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					   Building Rockets safely with Deluxe Materials Child safe
Over the past 10-15 years considerable advances have been made in the
development of model rocket motors and kits. So much so that the hobby of
model rocketry has spread rapidly across the world. Indeed it is almost certain
that most modellers today have experimented with rockets at some point in time.
Like most other model hobbies, rocketry has benefited from developments in and
the use of a wide range of materials including balsa wood, cardboard and plastic.
These materials are chosen by manufacturers selected to ensure that rocket
projects can be successfully completed by people of all ages and abilities.

The Deluxe Materials range of over 60 products contains 3 particular adhesives
which are both safe in use, non-toxic and ideal for rocket use in that they dry with
little weight gain; these are Deluxe Materials:
 Aliphatic resin 
 Super Phatic!

RC Modeller Glue
 Click on the links above to see full details of these glues.

Rocket motor assembly
Assembly of rocket motor usually requires the assembly of close fitting cardboard
tubes. After carefully marked out the tube the card can be glued with Aliphatic
resin or preferably Super Phatic! . Super Phatic! is low in viscosity and will
penetrate or wick into the close fitting card /card joint thus allowing the user to
accurately line up avoiding the need for disassembly. Super Phatic! will also
bond the metal / card joint thus strengthening the overall. When dry both glues
dry out they lose around half their mass.
Aliphatic and Super Phatic! are ideal glues for rocket motor construction; the
latter avoid the need to disassemble parts for gluing. The rocket motor housing
can then be inserted into the body and a few drops of Super ‘Phatic! added for
minimal build up of weight.
Fin and fuselage assembly
Using the fin alignment guide, balsa fins are carefully aligned and glued onto the
rocket body. Use Super Phatic! to butt joint the fins, use a fillet of Aliphatic resin
to strengthen the joint.

After bonding balsa fins with SuperPhatic! use Aliphatic Resin to reinforce the fin.

Aliphatic Resin works on card / card joints as well as balsa. Here you can see
some card fins being joined with Aliphatic Resin. Aliphatic Resin has good tack to
hold the launch lug in place while it dries.

Plastic Nose cone assembly
Nose cone parts are often made from injection moulded plastic. These are
usually trimmed to fit. 
 RC Modellers glue is the ideal safe glue for bonding
plastic parts and will dry out clear and bond sufficiently well inside the card,
plastic or painted parts. Excess glue can be removed with water making it safe
for young children to use.
  Good glue strength develops overnight and if necessary parts can be painted

Shock cord mount and parachute
 After cutting the rubber shock cord to length one end can be glued to the shock
 mount. RC Modeller glue can then be used to bond the paper mount inside the
                                rocket motor body.

After cutting out the parachute shape RC Modeller glue can be used to reinforce
the parachute cord lines to the polythene chute. Allow the glue to dry out

Adhesive technology is becoming more complex as modelling materials become
more varied .We at Deluxe Materials hope to solve most of your gluing problems
and we hope this information article will help you find and choose some useful
and safe glues to make your hobby even more fun. Happy building and flying!

                          Other useful building aids

Roket Glue : available in range of setting times from 1 second to 20 secs
 Speed Epoxy: a strong fast setting glue for rigid plastics available in convenient
range of setting times and sizes 4 minute 20 minute and 60 minute.

Fusion – high strength acrylic glue for very high performance plastics ABS, PVC,
Metal, fibreglass and other engineering plastics. Useful for high stress joints .
Roket Powder ; free flowing filler power that works with Roket hot and Rapid
Glue to make Roket superglue stronger than Superglue alone. Ideal for fillets
filling small holes etc.

Modelite; lightweight Filler for contouring etc filleting lowest SG available only
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John Bristow Jan 2007

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