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      *Satoko Masuda
      *Yuri Murakami
      *Maki Yamashita
    What is an earthquake?

   An earthquake is caused by a sudden slip on
    the fault.
   The slip happens when the stresses in the
    earth’s outer layer push
    the side of the fault together.
   The slip produces energy, and
     shakes the ground.
Under the earth’s surface
How it happens?
 Kinds of earthquakes

There are two kinds of earthquakes.

1. The earthquake which happens in the sea.
2. The earthquake which happens in the
The earthquake which happens in the sea

 The plate under the sea is forced further
 underground. By this action, the plate above
 is dragged. And this makes a warp.
      The earthquake which happens
                in the sea

The warp becomes
  bigger and bigger,
  and finally the plate
  above tries to return
  to its original
  position. This
  movement is an
        The earthquake which happens
                 in the ground

The cause is the same as the earthquake in the sea.
The warp makes energy. It shifts the ground and
breaks the plate. This is called a fault.
               Four kinds of faults
Preparation for Earthquake
90 % of death in the earthquake is…

being crashed by
collapsed buildings or
We can survive for…

Survival UP!…If…
Rate will be
    1. you check the safety of
           your house
   Is the earthquake –
    resistance of your
    house enough?
   Do you put some
    dangerous things in
    high places? ( such
    as objects made of
    glass or metal)
2. you prepare the following

  Non-Perishable food

  Drinking water in

  Flashlight with
  Portable radio
3. you discuss with your family

                   Make sure your family

                   ● Where to

                   ● How to contact
                   one other
What to do during an earthquake…

   Do not go near the windows. Stay under a
    sturdy furniture. NEVER GO TO THE KITCHEN!!!
   Stand against an interior wall.
   Do not use elevators because it can stop.
   Do not turn on lights or strike a match,
    because… gas can leak!
What to do during an earthquake…

   Move to an open area without tall trees,
    buildings, etc.
   Move away from beaches (tsunami) or
    mountains (mudslides or falling rocks).
   If in cars, move to the side of the road and
    stop the car. Fasten your seat belts until the
    shaking stops.
What to do after an earthquake…

   Open the window in case of leaking gas.
   Check if you have injuries.
   Use cell phone only if it’s an emergency.
   Cooperate with neighbors and friends.
   If you can, check if your family or friends are
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