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BBSRC RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: this form must be completed by all applicants
applying for a BBSRC fellowship and must be submitted as an attachment with the BBSRC
Je-S fellowship application form. Please note that stand alone CVs will not be accepted.
(use cursor, tab or shift + tab to navigate)

Name (first name(s), surname, title):

Gender: Please Select                                       Date of Birth (day, month, year)
                                                            e.g. 01/08/1980

Undergraduate and postgraduate studies (provide details of all degrees held in the table below):
Dates (month/year) Universities/colleges      Subjects read and        Degree with details      Actual date
    e.g. Aug-05     attended                  examinations taken of class of honours,           degree obtained
From        To                                                         prizes awarded etc       e.g. 01/08/1980

Provide details of your employment in chronological date order (most recent first) since completing your PhD
studies and including your present position in the table below (for Research Development and Professorial
applicants please indicate your first academic appointment with an asterisk*):
   Dates (month/year)        Name of organisation and position Type of appointment e.g. permanent, fixed-
        e.g. Aug-05          held                                   term, full-time, part-time etc
 From              To

Does your current post outlast the duration of the fellowship?:   Please Select

Current salary (with grade, spine point and increment date if applicable):
Give details of personal achievements to date relating to your research e.g. any prizes, awards, honours,
presentations, collaborations, membership of committees, lectures given etc:        (max 1200 characters)

Provide a brief statement of past and current research:                             (max 2700 characters)

Details of research grants ( where applicable, give details of all personally held research grants that have
started within the last five years, plus any that are due to start. State awarding body, duration, value and title
of awards):                                                                          (max 4000 characters)

Details of number of students under current supervision (where applicable, give details of awarding body, dates
of studentships, titles of PhD projects):                                      (max 2000 characters)

If applicable, what (i) administrative duties and (ii) teaching duties including preparatory work and related
examination duties would you be relieved of if a fellowship were awarded?          (max 1000 characters)

How did you find out about the BBSRC Fellowship Competition? Please select

If Other please specify:

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