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                                                      Curriculum Vitae Template
This CV template must be completed by the Principal Investigator if this is his/her first submission in the present Calendar year or the application
will be considered incomplete and the protocol request will not be reviewed by the REB until received. Do not include the full CV with the
application but keep a copy in your study file should the REB require more detail on your qualifications. The REB will consider similar templates
designed by the pharmaceutical companies in lieu of this form.
     Outline the most relevant experience required for your present research projects only and ensure the form is limited to two pages.
Investigator Name:                                                         Investigator Citizenship:

Investigator Address:

Education (List colleges/Universities attended with dates and degrees obtained):

Postgraduate training (List Specialties, give dates, name institutions):

Previous appointments/experience(Include all relevant therapeutic, practical experience after gaining qualifications and active
professional registration licenses):

Publications (√ appropriate box for number of               0                1-5               6-10              11-20            > 20
articles published)

Previous research experience(Example: . 3 clinical drug trials in the cardiovascular field and 2 in respiratory field; 3 trials examining
Quality of Life post cardiac surgery):

Research Ethics Training and type of Good Clinical Practice(GCP) training ( List tutorial, conferences, workshops, meetings
attended and dates e.g. Tri-Council Policy Statement online tutorial, NIH online ethics tutorial, ethics conferences, GCP training at investigators
meetings, etc)Note: Although, not required as a condition of approval by the REBs at this time we encourage all researchers to complete the online
TCPS Ethics tutorial @

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CV template
Version October 31, 2006

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