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Driver Agreement - DOC

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									                          Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare Vanpool Program

                                 Driver Requirements and Agreement
To be a member of the Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare Program you must meet one of
the eligibility criteria below as a State of California Career Employee.

Eligibility Requirement

      12 month career permanent or probationary status full time, or part-time

      Temporary staff appointment with a 90 day contract or more, part-time or more.

      Temporary lecturers with one quarter appointment on one contract.

      Temporary staff emergency appointment of a 90 day contract or more, part-time
       or more.

All employees must meet the eligibility requirements and report to work between 6:00
AM- 10:00 AM (AQMD Rule 2202). The policy pertains to all entities of the Rideshare
Program, including the following: carpool, vanpool, bicyclists, walkers, and transit (bus
and rail).

If an appointment cannot be verified, an employee will be asked to provide employment
verification by submitting a copy of their appointment letter/contract or a memo from the
Human Resources department.

If you do not meet the above eligibility criteria, the following options are available for you:
      Bus passes can be purchased through the ASI Game Room, Bldg. 35
      Metrolink train passes can be purchased through the Rideshare Office, CLA
        Bldg., 98-R2-14
      Metrolink Free One 4 trip ticket can be obtained through the Rideshare Office
        (based on availability from Metrolink and not to exceed over One 4 Trip in a 6
        mos. period)
      All transit service needs can be obtained through the Rideshare Office

The Vanpool Program

      Participation in the Vanpool Program is voluntary and not a condition of
       employment. Work hours are not to be used to conduct vanpool business
       without prior supervisory approval. “Vanpool use” shall mean travel between the
       driver’s home, pre-designated commute pick-up points, and the University. All
       vans are State vehicles and are not for private use. Using the vehicle for
       personal use at any time during work hours, or while at your residence will

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                         1
       result in immediate termination of the vanpool agreement. If you are aware
       you have to schedule a medical appt. while at work, or any other type of
       appointment that you will need a vehicle during lunch time, you are required to
       bring in your own vehicle to work, and not under any circumstances use the
       Rideshare van.

      All Vanpool participants must agree to ride the van five (4-5) days per week
       except for authorized time off. Excluded time includes vacation, sick, jury duty,
       leave of absence, medical appointments, or other non-commute days. All
       exceptions to the 4-5 days a week minimum must be approved by the Rideshare
       Coordinator. An exception would be ONLY if we have 7 full time DAILY riders to
       stay in compliance with the AQMD Rule 2202. If the Rideshare Vanpool has 7 full
       time daily riders, then a part-time employee would be allowed to join after
       approval from the Rideshare Coordinator. The part-time member would be
       responsible for the total amount of the monthly bill no matter how many days they
       rode the van. If a full time rider would want to join the vanpool and the vanpool is
       filled to capacity less the part-time rider, the part-time rider would relinquish their
       seat at the end of the month to allow the Daily Full Time rider to join. Under 6
       employees the vanpool will be terminated. (AQMD Rule 2202 carpool definition is
       2 to 6 people)

      The Vanpool Program could be for an indefinite period. Its success will be
       evaluated periodically and the Rideshare Office reserves the right to modify or
       discontinue the program with appropriate notice to participants.

      The Rideshare Office has the authority to exchange vanpool vehicles at anytime
       to meet the Vanpool Program needs.

      Submitting false claims against the Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare Program is
       misuse of state funds and is illegal. Drivers/Passengers who submit false claims
       are subject to losing their program participation and/or incentive privileges,
       disciplinary action or criminal prosecution. Depending on the severity of the
       abuse, the case may also be referred to the appropriate Dean or Vice President.

      Employees misusing University vehicles may be personally liable for damages to
       persons or property caused third parties and the legal expenses of defense since
       employees act outside of the course and scope of their employment during the
       misuse. Employees who misuse are also subject to disciplinary action by the

      Any violation(s) or non-compliance on the part of the vanpool driver, or
       passenger may result in the ability to continue participation with the Cal Poly
       Pomona Vanpool, or Rideshare Program. In addition, would be those whose
       actions may be detrimental to the program.

      The Rideshare Office can refuse to accept or may immediately terminate vanpool
       agreements if the Rideshare Office or University has documented knowledge of
       an incident, or combination of incidents, which could lead the Rideshare Office to
       believe that an individual is unfit to drive or ride in a vanpool. Also, reckless
       driving reported from passengers, state employees, or non-state witnesses

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                        2
       received. In addition, this agreement will immediately terminate if/when: there is
       no qualified driver, or alternate driver, the van is not repairable, or useable; the
       driver or passengers breach any of their obligations under the terms of the driver
       or passenger agreements.

      The University is not responsible for collision or comprehensive damages
       sustained by passenger-owned vehicles parked in “pick-up area” parking lots.

      Failure to submit required reports, or submit false reports may cause driver

      No animals are allowed in the van, at any time, except Seeing Eye dogs.

      There may be other circumstances/situations that arise. The Rideshare Office will
       address each circumstance/situation separately. Members will receive Rideshare
       policy changes by email, or an official notification.

Driver Definitions

      Primary driver – an individual who drives the van on a full-time basis in exchange
       for a free commute. The primary driver receives two dollars ($2.00) in Rideshare
       Bronco Bucks on the day(s) he/she drives the van. An additional $10.00 in
       Bronco Bucks is given if the driver drives more than 80% of the month.
       Reminder: Sick days, vacation days, campus closures, drive-alone days, or any
       other non-commute days are not reimbursed.

      Alternate driver – an individual who acts as a temporary replacement for the
       primary driver when he/she is unable to drive. The alternate driver receives two
       dollars ($2.00) in Rideshare Bronco Bucks on the day(s) he/she drives the van.
       The alternate driver must be approved by the Rideshare Coordinator before they
       are eligible for the $2.00 incentive. An additional $10.00 in Bronco Bucks is given
       if the driver drives more than 80% of the month. Reminder: Sick days, vacation
       days, campus closures, drive-alone days, or any other non-commute days are
       not reimbursed.


      Incentives will only be paid for Monday - Friday scheduled commuting work days
       for employees who arrive on campus to work between 6:00am – 10:00am
       traveling 51% together (AQMD Rule 2202). If you don’t ride in to work, but
       choose to ride the van home, the incentive for the day will not be paid to comply
       with AQMD Rule 2202.

      Other outside agency incentives may be possible if you are joining a new or
       existing vanpool. Inquire with the Rideshare Coordinator for current incentives.

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                      3
Vanpool Billing:

      Although it is not the responsibility of the vanpool driver to insure all members
       pay their vanpool payments, it is the responsibility of the driver to inform the
       passengers of their payments due immediately after billing is provided from the
       Rideshare Office. The passengers are given a due date to make their payments.
       The Cal Poly Rideshare Program may immediately terminate vanpool
       agreements for non-payment of passengers monthly-owed vanpool
       charges to Rideshare. This action will jeopardize future participation with
       the Rideshare Program and incentive privileges. Billing is calculated on the
       monthly mileage and fuel costs received from Facilities Management Auto Shop
       to the Rideshare Office, and an across the board maintenance fee (14.4) for all
       Rideshare vans. The Rideshare Office will review the maintenance fee at the
       beginning of each fiscal year and may change the fee charged. If the primary
       driver accepts a free commute, the passengers will be expected to cover the
       driver’s portion of the fare which will be divided among all passengers in the van.
       The following example shows an 8 passenger van commuting from Rialto and
       the total cost if the driver rides free. If the monthly cost were $348.00, that total
       would be divided by the remaining 7 passengers instead of 8 and an individual
       passenger cost of $49.71 would be due for that month. Monthly payments are
       subject to change with changing fuel and mileage submitted each month.

Driver Qualifications

      Must be a Cal Poly Pomona state employee over 18 years of age.
      Complete the Vanpool Driver Application Form and the Rideshare Program
       application form.
      Fulfill all eligibility requirements for the Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare Program.
      Agree to the Rideshare Policies and Procedures as outlined.
      DMV Requirements: Possess a current and valid California Class C driver’s
       license. Under no circumstances may an employee be allowed to drive without a
       valid driver’s license. Maintain a safe driving record with no more than two (2)
       moving violations in a three (3) year period, have no more than six (6) DMV
       points or any combination thereof in the past twelve-month period and no
       citations for driving under the influence (DUI) or reckless driving and authorize
       the University to review his/her driving record verified through the Department of
       Motor Vehicles. DMV requires a valid medical report on file with DMV and carry a
       valid medical card. DMV requires the driver submit a medical examination report
       every 2 years. The DMV Medical Examination
       Report DL 51 is the document the
       physician will need to complete your physical exam. It will be the driver’s
       responsibility to make their medical appointment and comply with the 2 year
       medical exam. Rideshare will not remind the driver that their exam is due for
       renewal. If you choose to contact Student Health Services x4000 at Cal Poly for
       your exam, your $25 visit fee will be billed to Rideshare. The Rideshare Office
       will provide a memo for you to give to Health Services at the time of your exam
       approving Health Services to bill Rideshare. The Student Health Center stocks
       the DL 51 Medical Examination Report form and the green Medical Examiner’s
       Certificate for you to carry once signed by the physician. If you choose to have

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                       4
       your personal physician give the physical, and complete the DL 51, Rideshare
       will reimburse you a maximum of $10.00 co-pay for your physical if you provide a
       receipt. Medical offices will provide the completed DL 51 form and it is the
       driver’s responsibility to mail the original copy to the DMV. Please provide a copy
       of the completed DL 51 for the Rideshare Office file. Student Health Services will
       provide a copy to the Rideshare Office if you want to sign the Authorization to
       Release Medical Information form.

       DMV Vehicle Code:
       Examination and Driving Test: Classifications

       (j) ( )13 A driver of a vanpool vehicle may operate with class C licenses but shall possess evidence of a
       medical examination required for a class B license when operating vanpool vehicles. In order to be
       eligible to drive the vanpool vehicle, the driver shall keep in the vanpool vehicle a statement, signed
       under penalty of perjury, that he or she has not been convicted of reckless driving, drunk driving, or a hit-
       and-run offense in the last five years.

       Vanpool Vehicle
       668. A "vanpool vehicle" is any motor vehicle, other than a motortruck or truck tractor, designed for
       carrying more than 10 but not more than 15 persons including the driver, which is maintained and used
       primarily for the nonprofit work-related transportation of adults for the purposes of ridesharing.
       Added Ch. 46, Stats. 1982. Effective January 1, 1983.

       Risk Management Requirements: The driver must be also be enrolled in the
       DMV Pull Program through Risk Management and completed the CSU approved
       Defensive Driver Training Program (DDTP)
       through Risk Management in the past 4 years and agree to re-certify every 4
       years. New employees must schedule for the next available class in order to start
       vehicle operation authorization.
      Abide by all polices through Risk Management on operating state vehicles.
       Risk Management Services:
      Agree to abide by the CSU Vehicle Use Policy, which can be found at:
      Agree to carry a Sworn Statement Card (CHP) at all time while driving the
       vanpool (available through the Rideshare Office) and renew once a year.

Driver Responsibilities

      Only state employees approved by the Rideshare Coordinator are
       permitted to drive the van and who have taken the defensive driving class.
       All drivers are expected to operate the vanpool in a safe and prudent
       manner. Any moving violation citations or fines levied are the sole responsibility
       of the driver operation the van at the time of the violation(s). Exceptions are
       vehicle repair violations in the process of repair. (For example: damaged
       headlights.) Rideshare Vanpool drivers shall report any vehicle code violations to
       the Rideshare Office within 24 hours. Failure to report traffic violations within

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                                               5
       48 hrs. of occurrence may result in removal as a vanpool driver. Complete
       the 270/274 form.
       Incident/Accident Reporting-Policies and forms:
       All fines and expenses resulting from parking and/or moving violations are the
       responsibility of the person operating the vehicle. Drivers are responsible for any
       traffic tickets/fines/or penalties obtained while driving the van.

      Drivers will adhere to scheduled departure times in the morning. It is
       recommended that vans arrive at the pick-up point no later than five (5) minutes
       prior to departure time and wait no more than five (5) minutes beyond the
       designated departure time for passengers. For pm pick up, please adhere to the
       pick up time agreed with the passengers and wait no more than five (5) minutes
       beyond the scheduled departure pick-up time. Please contact your passengers if
       you foresee any problems with your arrival times. Repeated tardiness of the
       driver or “no show” during vanpool commute could result in driver removal. The
       driver is expected to schedule adequate time for all vanpool members to be on
       time to their work station. Please allow travel time for conditions such as heavy
       traffic and inclement weather. Vanpool members are not reimbursed for work
       time lost due to commute conditions.

      Use of cell phones: Please refrain from using your cell phones for personal use
       while driving. CHP advises the use of cell phones, in these emergency

        There is a life threatening medical emergency
        There is a crime in progress
        There is a reckless or suspected intoxicated driver. (Be sure to get the
         license number)
        A serious traffic accident or incident is blocking traffic lanes
        Any type of fire is seen - vehicle, structure or wildfire
        A traffic hazard, disabled vehicle or debris is blocking the roadway

       Rideshare is requesting personal calls not be made or accepted while
       driving out of respect and the responsibility of driving other passengers. If
       you must accept a phone call, please have a rider take a message, or have them
       communicate with the caller. Misuse of cell phones can result in termination of
       driver agreement from the Rideshare Program if it interferes with the safety of the
       Rideshare passengers and unsafe driving practices in result to cell phone use.

      The primary driver oversees the vans specific vanpool group. The driver is also
       responsible for working with the passengers, in consensus to seat assignment,
       radio use, air-conditioning and heat, and pick-up locations, if necessary, or other
       related issues. Be aware of any sensitive issues and discuss with the passenger
       individually if needed. Any disputes that can not be resolved, within the vanpool
       such as, personal hygiene, heavy perfume/cologne, use of profanity, talking too
       loud, distracting the driver, being inconsiderate to fellow passengers, or failure to
       comply with reasonable request by the driver will be resolved through
       arbitration/mediations with the Rideshare Coordinator.

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                       6
      The vanpool members, along with the Rideshare Coordinator (based on the
       Rideshare policy) are responsible for maintaining more than 6-7 daily full time
       riders at all times. Less than 6 passengers can result immediately in the vanpool
       ending, and the participants will be asked to form a carpool (AQMD definition of
       carpool 2-6 people). Should the van need to be serviced or repaired for an
       extended period of time, all passengers must provide their own transportation
       until the van is available for operation, unless Rideshare has a loaner van

      Only state employees who have met the Rideshare policy eligibility and approved
       by the Rideshare Coordinator are permitted to ride in the van. Please verify that
       the Rideshare Office has received a signed passenger agreement and payment
       before riding, or at the discretion of the Rideshare Coordinator. Allowing ANY
       Cal Poly employee to ride the van without the consent of the Rideshare
       Coordinator may result in driver dismissal. State employees who are not
       signed up with the vanpool can contact the Rideshare Office for assistance with
       their transportation needs. Also, under state guidelines you are not allowed
       to pick up, or allow family members, including children, hitchhikers, or any
       person who is not approved by the Rideshare Coordinator to ride in the
       van, as it may result in driver dismissal.

      The consumption of alcohol or any illegal controlled substances is strictly
       prohibited while driving, riding, or operating the van. Smoking is prohibited in all
       state vehicles at all times.

      Drivers shall not verbally, physically, or sexually abuse, harass, or intimidate any
       passenger and agree to obey all California State University policies, including the
       non-discrimination and sexual harassment policy.
       President’s Memorandum dated February 16, 2004

      Ensure all passengers comply with the use of seat belts. Everyone riding in the
       van must comply with the mandated seat belt laws. Drivers are responsible for
       enforcing the seatbelt policy.

      Communicate and coordinate van accessibility when Alternate/Back-up driver is

      Inform all passengers on a change of time, pick up, or when an alternate driver
       will be driving.

      Ensure that only an authorized Alternate/Back-up and have completed the CSU
       approved Defensive Driver Training Program.

      Tampering with the odometer or the operational features of the van is strictly
       prohibited. Accessories or equipment shall not be added or removed from the

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                          7
       Effective 7/1/05 AB 1854 Headlight Use in Inclement Weather Law requires all
        motor vehicles to turn on the their headlights whenever weather conditions
        prevent them from seeing another car or a person on the highway at a distance
        of 1,000 feet, or when driving conditions requires continuous use of windshield

       Adhere to all New Laws for Motorists when it applies.
        For the full text of changes and/or additions for 2005, see

        Use of Vans

        Driving Private or State Vehicles:

        California State University-University and Private Vehicle Policy Guidelines
        Driving Private or State Vehicles on University Business

       Obey all California Vehicle Code and applicable city ordinances at all times and
        also including the following: use safe and courteous driving habits at all times, be
        courteous and considerate of passenger’s needs and safety. All vans are State
        vehicles and are not for private use. Using the vehicle for personal use at
        any time during work hours, or while at your residence will result in
        immediate termination. If you are aware you have a medical appt. at work, or
        any other type of appointment that you will need a vehicle during lunch time, you
        are required to bring in your own vehicle to work, and not under any
        circumstances use the Rideshare van.

        The following conditions are considered to be a misuse of University

        Driving a University vehicle without authorization by proper University officials.
        Driving without valid California or other State operator's license of the
         appropriate class for the type vehicle being driven.
        Permitting a person who is not a University employee to drive a University
        Engaging in unsafe practices, including failure to use and to ensure that all
         passengers use all available safety equipment in the vehicle being operated.
         Safety equipment includes seat belts and/or shoulder harnesses.
        Falsification of logs, defensive driver training program certificates, accident
         reports, or other forms relative to the use of the vehicle.
        Improper storage or parking of University vehicle.
        Failure to comply with any law, regulation, or policy regarding the use of
         University vehicles, including the requirement to have satisfactorily completed a
         University approved defensive driver training course.

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                          8
Operation of Vehicles

University Vehicle Management Program:
Motor Vehicle Inspection Program-The Director of Facilities Management has been
designated the campus Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI). The MVI is responsible for
overseeing program compliance. The facilities manager of Mechanical services and the
campus Auto Shop provide day-to-day administration of this program. All state vehicles,
including Rideshare Program vans will be serviced only by the Cal Poly Auto Shop. The
Auto Shop is open M-F 7:30 am-4:00 pm. Please refer to the University Vehicle
Management Program
for information on campus-wide responsibilities relating to vehicle acquisition, inspection,
maintenance, repair, replacement, reutilization, disposition and financial accounting.
This document sets forth the responsibilities, guidelines and procedures required for
compliance with the directives set forth in Campus Motor Vehicle Inspection Program
      Executive Order 691
        Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines
        State Administrative Manual . Full compliance
         with this program will increase the overall safety, efficiency and economic well
         being of the campus motor vehicle fleet.
      Vans will be fueled at the Cal Poly Pomona Auto Shop unless otherwise
         authorized by the Rideshare Office. State vehicles will be issued a State of
         California Official State Fleet Card (Voyager Fuel Card) for fueling
         purposes. Vehicle operators should carry the Voyager Fuel Card at all times
         while operating the vehicle. An orientation on the use of the fuel cards will be
         conducted by the Cal Poly Auto Shop.
      The University Auto Shop will notify the van driver and the Rideshare Office of
         scheduled maintenance. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the
         appointments for scheduled servicing are kept. The driver shall note on the
         Vehicle Operator Checklist (see Exhibit I Rev. 5-24-04) and turned into the
         Rideshare monthly (provided by the Rideshare Office) of any item that requires
         maintenance/service. SAFETY ITEMS SHOULD BE REPORTED

       Accident/Incident Reporting-24 hour report

      In the case of an accident, the driver shall complete Accident Identification
       Form 269 (see Exhibit 2 Rev. 1-02) which is kept in the glove compartment of
       the vehicle, at the scene of the accident. Within 24 hours, the driver shall report
       the accident to the Department of Police (Building 81) and complete Form 270
       (see Exhibit). In addition, the accident should be reported to the Cal Poly Auto
       Shop and Rideshare Office within 24 hrs. of incident. If an accident occurs on
       University property, immediately contact the University Police Department.

       Incident/Accident Reporting-Policies and forms:

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                         9

                  Rideshare Van Breakdown Procedure

In the event of an emergency breakdown of the vehicle, the driver shall make
arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the Auto Shop on campus. The Rideshare
Office and the Cal Poly Auto Shop shall be notified of the breakdown as soon as
possible. The van driver is NOT authorized to approve repairs to the vehicle. The Auto
Shop Services will coordinate the repair of the vehicle. See below for Vanpool
Breakdown Procedure.

Rideshare Van: If breakdown occurs going to or from campus during a regular
workday, vanpool should contact the auto club to send a tow truck to the location and
also call the Cal Poly Pomona Dispatcher at (909) 869-3070. The Rideshare Van should
be towed back to campus’ Auto Shop.

PD (Police Dept.) Dispatch: Dispatch shall record the location of the vanpool, the name
of the driver or passenger calling and obtain the phone contact number. The dispatcher
should also verify that the vanpool has made contact with the auto club and that a tow
truck is in route. If this has not been done by the vanpool, dispatch should contact the
auto club and ensure a tow truck is in route to the breakdown. The Rideshare Van
should be towed back to campus’ Auto Shop. The vanpool should also be advised by
dispatch that a replacement van is in route to their location.

The dispatcher will then notify Parking Sgt. Shields or Sgt. Piña of the breakdown,
contact number and location of the disabled vanpool. Any parking officer may be notified
in the event that a parking sergeant is not on duty.

PTS (Parking & Transportation Services): One parking officer and one CSO will take
a parking truck and the backup van from campus and proceed to the stranded party
location. The backup van shall be utilized by the vanpool members to continue on their
trip. The parking officer and CSO will return to campus in the parking truck after
ensuring that the disabled van is being towed back to campus.

Auto Club: Cal Poly Rideshare has a yearly membership with the business rescue
membership program with National Automobile Club. We added the business rescue
to our account so if the van breaks down and it’s over a 5 mile radius the National Auto
Club will bill Rideshare later if needed, and the tow truck will be able to provide the
proper equipment for roadside assistance on our newer vehicles. There will be no cost
out of pocket for the vanpool driver at the time of towing. For roadside emergency
service contact National Automobile Club 1-800-622-2130. Our membership # is
9030432-000. Please inform them we have a business rescue account.

Drivers’ Daily Duties

      Conduct a daily inspection on the vanpool vehicle using the State of California
       Vehicle Operator Checklist provided by the Rideshare Office.

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                     10
       For more information refer to the University Vehicle Management Program

      Ensure daily operation of the vanpool with the assistance of alternate drivers.

      Require the use of seat belts for all passengers and ensure that all passengers’
       seat belts are fastened before the van is in motion.

      Maintain a daily attendance roster of all passengers. The Vanpool Daily Rider
       Attendance List is provided by the Rideshare Office.

      Furnish a secure overnight parking place for the van, preferably off-street and
       well lighted at the driver’s residence. Under no circumstances is a van to be
       left at any Park and Ride facility overnight.

      Lock and remove keys when the van is unattended.

      Keep a current list of all vanpool members home phone, and cell phone numbers
       in case of an emergency for easy contact.

Drivers’ Weekly Duties

      Take the van to be washed on a regular basis. The driver is responsible for
       maintaining interior/exterior of van in a clean and orderly condition. Receipts
       should be retained and turned into the Rideshare Office at the beginning of the
       month with the Daily Mileage Log, (receipts turned in after 30 days will not be
       paid), or carwash coupons will be provide when available through the Rideshare

      Check fluid levels and oil levels every time you fuel the vehicle. Motor oil is
       available at the Campus Auto Shop between the hours of 07:30 and 12:00, 12:40
       and 16:00, Monday thru Friday. Additionally, you can purchase motor oil at fuel
       stations that accept the Voyager Fuel Card. If for some reason you cannot get
       the oil needed for your vehicle the Auto Shop can retrieve the vehicle, add the oil
       and return the vehicle to a parking lot nearest to where they picked up the vehicle
       up from, for a fee. The Auto Shop charges fifty-four dollars per man-hour and the
       van would be solely responsible for the cost of this service. A vanpool driver
       could be liable for services if the van is damaged due to lack of regular
       maintenance on driver’s part.

      Report any changes to the Rideshare Coordinator that effect the billing,
       passenger roster, or drop off and pickup locations.

Drivers’ Monthly Duties

      Submit the following to the Rideshare office by the first Friday of the month:

      Vanpool Daily Rider List (revised 1/3/05)

      Vanpool Daily Mileage Log (revised 1/3/05)

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                     11
      Vehicle Operator Checklist (see Exhibit I Rev. 5/25/04)

      Submit any new forms that are created by the Rideshare Office

      Turn in car wash receipts within 30 days if needed, for reimbursement (if no
       coupons are provided by Rideshare)

When Needed:

      Take the van in to the Auto Shop immediately for any safety related issues.

      Contact your passengers and the Rideshare office immediately in case of a
       temporary interruption in vanpool service including use of a Rideshare loaner van
       while van is in for repair. Complete the loaner information on the Vanpool Daily
       Rider List and Vanpool Daily Mileage Log provided by the Rideshare Office.

      Notify the Rideshare Office as soon as possible of any changes in the passenger
       roster and interruption of service. Passengers are required to give a two week
       written notice to the Rideshare Coordinator to relinquish their van seat. A
       passenger is responsible for the total monthly payment due regardless of days
       they rode on the van (or didn’t ride). The required written notice is waived under
       the following circumstances: Employment at Cal Poly Pomona is terminated
       without 14 days notice; The University directs a permanent shift or work location
       change without 14 day notice. The Cal Poly Rideshare Program may
       immediately terminate vanpool agreements for non-payment of passengers
       monthly-owed vanpool charges. This action will jeopardize future participation
       with the Rideshare Program and incentive privileges.

      Attend any mandatory drivers’ or vanpool meetings as scheduled by the
       Rideshare Office.

      First aid kits, fire extinguishers and earthquake survival kits are located in the
       vans. Please inform the Rideshare Office of expired supplies immediately, so it
       can be replaced.

      Drivers are required to sign the Vanpool Program Driver Requirements and

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                        12
               Cal Poly Pomona Rideshare Vanpool Program

                   Driver Requirements and Agreement

I, _______________________, have read, understand, and agree to meet the Vanpool
Program Driver Requirements and Agreement. I have received a copy of the Vanpool
Program Driver Requirements and Agreement and will comply. Failure to comply can
result in the immediate termination of the agreement and ability to participate in the
Rideshare Program.

Vanpool #__________

_____________________________                       _____________________________
Signature                                           Date

Print Name (                                        )

_____________________________                       _____________________________
Rideshare Coordinator                               Date

Parking & Transportation Services’ Rideshare Program Revised 4/27/05                     13

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