Sample In-Class Essay Prompt by ykg75146

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									English 110-11                                                                                 B. Ruff
Fall                                                                                             2009

                               Sample In-Class Essay Prompt

       You have one class session, two hours, to plan and draft an essay responding to
the prompt below. You may use a dictionary, thesaurus, and a grammar text as well as
any graded papers from this class. You may also use the editing tools available in
Word. You may NOT use the internet or any other source or confer with each other.

     Formal essay
     Normal format for papers for this class (NO citations necessary!)
     2 pages in length
     Pre-writing, rough draft, and final draft

       In The Lakota Way, Joseph M. Marshall, III wrote of the many virtues by which
the Lakota Sioux lived their lives. One of the twelve human virtues mentioned in the
book is “truth”. The author even went so far as to say that the one universal truth is
“death” as can be seen in the quotation below taken from The Lakota Way.

“But when all is said and done there is only one truth that is unwavering. . . . That truth is death.”

         Plan and draft an essay explaining what Marshall meant by the line quoted
above. As evidence in your supporting paragraphs, refer to at least a couple of the
stories used in the book to illustrate the virtue of “truth”, and explain how the stories
support your explanation of the quotation.

       Clearly explain the meaning of the quoted passage in your essay.
       Define key terms/words in the quoted passage, and explain how they help to
       produce the meaning of the quotation.
       Support your thesis statement with specific evidence from The Lakota Way and
       from contemporary society.


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