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					News Release

                       Media call: for immediate release

                  Happy New Trees!
  Community plant future legacy for Clapham Common
            Where: Clapham Common Bandstand (meeting point)

               When: 12:30pm, Saturday 17th January 2009

12th January 2009

Much-loved by its community, Clapham Common is to celebrate the first month
of the year with a gift of 25 new trees, planted by local volunteers and schools
with help from the charity Trees for Cities and Friends of Clapham Common. The
new trees will replace some of those lost in previous years and will provide
improved habitat for the local wildlife of the Common.

Volunteers at the Saturday Planting Day will plant large standard trees, including
London Planes, Limes, and Sweet Chestnuts, and ten, one metre high Holly
trees. Focusing on the community-feel of the Common, families are also invited
to attend with a range of woodland-themed activities available to entertain
children including a woodland scavenger hunt, tree wishes, woodland bingo, tree
rubbings and woodland collages.

Saturday‟s planting is part of a series of activities on Clapham Common
scheduled for the new year, including a „Schools Day‟ to plant 275 saplings and
shrubs and woodland management volunteer days, to increase biodiversity in
Nursery Woods. The project is funded by a variety of green-minded
organisations, including the Friends of Clapham Common, who received a Big
Lottery Fund, „Breathing Places‟ grant towards trees and community activities; an
O2 „It‟s Your Community‟ award, contributing towards materials used to clean
and green the park; and, a „Grassroots‟ grant, received from the Capital
Community Foundation to support community workshops. The Forestry
Commission and Idlewild Trust have also contributed to the programme.

Peter Burke Murphy from the Friends of Clapham Common says “This has been
a rewarding team effort. It demonstrates the value people place on trees for
Clapham Common. I should like to thank Trees for Cities for organising this
event and for the many donations towards the project given by local people and
groups. I also wish to acknowledge support from the Clapham Society and
particularly Diana Bell for giving us the benefit of her expertise”.

Graham Simmonds, Chief Executive of award-winning charity Trees for Cities
who provide further funding and support to the project, says “As a Clapham
resident myself I am aware of how important Clapham Common is to the local
community and it's great that we are planting more trees and helping to make this
News Release
much-loved green space even more attractive and interesting -
 it‟s the best way to start the New Year with new trees for future

Lambeth‟s Cabinet Member for Culture, Mark Bennett says “Most of the trees we
see on Clapham Common today were planted by the Victorians so many of them
are reaching the end of their natural life and are lost during storms or felled for
being unsafe. It is essential, out of respect for the heritage of the Common and
for the habitat of local wildlife that we continue to plant trees – what better way
than doing it together as a community”.

Photo opportunities:

-Volunteers, Trees for Cities team, Friends of Clapham Common and Lambeth
Councillors planting a pollarded Salix alba 'Britzensis' (white willow) by the small pond
south of the junction of Windmill Drive and Clapham Common South Side

All media enquiries:

Kate Shepherd:
Tel. 020 7820 4426

Notes to Editors

1. Trees for Cities is an award-winning charity that plants trees and re-landscapes public spaces in urban
    areas of greatest need. The charity‟s vision is to stimulate a greening renaissance in cities around the
    world that will impact on global warming and beautify the urban landscape, as well as encouraging
    greater social cohesion through the active participation of local people. A special effort is made to
    involve children and young people in all of the projects. The public can get involved by registering as a
    volunteer, enrolling in training programmes, taking part in the Tree-Athlon and going to fundraising
    parties – see for more information. Trees for Cities was recently awarded the
    Bank of America Neighbourhood Builder Award in recognition of the impact the charity has made on
    local communities.

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