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Programme Scientifique Préliminaire ce jour le 5 Juillet 2007


									Séminaire de Lattaquié- Syrie : 1-3 Novembre 2007
Seminar of Lattakia- Syria: 1-3 November 2007

             Scientific Program
             Note : the difference between Syria and GMT Time is 3 hours for now, and
             between Syria and France is one hour for now
             The same for the first of November

            Thursday the first of November :
     -   Opening Ceremony:10h-10.30
     Session 1: COPD
     Chairman : Dr.M.Zougaibi, Dr.A.Awad, DrA.Darweesh
     - 10h.45à 11h.5 :Docteur Jean Pierre Grignet : Managment of stable COPD (

     -   11h.5- 11h.30 : Dr. Ali Kocabas : Managment of BPCO in the East
         Mediterranéan – GOLD .

     -   11 h.30 à 11h.40 : Dr. Ali Benkheder, Rehabilitation

     11h.40 à 11h.50 : Discussion
     11h50- 12 cafe

     Second session: video-conference : Asthme 12- 13h.30
     Chairman : Dr.H. Radwan, Dr. P. Paggiaro ; Dr:K. Tabbah:
     - E R S : Difficult asthma in adults and children : Dr. M. Gaga, Dr. P. Chanez,
       Dr. B.Andriew
     - 13h.30-15h.30 Launch

  Session 3 : Asthma control in the practice : 15h.30 -17h
  Chair: Dr. Y. Mohammad, Dr. M. Ali Massalmeh ,Dr . K. Tabbah

     -   15h.30-16 h :Pr. Pierluigi Paggiarro : Chair of GINA mediterranean, Control
         based Guidelines of the Global Initiative for Asthma
     -   16hà 16h.20 :Dr . Aziz Koulailat : Pediatric asthma in lebanon- GRED
     -   16. 20- 16. 30 :Dr. Gazal Dib: Treating Acute asthma by pMDI via Spacer
         versus nebuliser in children at ASSAD University Hospital in Lattakia
     -   16h .30 à 16h40 Cochrane Review: Triamcinolone in Asthma-Damascus
     -   16h .40 à 17h discussion
   17hà 17.15 Café
17h. 45 à 18h.45 Session 4;respiratory infections
Modérateurs : Dr. Malek Hejjazieh, Dr. Nasser Daboul , Dr. G. Ghadban
   - 17.15 h- 17h.35 : Dr. Yves Rogeaux : Community aquired pneumonia-France
   - 17.35-17.45 :Dr. Mamoun Hakim
   Pneumona in children- Syria
   -17,45-17.55 Dr. Adib Mahmoud, foreign body
   -17h.55 – 18.25 Pogramme TB in Syria:
   Dr. Georges Assfine: Practical approach to lung health &Dr.Annas Naem
   :Country Coordinating Mecanisme – Global Funds

   -18h.25- 18-45 discussion

   -session 5;16h-18hNursing workshop : Chair Monica Fletcher, S.Ghazal
   & Mrs. M.Naman
   :peak flow , technique of inhalation, rôle of nursing in the team
   Post graduate medical students are encouraged to attend

   18h3019h. 30 reunion for UMPT
   18h.30-20h Reunion GINA

           Vendredi 2 Nov.:
    Session 6 : Cancer 9- 12
   chair,.E. Lemarie , Dr . S Kadi,Pr.Kadri H. Mustafa

   -9h-9.15Dr. Bassam Darwesh , Place of Mediastinoscop
   -Dr. Kamal –Kateb :9h15-9h.25: PETin the diagnosis of cancer

   -   9.25-9.45 Pr. N. Abbas : New in pulmonary cancer surgery
   -   9h.45-10h.15 Pr.Lemarié; Cemotherapy in end stage pulmonary cancer
   -   10h.15-10h25 Radiothérapie des cancers bronchiques: Dr.N. Zahlouk
   -   10h.25-10h.35 :targeted therapy in pulmonary cancer: Dr.Zahera Fahd
   -   10h.35- 10h.45: Dr.dr.Dairawan: molecular biology as predictorof response
       to therapy
   - 10h.45-11 Dr.Zouhair Shehabi: New in the classification of mesothelioma&
       Dr.Lina Haffar , preneoplastic lesions
   -11 à 11h 20 discussion
11.20- 12. Case presentation on cancer: Dr.Kadi, Dr. R.Abdullal,Dr.H.Douba,

   12 -14 h Dinner
15h à 16h30‫ا‬Oxygénotherapy:
Communications discussion : Moderateurs:Bishr Adib, pierre l'her, Dr.Man Haffar

   15h-15h.30 Pr. Pierre l’Her : Oxygénothérapy for les hospitals in developping
   countries .
   1 5h30 – 15. 45 Dr. Mousallem Sarah ADRS
   15h.45-16Marc Sapenne; Sleep Apnea
   16. -16.15 Personnal experience in oxygentherapy in Syria;

   Dr.M, Saleh , Dr. S.Mohammad; Dr. M. Rifai
   16.15-16h30 discussion

Session 6.Education and prevention 16h.45 à 18h15
Chair Dr.Adnan Dayoub, Dr.Massarani,jamal Aloush
       16h45 – 17.15 Mrs Monica Fletcher ;Education for respiratory diseases-
       Team Work
       17h.15- 17h30 Dr. Bassam Abou Dahab : Smoking in students of medicale
       sciences in Syria
   - 17.30 hà17h45 Dr .Fatmeh Yassine : Follow up for asthma control in Assad
   - 17h45- 17. 55 Dr. Fatmeh al-Dmeirawi:World Asthma day in Damascus
       Children Hospital
   - 17h.55-18h.15 discussion

      19h-20h General assembly for recommendations issued from the meeting

      Saturday 3 nov:
    9-11.30 Case presentation for medical students specializing in pulmonary; experts
             with students;
     Chair. Dr,Afif Awad&Dr. Dr. M.Khaer, Dr.Y.Mohammad, Dr.L'Her
    - Dr.M.Khaer : Exacerbation of COPD in ICU –Assad Hospital Lattakia
   - Mesothelioma Dr. Jaber Zahra
   - Pleural plaques: Dr.Ghadban
   - 2cases asthma: Hopital Assad- Hopital National – Lattakia
   - Mucovicidosis: Dr.M.Zoughaibi

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