergency
          personnel will be responsible for getting message out.

   III.   Old Business
          Gail informed that the Exposure Control training was not successful, that the
          second training session was canceled and she is working to get this back on track.
                      Amended Minutes
      Gail asked David Lisk for an update regarding the safety concerns that John
      MacVittie found during his inspection of the OFA kitchen in our Human Services
      - shelving has been lowered
      - kitchen matting is currently on order
      - A knife rack will be ordered.
      Dave Lisk is checking into the DSS Exit to determine if parked vehicles cause a
      safety issue during a fire drill.

IV.   New Business
      Gail handed out a copy of the resolution implying formal acknowledgement of the
      Safety Committee. There was discussion regarding members and their
      representation. It was noted that the Legislature needed to be added.

      Gail noted for the record that OFA has developed their own process on how to
      handle bloodborne pathogens, along with other safety issues. The Committee
      acknowledged Tammy Waite‟s initiative in this effort.

      Bill said that he would like to designate someone for vice-chairman of this
      committee. He nominated Gail for this position.
      Motion by Bill Kennedy, second by Tim O‟Hearn All in Favor.

      Bill advised that Montour Falls Fire Department took a tour of the new Human
      Services Complex to get some familiarity for devising an emergency plan.

      Bill would like any agenda items for the upcoming Safety meetings sent to either
      Jayne or him no later than the 1st of the month.

      Tim would like a quarterly review of our accident history. Gail noted this was
      done at the last meeting, and she would slate it for review again in March.

V.    Next Meeting
      Tuesday, February 12th at 2:30 pm in the Emergency Management Conference


Del Bleiler, Thomas Donnells, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, Matt Maloney, Jayne Richardson,
Jill Wicker

   I.     Guidelines for corrections to minutes
          It was agreed that any corrections to the minutes resulting in amendment
          shall be handled during the review at the next meeting. Amended minutes will
          then be distributed upon approval.

   II.    Review and Approve Minutes
          Amended minutes will be forthcoming to include that the flipcharts, once
          updated, will be handed out to outside agencies within our county building.

          Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Jill Wicker to approve the 1-14-08 amended
          minutes. All in favor

   III.   Review Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
          Gail said if she is interpreting the law correctly, there should be 3 components to
          the above -
          a. Policy
          b. Program (in progress – as she has developed this from scratch)
          c. Training

          The Committee reviewed the policy that was distributed at last month‟s meeting.
          She referenced page 4 [County Safety Officer] which raised questions regarding
          our need for an officer thus discussing the possibility of the committee to oversee
          this function. For now she will use the committee.

          Gail mentioned that a designated contact person is needed for County personnel to
          notify of any violent incidents. The committee agreed that Human Resources shall
          fill this role.

          Gail asked for a motion to approve the policy:
          - Motion by Del Bleiler, second by Matt Maloney. All in favor.

          Gail asked Bill to review her first 7 pages of the draft program and provide input.

   IV.    Emergency Action Plan Review and Update
          Bill informed that he is using the „School Safety Guide‟ as a guideline for
          updating our plan. He stated that they use „plain language‟ for emergency
          notification and feels that this is something that we should consider.

          Bill shared information from attending a meeting at Cornell Cooperative Extension
          (CCE) after an incident at the Human Services Complex which raised a safety
          concern. He will get back to them after the completion of our safety plan update.

         Bill will see Dave Lisk in regards to some of their concerns. Gail offered her help
         in getting information back to CCE.

V.       Old Business
         Tom informed that the matting for the OFA kitchen is still on order and he is
         working on trying to move this process along.

         Tom expressed concern regarding ordering safety materials; spending the least
         amount of money versus ordering the best material for the job. He requested this
         be brought to the next Administrative Council meeting.

         The concern over the parked vehicles outside DSS during a fire drill was
         mentioned again. Bill will speak to Dave regarding this and report back at the
         next meeting.

VI.      New Business
         The next newsletter will go out towards the end of February.

VII.     Next Meeting
         Tuesday, March 11th
      2:30 pm in the Emergency Management Conference Room
                          Amended Minutes


Del Bleiler, Tammy Brown, Brian Gardner, Gail Hughey, Bill Kennedy, David Lisk, Matt
Maloney, Tim O‟Hearn, Jayne Richardson, George Roets, Jill Wicker

   I.     Review and Approve Minutes
          Motion by Gail Hughey, second by Jill Wicker to approve the 2/12/08 minutes. All
          in favor.

   II.    Member at Large
          Bill discussed that upon Tom Donnell‟s departure, Loren Cottrell and Lori
          Kennedy have shown interest in the member at-large position. Bill and Gail felt
          that Loren was a good fit rather than adding another department. It was agreed that
          DSS should have representation given the fact they are our largest department. The
          DSS Commissioner will be added to the committee specifically noting Bev
          Clickner as his representative.

          Tim made a motion to approve Loren as member at-large and add DSS
          representation. Second by Gail. All in favor.

   III.   Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
          Gail gave a quick overview for Tammy to bring her up to date on what she has
          been working on. An email copy of the plan was sent out and Gail asked for
          committee input. Dave notified Gail with some changes regarding external
          cameras, etc. Tim suggested a few wording changes including referencing the
          policy statement and adding the date of completion. Del suggested adding columns
          to list completions with dates. Matt discussed the separate issues regarding the
          Sheriff‟s Dept. and workplace violence. Bill noted that this program would be for
          beyond their scope of work. Gail advised that she will rework the plan with all the
          suggestions and resubmit to the committee for review again next month.

   IV.    Emergency Action Plan
          Bill informed that he is currently working on updates with an estimated
          completion by the end of March.
                        Amended Minutes

V.     Old Business
       The Automatic External Defibrillators (AED‟s) have been received; however we
       are waiting on one part for the training simulators. Dave is currently working on
       the cabinets for installation once all parts are received

       Bill met with Dave regarding the possibility of putting locks on the conference
       rooms at the HSC. It has been brought back to the committee for funding if we are
       to follow through with purchasing. After discussion of the possibility of not
       locking the rooms, Bill offered to check with other county public facilities for
       what they have and get back to committee.

       Dave and Bill met at the Human Services Complex to look into the cars parking
       outside the back exit of DSS. Dave suggested angled parking and moving the
       concrete bunkers to prevent vehicles hanging over into the walkway. After
       committee discussion, a motion was made by Del to block space in front of door.
       Second by Tammy. All in favor.

       Loren has installed a device for dispatchers to see alarms that are active. This is an
       interim fix until the rest of the security system is in place.

       There was question as to whether the Human Services Complex emergency
       buttons would ring into our dispatchers or go to their security desk. Matt is in
       favor of following through on setting this up with dispatch. Dave will follow-up.

VI.    New Business
       Jill brought up discussion regarding DSS doors opening at 8:30 am allowing
       clients to enter ½ hour before some employees or deputies arrive at 9:00 am. It
       was suggested she take this back to her department head first, following chain of

VII.   Next Meeting
       Tuesday, April 8th - 2:30 pm in the Emergency Management Conference Room.

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