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					                                        Katherine Woolverton
                                            (206) 228-7572

Hey! You’re looking for a writer/editor and I’m looking for a new challenge. Kismet?
For ten years I’ve worked with a variety of subject-matter experts to refine messaging and craft high-
quality, targeted content. It’s my objective to use my creativity and word-geek talents to bring clarity and
style to print and online content, be it in the role of writer, line editor, or substantive editor.

My writing and editing experience includes a wide array of:
* marketing and catalog copy                          * identity collateral
* public relations materials                          * community education materials
* intranet/Web content and news stories               * grant applications
* project/instructional documentation/FAQ             * newsletters

I’ve also done a fair amount of technical writing and editing:
* process/procedures flow documentation                 * database management documentation
* technology standards/management policies              * replication and training manuals

And my skills go beyond being an expert with a red pen.
I’m adept at Web content management, with three years experience managing multiple intranet sites for
corporate department and functional groups. I’ve contributed as a team member in a major analysis and
migration of a corporate intranet site from one organizational paradigm and application to another. And
I’ve done the business analysis and project development work to launch an online resource center for a
450-member global sales team.

I’ve got project management experience too.
While working with the Mutual Partnerships Coalition, I teamed with consultants, project participants,
and staff to determine project goals, develop strategies and milestones, build relationships with collateral
organizations, and plan and facilitate conferences and working meetings.

Other project experience includes developing a contracts management system, managing project
documentation for an intranet project office, and creative pursuits like producing theatre and designing a
peer-to-peer employee recognition program for a corporate team.

And what about my technical skills?
I’ve designed and built MS Access databases, built intranet pages using MS SharePoint Portal and MS
Content Management System, can get around a bit in FrontPage, have written catalog copy in Quark
XPress, and honed gazillions of pages of content in MS Word. I’m an expert user of the entire MS Office
suite, and am tech-savvy enough to learn additional software when the job requires it.
And where have I done all this great work? Here’s the data on my employment history, education,
presentations, and volunteer service:

Professional Experience
Sales Resource Center Specialist, Corbis Corporation, 10/05-present
Technology Analyst III, Washington Mutual, Technology Solutions Group Publishing, 6/04-9/05
Web Content Manager, Washington Mutual, Technology Solutions Group Publishing 1/03-6/04
Technology Analyst I, Washington Mutual, TSG Research, Planning and Architecture 9/02-1/03
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Washington Mutual, Corporate Intranet Services, 8/01-9/02
Marketing and Development Specialist, Freelance, 1/01-8/02
Proofreader, Merrill Corporation, on-call, 2001
Copy/Content Writer, The Write Stuff, 3/00-7/01
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist, White Rain Films, 5/99-12/99
Program Coordinator, Mutual Partnerships Coalition (Group Health/Kaiser Permanente Community
   Foundation), 2/94-6/99
Executive/Research Assistant, YouthCare, 1992-1994
Research Assistant, The Five College Women’s Studies Research Ctr., Mt. Holyoke College, 9/91-5/92
News Staff, Mount Holyoke College Department of Public Relations, 9/90-5/91
Prior experience includes 5 years retail sales and 5 years restaurant staff.

User Experience 2006, The Nielsen-Norman Group (Presenting Information on Corporate Web Sites,
Intranet Usability)
Corporate Communicators Conference, Ragan Communications, May 2006
Certificate in Editing, University of Washington, 2005
Society for Technical Communicators Conference, Seattle, 2005 (Member)
Microsoft Content Management System
User Experience 2003, The Nielsen-Norman Group (Content and Intranet Usability, Usability Life Cycle)
Copy Talk, Internal Communicators Conference, Washington Mutual
Web Content Management, Regan Communications
British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer in Oxford, The Juilliard School and UCLA
Mount Holyoke College, B.A. with Honor in Women’s Studies. Magna cum laude.
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Associate of Arts in Theatre

Preparing and Uploading Emergency Action Plans and ERT Rosters, Washington Mutual
Database Design for Capacity Inventories, Building Communities with Capacity Inventories Working
  Conference, the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, Center for Urban Affairs and Policy
  Research, Northwestern University.
Asset-Based Grant Application Development, Mutual Partnerships Coalition
Understanding Gifts and Capacities, Mutual Partnerships Coalition

Volunteer and Community Service
Actor, producer, and general theatre fan, 1994-present.
King County Guardian ad Litem, 1992-1994. Investigated felony child abuse and neglect cases on behalf of
  the child/victim, and presented testimony in furtherance of resolution.
Child Advocate, Seattle Police Department Victim Assistance Section, 1991. Advocated for victims of child
Community Aid, Washington State Child Protective Services, 1982. Advocated for victims of child abuse.

The fine print: References available upon request; salary history available at point of offer.

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