Person Centered Thinking Training by Levone


									                          Person Centered Thinking Training
                             Tips for Trainer Candidates

Preparations for a successful PCT Training:
Please note in your trainers manual there is also a Tips page but it is not as detailed
as the information below.
    1. PCT Trainer Candidates that are assigned to train on a specific day/s with other
        PCT Trainer Candidates should do the following:
           a. Contact your fellow trainers to discuss logistics at least 2 weeks to prior:
                   i. Arrival time- recommended arrival time is at least 1 hour prior to
                      training. It is advisable to exchange cell phone numbers in case
                      there is a change in schedule or someone cannot attend
                  ii. Entrance into the building ( if the building is locked and a pass is
                      needed how are those arrangements being made)
                 iii. Logistical set up:
                          1. Who is bringing the equipment needed ( power point
                              projector, lap top, screen, electrical cord, power surge,
                              remote control clicker if available, speaker and
                              microphone) Music? Or a CD to play on the lap top?
                          2. Who is bringing the power point slide show and which
                              slide show: The one from the Learning Community or the
                              one that David Mulvey has adapted?
                          3. Hospitality- who will bring snacks or other items? Who
                              will assist with set up ( ie coffee, tea, cups, creamers etc)
                          4. The items that need to be created for training and need to
                              remain up for all days of training are:
                                  a. Meeting Map: with the following titles: Purpose of
                                      Training, Agenda with times specified (write the
                                      times in dark color and large enough for folks to see
                                      the agenda) Roles: Facilitator, Time Keeper, Host,
                                      Recorder. Word of advice use your trainer group
                                      whenever possible when assigning roles especially
                                      if you are training a 3 or 4 day training with over 20
                                      people; there is very little time to ask for volunteers.
                                      It is advisable to have the Host be someone who
                                      knows how to control the air and heating unit
                                      because temperature is always an issue. Also the
                                      Time Keeper needs to discuss how the Trainer
                                      wants to receive notice of the time. It advisable to
                                      create and print out agendas for the groups as with
                                      larger groups it is hard to see the hand written
                                      agenda. Please note that the agenda will change
                                      times and exercises each day and if you are training
                                      on the second or third day do not presume that the

October 20, 2008
                                         first group will leave you their Meeting Map unless
                                         you make arrangements with them prior.
                                      b. Ground rules: some standing ground rules are:
                                         Smelling Mistooks are ok, Cell phones on vibrate,
                                         No Fixing, No Obsessing, No Jargon
                           5.     Handouts:
                                     a. Be clear on who is handling the copying of the
                                     handouts and where they will be located in the training
                                     room. Also clarify when and who will pass out the hand
                                     outs. Clarify which slide show will be used so the print
                                     out of the notes are the same
2. Training Preparations Recommendations:
          i. As a team review the training schedule and slide show; discuss transitions or
             questions ahead of time
         ii. Inquire with the lead contact for the training as to who is in the audience so
             you can prepare examples of how this relates to people of different ages
        iii. Discuss how you are doing to close the day; Highs and Lows, Appreciation
              Rounds etc. Prepare for the set up needed.
         iv. Trainer Candidates need to inform the mentor who will be lending support to
                1. Any changes in the schedule, exercises to be trained, or set up or
                   logistical needs or support prior to the day of the training
                2. If you are going to give the group homework make sure that you discuss
                   fellow trainer who will teach the next section to see if it will work with
                   what they are doing. Update Mentor

Please note the Mentor’s will make themselves available for consult and support prior to
the training with notification; preferably 2 weeks prior. The Mentor’s role the day of
training is to observe; not necessarily to be hands on assisting with the logistical
preparation of the training.

Please also note the 3 and 4 day PCT training was developed with groups of no more than
10 people in mind which means if you have a group that is large than 10 it is very
important to remain on target with the times allotted for each section, have a good time
keeping and know how to facilitate the group in when asking for feedback and questions
to keep your team on track.

Attached you will find the following documents:
   1. Helen Sanderson Person Centered Thinking Tools for Schools and Nurseries –
       this can provide you with a enhanced understanding of how the tools can be used
       with children
   2. PCT Trainer Opportunities schedule
   3. Tool Box created by David Mulvey- this is great resource for the participants to
       have and if you are going to give them homework for the next training.

October 20, 2008
                          Person Centered Thinking Training
                        Tips for Trainer Candidates Check List

Training Preparation:

   Contacted fellow trainers to discuss logistics at least 2 weeks prior to training

   Logistical set up; equipment needed

   Power point slide; which version and who is bringing it

   Hospitality; snacks, drinks etc

   Meeting map, ground rules

   Roles specified

   Handouts; all copies made

   Who is in the audience; do the trainers have examples for different age groups

   How will trainers end the day

   Notify mentor of any changes in the schedule and provide update

October 20, 2008

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