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                  Goshen Scout Reservation: 340 Millard Burke Memorial Highway, Goshen, VA 24439
Camp Phones In case of emergency, parents should call the main office at Camp Post. The telephone number is (540) 997-5773 or
(540) 997-5140. It may take an hour or more to return phone calls. Scouts will be allowed to call home ONLY in case of emergency.
If child has to call home, it usually means he has to come home & parent has to pick him up from camp.

                                                             Bus Loading
                  Buses depart from & arrive at Fairfax County Government Center - Directions below.

                               Remember to keep your lunches with you to eat on the bus !
                                           The ride (usually about 3 hrs) could be up to 4 hrs long.

         Drop Off:                     Sunday, July 26, 2009.                   Arrive no later than 9:30 AM.
         The unit cannot leave for camp until every Scout is present and checked in.
         Mark all bags with scout’s name. Sleeping bag can be placed inside large trash bag (protects against rain).
         You can affix strip of duct tape with Scout’s name onto bags.
         All bags will go into bus cargo hold. Scout must be able to identify & remove his bag upon arrival at Goshen.

         Pick Up:                      Saturday, August 1, 2009.               Arrive no later than 10:00 AM.

                               Scouts must keep the bus clean & dispose all trash properly on the bus.

                                                      Please DO NOT be LATE !

Directions to Fairfax County Government Center: From I-66 West (about 20-30 minutes drive from Bethesda):
    1. Go to Exit 55B (formerly Exit 15), onto the Fairfax County Parkway North (Route 7100)
    2. Go .4 miles (4/10th of a mile) & turn RIGHT at the light onto Fair Lakes Parkway East.
    3. Go approximately 1.9 miles (Third traffic light) & turn right onto Monument Drive. (NOTE: The second traffic light will be
        West Ox Road).)
    4. Go .4 miles (4/10th of a mile) & at the second light turn RIGHT onto Government Center Parkway. (The first traffic light is
        as you go over I-66.)
    5. Go .1 miles (1/10th of a mile) & turn left at the first entrance on the left. This will be on the left hand side of the parking lot.
    6. Please watch for the Goshen signs & helpers indicating where to park!

Driving Directions to Goshen Scout Reservation:
    1. Take Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway) to Interstate 66 West to the junction with Interstate 81 South.
    2. Follow Interstate 81 South to exit 225 in Staunton, Virginia.
    3. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto VA Rt. 275, headed west.
    4. Continue on VA Rt. 250, headed west towards Churchville. Follow Rt. 250 into Churchville and turn left onto VA Rt. 42.
    5. Follow VA Rt. 42 through Buffalo Gap and Craigsville, into Goshen, Virginia.
    6. Turn left onto VA Rt. 39 and travel through Goshen.
    7. Follow Rt. 39 approx. 1 mile from Goshen and turn left onto Millard Burke Memorial Highway, VA Rt. 601.
    8. Look for sign for entrance to camp. Then look for sign to Camp Olmsted.

    Note: Total mileage to Goshen Scout Reservation from the Capital Beltway is approx. 190 miles. Estimated drive time is 3 to 3.5 hrs.
    Overnight accommodations (if needed) are available in Lexington and Staunton, Virginia.
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                                                            AT GOSHEN
Medical Requirements Forms properly filled out & signed by parents are required & should already be with your scout leader.
Every Scout must have completed, signed & dated - Medication Authorization Form & also Class I and Class 2 Form. Class 2
requires physician’s exam once every three years and Class 1 an annual update by parent. All adults 40 years up must have Class 3,
which requires annual physician’s exam. These forms are on the troop web site.
All prescription medication must be kept in the original prescription container.
Anyone arriving without properly completed forms must leave. Parent must come & pick up scout .
I suggest you make copies for your records.

First Aid Each camp has a trained First Aider available 24-hours a day, in the First Aid Room located in the Administration
Building. Stonewall Jackson Hospital in Lexington,Va handles emergencies.

Valuables/Lost & Found Label all items with the Scout’s name and unit number. The camp is not responsible for personal items.
All valuables should be carefully secured. Lost and found is in the camp office.

Mail Mail arrives at camp daily. Outgoing mail should be placed in mailbox at the camp administration building by 12 noon. Adult
leader may pick up mail from the camp clerk after 4 p.m. Stamps, envelopes, and postcards are available at the Trading Post. The use
of either airmail or special delivery does not speed delivery to Goshen. Mail should be addressed as shown below.
                                  Scout Name:                  Troop # 233
                                  Camp Olmsted
                                  Goshen Scout Reservation
                                  340 Millard Burke Memorial Highway
                                  Goshen, VA. 24439

Internet Access Free Wi-Fi internet access is available in the administrative area. Parents may bring their own laptops or use the computers in
                   the technology building .

Phones             Pay phone available on premises. No cellphone reception in camp. You need to drive about 10 minutes to get a good signal.

Showers            Individual showers booths with hot water. Scouts should shower daily or at least every other day.

Trading Post       The camp store. Goshen encourages scouts to bring at least $60 in spending money
                   for souvenirs, snacks, and merit badges requiring craft kits.
FOOD      Cafeteria style meals are provided by Goshen in dining hall. Wednesday night’s foil dinner will be at troop campsite.
          Special dietary needs must be specified before coming to camp.

Tick Alert         Scouts should regularly check clothes for ticks before going into tent and again after removing clothes. It’s easier to
                   see ticks if you wear light colored clothes. Stay on marked trails. Avoid wooded, bushy and grassy areas.

Outstanding opportunity for Scouts to earn merit badges and other awards that are not readily available back home.
All first year campers should take advantage of the structured First Year Camper Program (Trailshead) , where scouts can
complete many rank requirements and earn 4 to 5 merit badges.

Scouts should complete Merit badge prerequisites prior to camp. If scout has already completed some merit badge requirements,
he should bring a note from his adult leader.

Swimming Requirements
All campers who want access to the waterfront must complete a swim check upon arrival. For Swimming and Lifesaving merit
badges, bring a Long sleeve shirt with buttons, Long pants, and Belt for the self-floatation instructions & tests. Clothes that
absorb water (cotton) & become heavy are NOT recommended. Light, synthetic clothes that create good air pockets in water
(for makeshift flotation units) are recommended.
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Medication & Medical Forms properly filled out & signed by parents are required & should already be with your
scout leader. In addition each Scout should bring the following equipment for his personal use at camp:
 ( Our campsite will be a short walk from the parking lot. A duffle bag should suffice. Backpacks are optional but may be needed for
some merit badges. Do not bring tents. Do not forget your Handbook ! )

Clothing and Bedding
• Complete uniform (Class A) - Scouts must be in proper Class A Uniform to & from Camp & other occasions.
• Scout T-shirts (Class B) (Red Troop 233 T-shirt. If you did not get one, speak to our Scoutmaster)
- Hat (Bring your Goshen hat if you have one) (write your name & troop # inside hat)
• Sturdy Hiking shoes [Sneakers are OK]. (Everyone must wear closed toed shoes at all times except when involved in waterfront
activities. Flip-flops, shower clogs or sandals are NOT acceptable for wear in camp as footwear, but may be worn while showering)
• Water activity shoes/mocs
• Extra underwear and socks
• Shorts/blue jeans
-Shirts/T-shirts [ Plus one set Long sleeve shirt with buttons, long pants, and belt for Swimming and Lifesaving merit badges (if
on your schedule) – see Swimming Requirements above. ]
• Swimsuits (2) (no swimsuits are allowed in the dining hall)
• Raingear/poncho
• Pajamas/Sleepwear (or can sleep in shorts & t-shirt if desired)
• Sweater/jacket (just in case but rarely needed)
• Sleeping bag + bed sheet (Plus For Trails Head boys- small Ground cloth to place under sleeping bag for Wed camp/hike)
• Pillow (if desired)
-Mosquito net (if desired --available at many sporting & surplus stores–less worry about bugs)

Personal Gear
• Scout Handbook (Very Important!!) (for advancement and reference)
- Watch (Scouts need to be places on time!)
• Toiletries: (Toothbrush and toothpaste, Washcloths, Comb/Brush, Soap, Shampoo, Hand towels, deodorant) (Brush teeth daily!)
• Bath/Beach towels (2) (Try to shower daily –minimum every other day-- swimming in lake is not considered bathing)
• Canteen/Water bottle (drink frequently-avoid dehydration)
• Flashlight / headlight (write your name & troop #)
• Pencil, pen, pad/notebook (for MB requirements) (A small binder may help keep things organized)
• Spending money – (about $60 for snacks & handicraft supplies) (keep this in safe/locked place)
• Insect repellent (non-aerosol only)
- Sunscreen & Lip balm (avoid sunburn-wear a hat & shirt)
-Personal first aid kit
-Pocket Knife (only if scout has earned his Totin Chip badge)
- Eyeglasses (Extra pair recommended) (also Sunglasses, if desired but these are frequently lost by boys & never recovered)
- Reading material / Personal amusement items (Books, Playing cards, Frisbee, etc if desired) (there are some slow times)
-Small combination lock (if desired)
Mark everything with the Scout’s name/troop number.

DO NOT BRING VALUABLES except spending money! No Electronics!
For further Info Contact: ASM Milan Solaiman: H-301-229-1997; C-240-994-7310 Email:
Spotty cell phone reception in camp. In case of emergency, parents should call the main office at Goshen’s Camp Post.
Camp telephone numbers: (540) 997-5773 or (540) 997-5140.