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                                                                     Lurgi, Inc.
                                                                     Travis Keenum
                                                                     1790 Kirby Parkway
                                                                     Suite 300
                                                                     Memphis, TN 38138
                                                                     Phone: +1 (901) 255-6621

Mechanical Engineer/Pressure Vessel
Position: (Brief Summary of Position) Pressure vessel engineering and design in accordance
with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes.

Responsible for the design (including code calculations), material and major equipment
specifications, and installation specifications for columns, reactors, filters , storage tanks, etc.

Responsible for providing information throughout the various proposal, engineering, and
construction phases of EPC projects with regards to all aspects of pressure vessel engineering.

Background Required:
    Process Manufacturing Plant Design and Construction Experience
    P. E., BSME, with 5-10 years experience
    ASME Code experience
    Familiar with ANSI, NFPA, ASTM, and OSHA standards
    Knowledge of ASME B31.3 requirements

Background Preferred (but not required):
    Alternative Fuels experience is a plus
    Field Experience
    Installation/Startup Experience
    PDS Experience

Other Essential Abilities and Skills:
    Proficient user of Microsoft Office Software
    Effective verbal and written communication skills
    Effective analytical and problem solving skills

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Issue: 12-19-07 Revision 1

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