Wind Ensemble Thanksgiving Essay

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					                         Wind Ensemble: Thanksgiving Essay


  What did you learn from the Messiah College performance clinic experience on
November 18th? Comment specifically about what Dr. Stowman, Dr. Genevro, Mr.
Yurko, and the Messiah students communicated to you in an effort to improve the
ensemble’s performance. Make reference to the clinic recordings in constructing your

                      Recordings can be found on my website at:

        -   Content is most important – be sure to include meaningful realizations and
            observations about our ensemble performance and the feedback we received.
        -   Employ effective writing techniques. Avoid all grammatical errors.
        -   This assignment must be typed. Handwritten essays will not be accepted.
        -   The essay should be at least 500 words in length

Due Date: Wednesday, December 2nd