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The Curriculum                                                       Job & Internship Web Sites
The Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business            • Inomics-The Internet Site for Economists
offers Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of
                                                                       h p://
Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics. The
                                                                     • American Economics Associa on
department provides high quality instructional programs that
prepare graduates for careers in business, government, non-            h p://
profit, and education. Economists use modern tools of logical         • Na onal Associa on for Business Economics
and quantitative analysis to study the problems of scarcity,           h p://
poverty, insecurity, and instability. The principles and theories    • America’s Job Bank
derived from this study form the basis for making sound
                                                                       h p://
business, government, and personal decisions.
                                                                     • American Law & Economics Associa on
                                                                       h p://
                                                                     • Northwestern Mutual Life
       Economics Majors develop the following                          h p://
       skills:                                                       • Na onal Opinion Research Center
       Students focus on logical cause-and-effect rela onships that     h p://
       reveal significant connec ons while ignoring other features
                                                                     • Federal Deposit Insurance Corpora on
       of a phenomenon.
                                                                       h p://
         Logical Analysis: Logical thought and analysis used in      • Federal Reserve Bank/Board
         solving problems underlies an economist’s ability to          h p://
         understand economic phenomena.                              • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
                                                                       h p://
         Observa on and Inference from Data: Many programs
                                                                     • U.S. Government Accountability Office
         use algebra and some use calculus as tools for
         understanding economic events. Developing skill in            h p://
         transla ng between mathema cal models and observed          • The Economist
         economic phenomena is usually essen al.                       h p://
                                                                     • Interna onal Monetary Fund
         Oral and Wri en Communica on Skills: The ability to           h p://
         create and interpret a chart and being able to write
                                                                     • Associa on for Social Economics
         though ully and clearly is the best way to show an
         understanding of economic theory and concepts and to          h p://
         present ideas. The ability to build an argument in the      • Global Knowledge Economics Council
         form of an essay and conduct oral presenta ons also           h p://
         plays a role.                                               • Interna onal Associa on of Agricultural Economists
                                                                       h p://
       Depending on your desired career path, addi onal skills
                                                                     • Interna onal Economic Development Council
       may need to be developed to be compe ve in the
       marketplace upon gradua on. Make an appointment                 h p://
       with a career consultant to design your individual career     • Ins tute for Interna onal Economics
       development plan.                                               h p://

                                                                     Build Skills Beyond the Classroom
                                                                     Join related clubs & organiza ons
College of Arts & Sciences Career                                        Athle cs/Sports
Success Guide                                                            Military
Provided to all new, incoming students as an introduc on to the          Part- me Employment (Summer/Work Study)
career planning process If you don’t have a Guide…Get one!!!             Internships/Job Shadowing
Visit the A&S Career Services Office.                                      Travel/Work Abroad
                                                                         Volunteer/Community Service
Potential Career Paths Include
Economics majors have a wide selec on of educa onal and               Sample Related Occupations
career choices. These are the program opportuni es available          Economist
to Economics majors:                                                  Economists study how society distributes scarce resources
                                                                      such as land, labor, raw materials, and machinery to
Business Economics                                                    produce goods and services. They conduct research, collect
This program stresses skills and techniques applicable to the         and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop
business environment. The business economist requires a solid         forecasts. They research issues such as energy costs,
founda on in applied economic theory, quan ta ve methods,             infla on, interest rates, imports, or employment levels.
and communica ons. The business economics graduate is well               Employer Op ons
prepared for analyst posi ons with banks, corpora ons, public            Federal Government Agencies
u li es, consul ng firms, and government agencies.                        Colleges and Universi es
                                                                         Public Sector Organiza ons
                                                                         Accoun ng and Consul ng Firms
Economics through Arts and Sciences with a Business
Some students might desire the broad educa onal experience
                                                                      Actuaries assemble and analyze sta s cs, calculate risk
of a liberal arts degree while preparing for a career in the
                                                                      probabili es and determine premium rates for policies
private sector. An economics degree in A&S with a minor in
                                                                      and pension plans within three basic areas of insurance:
business permits the selec on of a broad range of classes to
                                                                      life, health and property and casualty. Regardless of
meet diverse educa onal goals while providing the specialized
                                                                      specialty, actuaries assemble and analyze data to es mate
training helpful for success in the private sector.
                                                                      probabili es of an event taking place, such as death,
                                                                      sickness, injury, disability, or property loss.
Interna onal Careers                                                      Employer Op ons
The advent of the Global Economy makes knowledge of                       Actuarial Consul ng Firms
interna onal economics and interna onal economies                         Government Agencies
incredibly important in both government and business.                     Health Insurance Companies
Students will find an excellent avenue to interna onal careers.            Pension Funds

Banking and Financial Ins tu ons                                      Financial Analyst
Banks, stock brokerage firms, and other financial ins tu ons            Financial analysts provide investment analysis and guidance
find the analy cal skills of economics majors crucial to their         to businesses and individuals to help them with their
opera ons. Employment and advancement in the financial                 investment decisions. They gather financial informa on,
sector requires extensive training in economics, accoun ng,           analyze it, and make recommenda ons. Financial analysts
and finance.                                                           assess the economic performance of companies and
                                                                      industries with money to invest.
Government and Public Administra on                                      Employer Op ons
An economics degree is a good choice if you are considering              Financial Consul ng Companies
a career in government or public administra on. Economics                Securi es and Commodi es Brokers
stresses the analysis and evalua on of government ac vi es               Mortgage Bankers
and the impact of government on the economy. The increased               Investment Services Firms
importance of economics for environmental concerns and                   Insurance Carriers
policy is a natural choice for those with environmental                  Computer and Data Processing Firms
interests.                                                               Economic Research Firms
                                                                         Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
Pre-Law                                                                  Management Consul ng Firms
A degree in economics serves as excellent prepara on for law
school. Historically, economics majors have scored very well on
the Law School Admission Test. Economics students develop         Need help with the job search?
                                                                  College of Arts & Sciences Career
the reasoning ability and analy cal skills necessary for the      Services offers:
study and prac ce of law.                                         Arts & Sciences 4111 Career Planning and Job Search Strategies

Graduate work in Economics
Graduate work in economics is for those interested in a career                                            Come See Us!
as a professional economist. Economic research posi ons in                               College of Arts & Sciences Career Services
academics and government generally require a Masters degree                                        Student Success Center, 213 LSE
and o en specify a Doctorate.                                                                                 phone: 405-744-5658
                                                                                             Appt calendar: