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Pine Grove Area Elementary School


									                    Pine Grove Area Elementary School
                     Promoting Growth, Achievement, Success, and Direction for All Students!

                                      Summer 2009
                       From the Principal…………..Reinforce Resilience in Kids

Trying to make a child feel better about a disappointment, failure, or loss by simply saying, "It doesn't
really matter," or "It's not that important," rarely helps, and it is not exactly the best way to handle the
situation. Experts say this kind of feedback only makes children feel worse, and it doesn't teach them
how to handle stressful events or deal with upsetting news.

Studies show that resilience--the ability to bounce back when something disappointing happens--is what
separates students who flourish from those who flounder under stress. That's why resilience may be one
of the most important skills you can teach your students. How can you accomplish this? Try these

   •   Remind children that bad stuff doesn't last. Children don't often have the resources to understand
       that if they get a bad grade, lose a ball game, or get dumped by their best friend, it's not the end
       of the world. They tend to believe their negative feelings will last forever, or that one failure will
       ruin everything. Help them understand that these situations are temporary. Show them ways that
       a result can be changed and/or improved. Give them reasons to hope and to persevere.
   •   Promote problem-solving. Action is the best antidote to feeling helpless and deflated. For
       example, children who are upset with bad grades will recover more quickly if they can think of
       ways to sharpen their skills and improve their study habits, rather than feel sorry for themselves.
       Then, the next time a problem occurs, they'll know they have the resources to jump in and try to
       solve it.
   •   Know when to intervene. Be patient and supportive when your students ask for advice or come to
       you with questions or problems. Very often a show of support is all a child needs to feel
       encouraged to succeed. However, if you can see that a situation clearly hurts or confuses a
       student, you should encourage that child to back away and look for suitable resources elsewhere.
       Assure children that you are in their corner and they can always feel comfortable asking for your
   •   Set reasonable boundaries. Children need adult guidance in order to feel confident about how to
       act in certain situations. Set up rules in the classroom and at home and stick to them. Ask for
       student input on what the rules should include and how they should be reinforced. Make the
       expectations clear to everyone.
   •   Accent achievement. Ego-boosting praise is a great buffer against disappointment. It encourages
       resilient thoughts and actions. Children will learn to link success with hard work. They'll also learn
       that even when they think they can't do something or believe they have failed, perseverance, a
       positive attitude, and hard work can lead to achievement.

            Tuesday, June 2nd is the last school day for students.
                 All elementary students will be dismissed
                  at 11:45 a.m. No lunch will be served.
                                                  Grade Four News

Our fourth grade students have been extremely busy! Students took the reading and math PSSA tests
in March and the science PSSA tests at the end of April. All students worked very diligently and we
appreciate their hard work and efforts!
In Social Studies, the students culminated their unit on the Southeast region by studying a little bit about
the Civil War. We were honored to have Mr. James Brennan from the Harrisburg National Civil War
museum speak to the students. His hands-on presentation was very educational and fun!

A “Science and Energy Club” has begun for a group of 12 students in 4th grade. These students are
partnering with the local “Energy & Industry Partnership” and local energy experts in the area to help
promote the energy industry. Pine Grove Area Elementary is the first school to pilot this program in the

May is proving to be a very busy month with the final 4-Sight test and DIBELS test, a visit from the
Rolling Rainforest, a trip to Pine Lanes bowling alley on May 27th for those students receiving May’s
calendar reward, 4th grade field day on May 28th, and a trip to Twin Grove on June 1st for those
students meeting the requirements set forth at the beginning of this school year. WOW!

   The fourth grade band performed on Thursday, May 7th under the direction of Mrs. Judy

                              School Arrival & Dismissal Policies

Morning Arrival

All children are expected to arrive at school no later than 8:45 a.m. and no earlier than 8:20 a.m.
Buses will utilize the main driveway in front of the elementary building. Cars are not permitted in
this area while buses are loading or unloading.

If you choose to drive (or walk) your child to school, please use the “drop-off circle” located in
front of the new “Kindergarten Wing,” in the rear of the elementary building. Please stop your
vehicle along the “drop-off circle” curb; if there is a line-up of cars, please wait until a space is
available before allowing your child to disembark.

This procedure was implemented for the safety of your child. Your kind cooperation will be most


If you choose to pick up your child at the end of the school day, please remember that the
elementary school day ends at 3:25 p.m. The amount of time a child spends in school directly
impacts on his/her academic success. Please refrain from taking your child away from school
early, unless absolutely necessary.

The procedure for picking up children at the end of the school day is as follows:

   ~ All children going home by car will report to the elementary L.G.I. for dismissal,
     immediately at 3:25 p.m.

   ~ The Parent/Guardian will park on School Street or on the lower lot, near the tennis courts,
     enter through the new Kindergarten Wing,” located to the rear of the elementary building,
     and come in to the L.G.I. where he/she will need to “sign-out” his/her child. Please wait
     for your child in the L.G.I., not in the hallway. This will ensure that our students
     have a “clear path” on the way to their buses.

This procedure is strictly for the welfare and safety of your child. Buses will be lining the inner
circle in front of the elementary building, so please use extreme caution when walking to your
vehicle, if you choose to park on School Street. Children who ride a bus will be dismissed
beginning at 3:30 p.m. Please drive slowly and cautiously while leaving the parking areas; many
pedestrians will be using this thoroughfare.

                                              Health News

Swine Influenza

What is swine flu?
Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses that
causes regular outbreaks in pigs. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do
happen. Swine flu viruses have been reported to spread from person-to-person, but in the past, this
transmission was limited and not sustained beyond three people.

Are there human infections with swine flu in the U.S.?
In late March and early April 2009, cases of human infection with swine influenza A (H1N1) viruses were
first reported in Southern California and near San Antonio, Texas. Other U.S. states have reported
cases of swine flu infection in humans and cases have been reported internationally as well. An updated
case count of confirmed swine flu infections in the United States is kept at CDC and local and state health agencies are working
together to investigate this situation.

Is this swine flu virus contagious?
CDC has determined that this swine influenza A (H1N1) virus is contagious and is spreading from
human to human. However, at this time, it not known how easily the virus spreads between people.

What are the signs and symptoms of swine flu in people?
The symptoms of swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular human flu and include fever,
cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhea and
vomiting associated with swine flu. In the past, severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and
deaths have been reported with swine flu infection in people. Like seasonal flu, swine flu may cause a
worsening of underlying chronic medical conditions.

How does swine flu spread?
Spread of this swine influenza A (H1N1) virus is thought to be happening in the same way that seasonal
flu spreads. Flu viruses are spread mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing of
people with influenza. Sometimes people may become infected by touching something with flu viruses
on it and then touching their mouth or nose.

How can someone with the flu infect someone else?
Infected people may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 7 or
more days after becoming sick. That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else
before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick.

What should I do to keep from getting the flu?
First and most important: wash your hands. Try to stay in good general health. Get plenty of sleep, be
physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious food. Try not touch
surfaces that may be contaminated with the flu virus. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Are there medicines to treat swine flu?
Yes. CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir or zanamivir for the treatment and/or prevention of
infection with these swine influenza viruses. Antiviral drugs are prescription medicines (pills, liquid or an
inhaler) that fight against the flu by keeping flu viruses from reproducing in your body. If you get sick,
antiviral drugs can make your illness milder and make you feel better faster. They may also prevent

serious flu complications. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick (within
2 days of symptoms).

How long can an infected person spread swine flu to others?
People with swine influenza virus infection should be considered potentially contagious as long as they
are symptomatic and possible for up to 7 days following illness onset. Children, especially younger
children, might potentially be contagious for longer periods.

What surfaces are most likely to be sources of contamination?
Germs can be spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then
touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth. Droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person move
through the air. Germs can be spread when a person touches respiratory droplets from another person
on a surface like a desk and then touches their own eyes, mouth or nose before washing their hands.

How long can viruses live outside the body?
We know that some viruses and bacteria can live 2 hours or longer on surfaces like cafeteria tables,
doorknobs, and desks. Frequent hand washing will help you reduce the chance of getting contamination
from these common surfaces.

What can I do to protect myself from getting sick?
There is no vaccine available right now to protect against swine flu. There are everyday actions that can
help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza. Take these everyday
steps to protect your health:

   •   Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the
       trash after you use it.
   •   Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based
       hand cleaners are also effective.
   •   Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread this way.
   •   Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
   •   If you get sick with influenza, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit
       contact with others to keep from infecting them.

What is the best way to keep from spreading the virus through coughing or sneezing?

If you are sick, limit your contact with other people as much as possible. Do not go to work or school if ill.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you
from getting sick. Put your used tissue in the waste basket. Cover your cough or sneeze if you do not
have a tissue. Then, clean your hands, and do so every time you cough or sneeze.

What is the best way to keep from spreading the virus through coughing or sneezing?
If you are sick, limit your contact with other people as much as possible. Do not go to work or school if ill.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you
from getting sick. Put your used tissue in the waste basket. Cover your cough or sneeze if you do not
have a tissue. Then, clean your hands, and do so every time you cough or sneeze.

What is the best technique for washing my hands to avoid getting the flu?
Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. Wash with soap and water. or clean with
alcohol-based hand cleaner. we recommend that when you wash your hands -- with soap and warm
water -- that you wash for 15 to 20 seconds. When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based
disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used. You can find them in most supermarkets and
drugstores. If using gel, rub your hands until the gel is dry. The gel doesn't need water to work; the
alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands.

What should I do if I get sick?
If you live in areas where swine influenza cases have been identified and become ill with influenza-like
symptoms, including fever, body aches, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, or vomiting or diarrhea, you
may want to contact their health care provider, particularly if you are worried about your symptoms. Your
health care provider will determine whether influenza testing or treatment is needed.

If you are sick, you should stay home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible to keep
from spreading your illness to others. If you become ill and experience any of the following warning
signs, seek emergency medical care. In children emergency warning signs that need urgent medical
attention include:

   •   Fast breathing or trouble breathing
   •   Bluish skin color
   •   Not drinking enough fluids
   •   Not waking up or not interacting
   •   Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
   •   Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
   •   Fever with a rash

In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:

   •   Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
   •   Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
   •   Sudden dizziness
   •   Confusion
   •   Severe or persistent vomiting

How serious is swine flu infection?
Like seasonal flu, swine flu in humans can vary in severity from mild to severe. Between 2005 until
January 2009, 12 human cases of swine flu were detected in the U.S. with no deaths occurring.
However, swine flu infection can be serious. In September 1988, a previously healthy 32-year-old
pregnant woman in Wisconsin was hospitalized for pneumonia after being infected with swine flu and
died 8 days later. A swine flu outbreak in Fort Dix, New Jersey occurred in 1976 that caused more than
200 cases with serious illness in several people and one death.

Can I get swine influenza from eating or preparing pork?
No. Swine influenza viruses are not spread by food. You cannot get swine influenza from eating pork or
pork products. Eating properly handled and cooked pork products is safe.

                                           Just A Reminder……..

Health forms are available on the school district’s website. To access these forms, first go to the school
website, click on services, then health forms and finally, click on the form that is needed. School
physicals are conducted in kindergarten, 6th and 11th grades. School dental exams are done in
kindergarten and 7th grades. If permission is not granted for either the school physical or dental exam, a
completed private form must be on file. Private forms are accepted one year prior to or during the
school year they are required. Health forms are also available in the elementary office.

                    Treats, Snacks, and Food Allergies: Protecting Our Children

        Please check with the elementary office before bringing any food items into
         school for your child’s classmates. Our board of education has adopted a “Wellness
            Policy” in conjunction with the PA State Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Education.
              Attention is also given to the subject of healthy eating in the school curriculum.
              Therefore, we ask parents to take this into consideration when supplying their children
             with food for snacks and lunch times. The same applies to birthday/holiday treats.

In addition to physical fitness and healthy eating habits, we must also be mindful of students
with special health concerns such as allergies toward peanuts and other foods, as
well as diabetes. Instead of sending sweets, please think about fruit, vegetables,
pencils, erasers, bottled water, stickers, flash cards, bookmarks, or some other
small token. Your kind cooperation will be most appreciated as we work together toward a
safe and healthy lifestyle for our students. If you have any questions please call Mrs. Winn
at 345-2731, ext.446 or Miss Bowen at 345-2731, ext.441.

                          Students Learn How to “Buckle-Down for Safety”

All elementary students, K through Four, participated in Penn DOT’s “Buckle-Down for Safety” program,
also learning that “The Back is Where It’s At.” Carol Alonge, Traffic Safety Coordinator for the North
Central Highway Safety Network shared proper seatbelt usage strategies and car safety tips with
students, reminding them of the importance of wearing safety belts properly and sitting in the back seat.

                                  Transportation Policy

All students requiring bus transportation have been scheduled to ride a specific bus to and from
school. Daily and/or weekly changes in bus transportation will not be permitted. If a parent plans
to pick-up his/her child, instead of utilizing an assigned bus, a note must be sent.

In the case of joint custody and/or alternating work schedules, one alternate bus assignment/stop is
permitted. The entire month’s schedule must be submitted in calendar format, in advance, to the
elementary office for approval.

Permanent Alterations to Bus Schedule

If a parent needs to permanently change his/her child’s bus schedule, a call must be made to the district
office to arrange for a new bus assignment with Ms. Lori Zechman, Director of Transportation at 570-
345-2731, extension 357.

FYI…………..Accelerated Reader book lists are now
available for viewing on the Pine Grove Area School
District’s website for your convenience…..please go to and click on “Elementary.”

Have a safe and enjoyable summer☺

                  Keep Reading!

                                                 Art News

Two Pine Grove Area Elementary students have the distinction of being selected as “Bronze Winners” of
the Children's International Art Exhibition. The art entries were shipped to Japan for judging. About
2,000 students from the United States entered their works of art while more than 200,000 creations were
submitted from around the world. The United States won 249 awards. Pine Grove Area Elementary
School had two of them.

Avery Nagle, a second grader in Mrs. Dodds room, won a Bronze Award for her entry “Home of the
Dog.” Courtney Zimmerman, a third grader in Mr. Kubick’s room, won a Bronze Award for her entry “In
the Jungle.” Each girl received a certificate, medal and art supplies. Not only is it an honor for the girls,
but also for our school district. Courtney Zimmerman (left in photo), grade three and Avery Nagle (right
in photo), grade two are shown being presented with their certificates and medals by Mrs. Schroeder
(center in photo), art teacher.

                                Parent & Community Information Center

Please visit our “Parent & Community Information Center,” located in the lobby of the elementary school.
Here you will find brochures and pamphlets relating to parenting, child development, academic
assistance, health issues, and upcoming programs & events.

A computer center is also available for Internet searches and other on-line resources….this center is
available every day from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. in the main office. Our office staff will be happy to
assist you with this service.

Avery Nagle, second grade student in Mrs. Dodds’ classroom is presented with a special
certificate by principal, Miss Bowen, for winning First Place Honorable Mention in the “Annual
Rubber Duckie Coloring Contest,” sponsored by Avenues.

                     “Penny/Loose Change Drive” in Remembrance & Service

Last school year one of our fourth grade students, Matthew Wallace, initiated a “Coin Drive” in memory
of a beloved student, Brandon Zimmerman, for the benefit of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This
year we held the drive again as a way to honor and remember Brandon Zimmerman, who will always
hold a very special place in our hearts.

A grand total of $1,327.47 was raised for MD in honor of Brandon. The homeroom that raised the
most was Mr. Kast’s/Miss Freeman’s. In addition to remembering Brandon, our students provided an
important service to the Muscular Dystrophy Association by contributing to their annual “drive.”

                                       Dates to Remember
   •          th    th
       May 26 – 29 – The “Rolling Rainforest” program for all K through four students.
   •   Thursday, May 28th, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – “Rolling Rainforest”(free) program open to the
   •   June 2nd at 9:30 a.m. – Fourth Grade Recognition Ceremony.
   •   June 2nd – Last day of school for students……… Early Dismissal at 11:45 a.m.
   •   August 24th 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. – “Kindergarten Orientation” for incoming kindergarten
       students and their parents.
   •   August 31st – First Day of School for the 2009-2010 School Year.
   •   September 7th – School is closed.
   •   September 8th – School is back in session.

                                        Special Education Update

Special Education Services
Students and parents are assured that the Pine Grove Area School District is an equal opportunity
education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap
in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by various federal and state statutes. The
Pine Grove Area School District, in conjunction with Intermediate Unit #29, provides a variety of special
education services. Information regarding services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and
available for individuals with special needs can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Susan Tesno at 570-345-
2731 x325.

Does Your Child Need Special Education?
Your child may be eligible if:
1. Has a physical, sensory, mental or emotional disability and
2. Needs specially designed instruction to make academic progress

Children must meet both qualifications in order to qualify as an eligible student. All exceptional children
have the right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). Special education services are
provided in accordance with The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the
Pennsylvania School Code Chapter 14.

If your child has a disability but does not qualify:
Students who have disabilities which substantially limit their participation in or access to school
programs, but do not qualify for special education, may qualify for reasonable accommodations in the
regular classroom under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or Chapter 15 of the PA School
Code. The rules, which apply to their education, are different from those for special education students
who qualify as eligible students by meeting the two-part criteria listed above.

Special Education Evaluation:
A Multidisciplinary Evaluation is completed by the Multidisciplinary team (MDT) to gather information to
determine if a student qualifies for special education services. Students may be referred for an
evaluation by the school or by parents through the guidance counselor. The school may not proceed
with an evaluation without written parental permission unless approval is granted by an impartial hearing
officer. The evaluation is conducted at no cost to the parents. The school psychologist evaluates a
student and collects input from parents, the school and any other sources such as doctors or specialists
if health problems or related services such as speech, occupational, or physical therapy will be
considered. An Evaluation Report (ER) is completed and is utilized in developing an IEP should a
student qualify. Once a student qualifies for special education services a reevaluation occurs at least
every two years for students with mental retardation and every three years for students with other
disabilities. The IEP team may waive, however, the mandated reevaluation if no additional information is
needed. This option is not applicable for students with mental retardation.

Parental and Student Rights:
A Procedural Safeguards Notice is provided to parents once a year except for initial evaluations, due
process hearings or upon parent request. This notice describes the rights and procedures that
safeguard students under state and federal law. A copy may be obtained upon request and questions
and/or clarifications can be addressed by contacting Mrs. Susan Tesno at 570-345-2731 x325.
Special Education Programming:
Special education programs for eligible students are provided by the Pine Grove Area School District to
meet the needs of exceptional students in the district. Those needs may be met through a variety of
programs available:
• Learning Support
• Emotional Support
• Life Skills Support
• Speech/Language Support
• Physical Support
• Autistic Support
• Multi-handicapped Support
• Sensory Support

Additional In formation:
Anyone with questions regarding programs and/or services for eligible students with special needs or
students who are thought to be exceptional may contact: Susan R. Tesno, Director of Special Education
at the Pine Grove Area School District at 570-345-2731 x325.

                                          Grade One

On May 15th, the first grade class will be going on a field trip to Lake Tobias Animal Farm. On this trip
the students will see a wide variety of animals. During the trip, the students will take a Safari ride on a
                                                     bus, see a reptile show, visit a petting zoo, and see
                                                     other animals in their habitats. The students will
                                                     learn a lot during this trip and have a wonderful time.
                                                     The school year is coming to a quick end so please
                                                     remember to keep practicing the math fact cards,
                                                     story word cards, and keep reading the take home
                                                     readers. Over the summer continue to practice these
                                                     materials. Practicing these skills will continue to
                                                     prepare students for the second grade.

Thank you to outgoing P.T.O. president, Jennifer LeVan, for her dedication and
service to the Pine Grove Area Elementary School, its students, and
teachers……………we will miss you! A big welcome to Lisa LePre, our new
elementary P.T.O. president!

Stephen Russial, president of J3 Energy group and Gary Mac Cready, Energy Industry Partnership
Program Manager & Director of Training Programs shown with fourth grade “Science & Energy Club”

          Science & Energy Club Prepares Students for Careers in the Energy Industry

   The 4th grade “Science & Energy” is the first of its kind in Schuylkill County. The “club” as well as a
   series of “career awareness” programs and activities and a special visit by the “Penn State Solar
   Car” have been made possible through a partnership between the Pine Grove Area Elementary
   School and the “Energy Industry Partnership of Northeastern PA.” Stephen Russial (pictured on the
   left), engineer and president of J3 Energy Group, met with the fourth grade “Science & Energy Club”
   on Friday, May 8th to discuss energy topics, his corporation, and its connection to the energy
   industry. He also shared with students the importance of math and science and how these subjects
   impact careers in the field of energy. Members of the Science & Energy Club are Austin Luckenbill,
   Rebecca Kutz, Mackenzie Hasenhauer, Tristan Weaver, Kyle Bebelheimer, Brandon Babcock,
   Baylie Schneck, Alexander Koontz, Samantha Lentz, Colton Butler, Michael Elo, and Nicholas

Mrs.Elizabeth Readinger, 4th grade science teacher and “Science & Energy Club,” advisor shown building
solar cars with her Science & Energy Club members.
              – P.T.O. N E W S –
                Tuesday, June 2nd – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
   Congratulations all 4th Graders!! Good luck in the Middle School!!
        Have a safe summer everyone and see you next year!!
                  3rd ANNUAL PTO RAFFLE DRAWING

    The winners were chosen on May 7th after the 4th Grade Band Concert.

                        The winners are as follows:

                   Grand Prize Winner: JODY KOEHLER
                     2nd Prize Winner: MIKE RUDIMAN
                   3rd Prize Winner: EMILY LUCKENBILL

     Thank you to all who purchased a ticket and to all who sold a ticket.
                 Your generosity is very much appreciated!
                        BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION

   Don’t forget to cut and save all your box tops!! Awards are given
                  to the class with the most box tops!!


                 ON ALL BOX TOPS. THANK YOU.

                                   APRIL WINNERS …
                                K - Mrs. Allar      - 110
                               1 st - Miss Schneck - 432

                               2nd - Mrs. Cleary    - 266
                               3 rd - Miss McGinley - 123

                               4th - Mrs. Lukesevich - 206

                             CONGRATULATIONS TO
                       MISS SCHNECK’S 1st GRADE CLASS!!

                    A PIZZA PARTY FOR THEIR EFFORTS!!

 Thank you to all who sent in both Boxtops and Campbells Soup Labels!!
       With your help we were able to earn money for our school!!

       We are collecting Campbells soup labels to earn extra money for our school.
  We have a list of items that are included in this on the website. This list shows the many
       different items that are included and how many points each label is worth.

                           KASH FOR KIDS
Parents … do you have old cell phones and empty printer cartridges lying around the house??
          Please consider donating them to us and earning money for our school!!
Put them in a bag, label them for the PTO and send them in with your child, we’ll do the rest!

                             PTO MEMBERSHIP DRIVE

  It’s only $2.00 to join the PTO. Please get involved and help us help our kids.
Thank you to all the parents who volunteer their valuable time – you have no idea
                            how much we appreciate it!!

 Have you been on the school website lately?? There is a lot of information found on there.
The Elementary PTO has our own page that includes copies of the monthly newsletter page,
         monthly meeting minutes and the Campbell’s Labels for Education listing.
     To find this information from the main page, click ELEMENTARY, then PTO NEWS.
                  There is also a link to email the PTO at
                       2009 – 2010 OFFICERS

                              President – Lisa LePre
                          Vice President – Belinda Yorty
                              Treasurer – Sue Mindy
                             Secretary – Denise Felty

                       FIRST MEETING FOR 2009-2010:
                   September 17, 2009 @ 4:00 in the library

               Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month.
    Everyone is encouraged to attend . . . . . kids are always welcome!!


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