Research Proposal Example: Perceptions of Gender by High School Students by psitutor


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									                                                                  Perceptions of Gender


       Societies across the globe prescribed gender roles to girls and boys. Gender stereotypes are
belief systems that help a person to process gender information. The proposed research aims to
investigate the perceptions of an infant’s gender amongst high school students. It is anticipated that
the participant’s gender will interact with their perception of the infant’s gender. The randomly
selected sample from across four low income schools in the city of Cairns will be stratified by age
and gender. The two conditions consist of a photograph of an infant wearing either pink or blue
clothing. The design is a 2 (adolescent gender) x 2 (conditions) x 3(adolescent age groups) between-
groups ANOVA. Means and standard deviations from six bipolar adjective pairs will be analyzed.

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