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Photo-call and Press Notice


Photo-call and Press Notice

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									Photo-call and Press Notice
World AIDS Day 1 December 2009

The first ‘World AIDS Day’ was 1 December 1988.
‘World AIDS Day’ is now an internationally recognised day.
‘World AIDS Day’ seeks to raise awareness of the HIV pandemic and fight stigma
associated with HIV.
Tuesday 1 December 2009 is the 22nd ‘World Aids Day’ organized in the UK by The
National Aids Trust. HIV is a global concern and continuing to raise awareness through
an annual ‘World AIDS Day’ is crucial.


The UK theme for ‘World AIDS Day 2009’ is ‘HIV Reality’ which has been developed
from the official global theme for 2009 of ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’.

The UK theme aims to present personal accounts of how HIV affects people in the UK.
By doing this it hopes to dispel myths surrounding HIV and correct misunderstandings.

Wear the red ribbon

The red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness. Wearing the ribbon is a
simple and powerful sign of support for people living with HIV and also reminds others
that HIV still needs to be prioritised. The number of red ribbons worn is higher around
‘World Aids Day’ but it can be worn at any time.

Activities in Wandsworth

The 1 December 2009 will see a number of activities to raise the public’s awareness in

      Staff from NHS Wandsworth’s Public Health Department along with volunteers
       will host stalls at Tooting Broadway Station and Tooting market.

      Staff from the GUM/sexual health clinic at St George’s will have an information
       stall and displays at Wimbledon Station and around St George’s Hospital.

      Staff from Queen Mary’s Hospital GUM/sexual health clinic will have an
       information stall at Roehampton University and in the foyer of Queen Mary’s

      South Thames College will host an event working in partnership with NHS
       Wandsworth, Wandsworth Council and a range of voluntary sector agencies. The
       event will feature interactive stalls to provide information, advice and guidance
       relating to sexual health for young people aged 16+.

      ‘World AIDS Day’ info leaflets and red ribbons will be available at most health
       services, Council sites, and from some voluntary and community groups.

HIV clinics in Wandsworth and south west London

If you are worried or need more information about safer sex and HIV/AIDS, contact one
of Wandsworth's GUM/sexual health clinics. They offer friendly, confidential advice to
people of all ages. You can get opening times and locations from Careline on 020 8875
0500 or at www.careline.org.uk

Get tested!           Get treated!           Stay well!

You can be tested for HIV and Aids at the Gum Clinics in Wandsworth

The Courtyard Clinic                         Roehampton Clinic
Queen Mary’s Hospital                        St Georges Hospital

020 8725 3854                                020 8487 6861

Additional information
For information on World AIDS Day visit www.worldAIDSday.org
For information on HIV and AIDS visit www.avert.org
For information on sexual health issues visit www.condomessentialwear.co.uk

For confidential information and advice on safer sex, HIV and AIDS, call the NHS Sexual
Health Helpline on 0800 567 123 at any time.

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