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					CHILD PROTECTION PROCEDURES                              disclose information, evidence shows that they
                                                         have usually tried up to 12 times before.             If you have concerns about a child’s welfare
As a visitor to our school, either as a helper, supply                                                          It may be that you might have concerns about
teacher or someone who has come to work with our          Helping the child when abuse is disclosed:                a child’s well-being, but they have not actually
children in any other capacity, it is important that
                                                           Be prepared to listen and comfort.                      said anything to you. If such a situation arises,
you are aware of our Child Protection procedures.                                                                   you should speak to the designated child
                                                           Do not show revulsion or distress, however
                                                                                                                    protection teacher.
 As required, we have a designated Child                      distasteful the events are.
                                                                                                                Abuse or neglect can have a damaging effect
     Protection teacher who is Frances Wills,              Stay and calm and controlled.
                                                                                                                    on a child’s health, educational attainment and
     Deputy Head. In her absence, you need to              Do not make false promises, i.e. that you               emotional well-being. If you have worked with
     address any concerns to Neil Baker,                       will keep the abuse a secret or that the             a group of children over many weeks, you may
     Headteacher.                                              police will not be involved. Do not promise          see changes in behaviour. Such changes may
                                                               confidentiality.                                     not necessarily indicate that a child is suffering
There are four categories of abuse                         Let the child know at once that it was not              abuse or neglect. In some cases those
 Physical abuse                                               his/her fault and keep restating this.               changes may be the symptoms of a hidden
 Sexual abuse
                                                           Be aware of your own feelings about abuse               disability or undiagnosed medical condition,
 Emotional abuse                                                                                                   and the need to distinguish those cases
                                                               and find someone you can share those
 Neglect                                                                                                           reinforces the need for a careful and thorough
                                                               feelings with once the procedures have been
                                                               completed.                                           assessment of the child and his/her needs
It may be that you are approached by a child who                                                                    when concerns are passed on.
wants to talk to you about something that has or is        Reassure the child that they were right to tell,
                                                               even though the abuse may have happened a        It is important you do not feel afraid about
happening to them. They will tend to choose
                                                               long time ago.                                       passing on their concerns. The
someone that they trust or know well and this will
                                                                                                                    information may be a small piece in a
not always be their own class teacher. It may be           Reassure the child that you still care for them
                                                                                                                    bigger jigsaw and help to get a better
someone that reads with them regularly and with                and that what they have said does not make
                                                                                                                    understanding of a child’s predicament.
whom they have formed a good relationship.                     you care for them less.
                                                                                                                    Any concerns, however seemingly trivial,
                                                           As soon as possible write a first hand account          should be passed on to the designated
There may however be occasions when you have                   of what was said and done.                           child protection officer.
cause for concern either about marks or bruises on
                                                           Make them aware that their disclosure will be       Once again, you should put your concerns in
a child, about something that say or the condition
                                                               reported only to those who need to know and          writing as well as talking to the designated
that they are in at school, e.g. dirty, smelly or hungry.
                                                               can help.                                            Child Protection teacher.
                                                           Do not question a child; try to limit your
                                                               involvement to listening. A child can be        Guidance for recording information
Disclosure of abuse by a child                                 interviewed only once.
If you are approached by a child wanting to talk,                                                              You should record your concerns as son as
you should listen positively and reassure the child.                                                           possible and any note should include the following:
If you can, try and ensure a degree of privacy, but                                                                The nature of your concern;
this may not always be possible.                                                                                   what is the evidence that led to the
Whilst this can be an alarming situation to find          It is also important to remember that it is not              concern;
yourself in, it is important not to let the               your responsibility to investigate suspected
                                                          cases of abuse, only to report them to the               what the child said (if a discussion has
moment pass – for every child that does finally                                                                        taken place; and,
                                                          designated Child Protection teacher.
       what you did or said in response (if a
        discussion has taken place).
                                                                                          CHRIST CHURCH
It may be that you have a concern which feels                                            PRIMARY SCHOOL
very vague and would simply like to discuss
your concerns with the designated Child
Protection teacher, or in her absence, the
headteacher. Please feel free to do so.

Dealing with issues of child abuse can be
distressing for the adult to whom the abuse is
disclosed or who has concerns. It is terribly
important that you talk about your feelings after the
event. However, it is also very important to
remember that children’s details and names must
remain confidential and any discussion that you
feel you need to undertake does not allow the child
to be identified to anyone else.

If you have any queries regarding the
information contained in this leaflet, or require
further clarification of any points, please do
not hesitate to contact either Frances Wills or                                         CHILD PROTECTION
Neil Baker.                                                                               PROCEDURES

                                                                                      An information leaflet for
                                                                                      volunteers and visitors to
                                                                                             the school

                                                        CHIRST CHURCH PRIMARY

                                                        Designated Child Protection
                                                        teacher: Frances Wills

                                                        Tel No: 01225 863444               February 2006

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