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					City College of San Francisco Department of Mathematics
Math 70 sec. 001 – Math for Liberal Arts Students              Spring 2009       Course Syllabus
Meeting Times: MWF 10:00 – 11:00 am, Batmale 751
Units: 3   Instructor: Kerin Keys
                  Office: Batmale 724
                  Office Hours: Tuesday, 10:00 – 11:00 am
                                Wednesday, 12:00 – 1:00 pm
                  Phone: (415) 452-5938
Math 860 or placement into Math 70. Engl 90 or ESL 150 or placement in Engl 92 or ESL 82 or
160 is advisable.

Bulletin Description:
Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students (3)
Concepts of mathematics for students with non-technical goals. Range of topics from various
branches of mathematics. The role of mathematics in modern society.

Grades will be calculated according to the following percentages:
       Homework Sets                             25%
       Attendance/Class Participation            10%
       Chapter Exams                             45%
       Final Exam                                20%

Homework will be collected each week. All assignments and due dates will be handed out in
class and will be posted on the class website. There will be time in class to work on problem sets
with others each week before the assignment is due. It is each student’s responsibility to seek out
the help they need beyond class in order to solve each problem.

Class participation includes working on selected problems alone or with other students during
class, and attendance at every class meeting.

Three or four Chapter Exams will be given and dates will be announced in class. You must take
all chapter exams on the day designated for each exam.

The Final Exam will be held on Friday, May 22, 2009 from 8:00 am – 10:00 am in Batl 751.
You MUST take the final exam to pass the course.

Attendance Policy
Students are required to attend Math 70 every MWF. If a student needs to miss a class because of
illness or any other reason, he or she must notify the instructor by email. A total of 4 absences is
allowed during the semester. If a student misses more than 4 class sessions, his or her
participation grade will be reduced one letter grade. If a student misses the first two class
meetings, he or she will be dropped from the class and a student from the waiting list will be
added during the second class meeting. Please arrive and be ready for class at 10:10 am. If a
student arrives at class after 10:20 am, they will be considered absent.

Cell Phone Policy
Please turn your cell phone off at the beginning of each class. Ms. Keys reserves the right to
assign absences and/or ask a student to leave class for the day for cell phone interruptions. In the
case of an emergency (dying relative, wife in labor, etc.), exceptions to this policy will be made
with prior arrangement with the instructor. IF A CELL PHONE RINGS OR IS USED
ZERO FOR THE EXAM OR QUIZ. Cell phones may not be used as calculators.

Course Outline
                                                            # of full
CH.                               TOPICS                    Weeks
      1        Intro, Fun and Games                             1
      2        Number Contemplation                            2.5
      3        Infinity                                        1
      4        Geometric Gems                                  2
      5        Contortions of Space                           1.5
      6        Chaos and Fractals                              2
      7        Taming Uncertainty                             2.5
   1,2,3,4     Zero                                           N/A

Burger, Edward B., and Starbird, Michael. The Heart of Mathematics: An Invitation to Effective
Thinking. Second Edition. This textbook is required and is available at the CCSF bookstore.
Seife, Charles. Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. This book is required and is
available at the CCSF bookstore.

A scientific calculator with the basic statistical functions is required.

Free Tutoring: All Math 70 students can obtain free tutoring at the Ocean campus at the Learning
Assistance Center, (LAC), Library R207. The Disabled Students Programs and Services has an
Alternative Learning Lab in Batmale 231. All students may attend. Visit for more information.

Add/Drop/Withdraw Deadlines
Last day to Add: Friday, January 30
Last day to Drop (without receiving a W): Friday, February 6
Last day to Withdraw: Thursday, April 16
It is the student’s responsibility to drop, add, and withdraw by these deadlines!!!

MLK, Jr. Day: Monday, January 19
Lunar New Year: Monday, January 26
Lincoln Day: Friday, February 13
Washington Day: Monday, February 16
Cesar Chavez Day: Tuesday, March 31
Spring Break: April 6 - 12

Religious Holidays
Reasonable accommodations will be made for you to observe religious holidays when such
observances require you to be absent from class activities. It is your responsibility to inform the
instructor during the first two weeks of class, in writing, about such holidays.

I am committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all persons with disabilities. If you
have specific disabilities and require accommodations, please let me know as soon as possible to
ensure that accommodations can be implemented in a timely fashion. The Disabled Students
Programs and Services office on the Ocean campus in Library R323, or by phone at (415) 452-
5481 is available to facilitate the reasonable accommodations process.