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					To Begin                                             Mains

CHICKEN PATE                                  3.95   ROASTED CORN FED CHICKEN BREAST                                9.95
With a red onion marmalade & oatcakes                Upon a warm potato and fine bean salad

                                                     SALMON FILLET                                                  10.95
SOUP OF THE MOMENT (V)                        2.95   With pineapple & prawn chilli salsa,
Served with warm crusty bread                        shitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce

                                                     PAN-FRIED SEA BASS FILLETS                                     13.95
TOMATO & BUFFALO MOZZARELLA                          With wilted greens, pesto and house
MILLE FEULLE                                  4.25   tomato dressing
With a balsamic glaze & parmesan wafer (V).
                                                     WHOLE GRILLED TIGER PRAWNS                                     10.95
                                                     With saffron rice & spring onion chilli butter.
BEETROOT & APPLE RISOTTO                      3.95
With asparagus spears & shaved                       HERB CRUSTED LAMB CUTLETS                                      11.95
Parmesan (V).                                        With parsnip crisps, ratatouille veg,
                                                     seasoned new potatoes & rosemary jou

PRAWN COCKTAIL                                4.25   CUMBERLAND BEEF SAUSAGE                                        8.95
With lime Marie rose sauce & mixed salad.            With creamy chive mash and a red
                                                     onion gravy

CHICKEN SESAME SKEWERS                        4.25   BLACK PUDDING & CHORIZO SALAD                                  7.95
Accompanied by peanut satay sauce                    With a honey mustard dressing
& oriental salad
                                                     SMOKED DUCK                                                    6.95
                                                     With summer salad, topped with pistachio
PAN FRIED SCALLOPS                            5.25   nuts & olive oil dressing
With wild rocket chorizo sausage & herb oil
                                                     PENNE PASTA (v)                                                6.95
                                                     TOSSED IN BASIL PESTO
                                                     With black olives, broccoli, asparagus,
                                                     shaved parmesan and pine nuts

                                                     WILD MUSHROOM RISOTTO                                          6.95
                                                     In a parmesan & basil glaze with parmesan
                                                     wafer & asparagus

                                                     8oz SIRLOIN STEAK                                              11.95

                                                     8oz PRIME FILLET STEAK                                         14.95

                                                     10oz RIB EYE STEAK                                             11.95

                                                     With horseradish mash, Portobello mushroom
                                                     and tomato & port glaze

                                                     Café Port Reduction, Diane or Peppercorn                       1.50

                                                     TO FINISH
                                                     Please ask the waiting staff for a selection of
                                                     coffees and desserts

                                                     It is important to let us know if you have any allergies, as some
                                                     dishes may have other ingredients not listed on the menu
                                                     description. We are always happy to adapt any of our dishes to
                                                     suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to ask.
(We use only the finest Costa Coffee)
A traditional short, strong black coffee.
(The ultimate way to kick start your day)

Espresso Doppio
A double shot of espresso
(Double the Strength)

Espresso Ristretto
A very short espresso
(A shorter and stronger version of an espresso)

Espresso Macchiato
Espresso topped with a dash of hot or cold milk.

Espresso added to hot water to produce a
Regular black coffee

Espresso coffee topped with steamed and
Frothed milk, finished with a sprinkling of chocolate

Café Latte
Streamed milk added to and espresso

Espresso coffee mixed with chocolate syrup
Or powder, topped with steamed and frothed
Milk. Finished with a sprinkling of chocolate.
(The ultimate in coffee indulgence)

Iced Coffee
Espresso topped with ice-cold milk.
(Ideal for a hot summer day)

Hot Chocolate
Steamed milk and chocolate syrup or
Powder mixed together to produce a
Rich creamed experience.

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