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What is Read & Write GOLD for Mac?

Read & Write GOLD, award-winning literacy support software, gives an added boost to people who need support with
reading, writing and learning by making support tools available right at their fingertips.

Study Skills Tool

Read & Write Gold for Mac has very simple aids to help you with studying. It includes the Study Skills Tool for
assistance in identifying key information within a passage of text. Often when reading notes, books or journals we use
colored markers to highlight pieces of text that are of particular relevancy to the subject we are studying. With the
Study Skills in Read & Write Gold for Mac this same ability is brought to the computer. Using any of 4 different
highlight colors - Green, Magenta, Orange and Cyan - the Study Skills feature is used to highlight items such as key
vocabulary, main idea, and parts of speech.

                        Fig 1. Read & Write Gold for Mac Toolbar with Study Skills Tool

There are many preferences you can set within Read & Write Gold for Mac based on the needs of your student.

Homophone Support

People who struggle with reading and writing may find it difficult to determine which is the correct choice among group
of homophones. Read & Write Gold for Mac can help in choosing the right words with its Homophone Checker - a tool
that provides alternatives and descriptions of these words.

Commonly used word processors check the spelling of a word but offer little assistance in choosing among correctly
spelled homophones. Read & Write Gold for Mac will check documents for both spelling and homophones.

Directions to use homophone support: Click on the picture of the man to activate homophone support. Words will
appear in blue if they are recognized as a homophone.

                                                                    Fig 2. Read & Write Gold for Mac – Homophone

Word Prediction

Word Prediction is an intelligent tool that "learns" a user's style of writing and predicts word choices accordingly. It is
designed to increase accuracy while reducing the number of keystrokes that are required. It uses a phonetic prediction

Word Prediction offers support using both word completion (predicts completed words based on initial letters) and
word prediction (predicts the next word). In addition, auditory and visual reinforcement settings guide users to
appropriate word selections. The Word prediction feature of this all-inclusive educational software has proved itself
helpful in learning the correct spelling of words. If words are predicted on screen, you will always see your commonly
used words spelt correctly, which will help you to learn through positive auditory and visual reinforcement.

Word prediction has been proven to:

  * Improve spelling
  * Increase the variety of words used
  * Improve the correct use of word endings
  * Improve sentence structure

Directions to use word prediction: Click on the crystal ball to activate word prediction. See predictions on the right side
of the screen. Click on the word you want to use and then click on the yellow arrow to put it into your document.

                                                                                        Fig 3. Read & Write Gold for Mac
                                                                                        Word Prediction


Having access to a dictionary feature is essential in developing literacy and vocabulary skills as it gives the user
confidence to expand their vocabulary and develop their writing style. Read & Write Gold for Mac has a speaking
dictionary that is used to access word meanings, parts of speech and alternative word choices. The dictionary will
automatically provide all of the explanations for the given word, however we can also set the program to just list:
nouns; verbs; adjectives or adverbs.

Directions to use the dictionary: Click/highlight the word you want to look up. Click the picture of the dictionary on the

                                                                             Fig 4. Read & Write Gold for Mac Dictionary

Safari Reader

Read & Write Gold for Mac has a companion application, Safari Reader that provides speech output synchronized with
dual text highlighting in Safari browser. This combination of settings is particularly valuable to users with literacy
difficulties seeking online information as it supports increased reading comprehension. This means you can have web
pages read out to you allowing the mass of information held on the Internet. This is of particular value to users with
literacy difficulties when accessing information online, aiding the user's concentration and comprehension. The Internet
has become one of the most popular channels for completing tasks such as recruitment, communications and
research. Given this level of importance in daily life, it is vital that people of all abilities have access to and support in
understanding the wealth of online information.

Directions to use Safari Reader: Open Safari web browser. Open Read & Write Gold. Go to the Toolbar and click on
Tools and go down to Safari Reader. Make Safari Reader active by clicking on the single yellow arrow. Open a website
that you want to read. Highlight and click on what you want read. It will highlight the words as it is read to you.

                                   Fig 5. Read & Write Gold for Mac Safari Reader

Daisy Reader

The Daisy Book Reader is a tool for reading aloud computer-based Daisy Books. It is particularly useful for people with
visual impairments or those who struggle with reading long passages of text. Daisy Reader makes it is possible to
adjust the "read back" settings (by word, sentence, or paragraph) of books, allowing for greater customization suited to
a reader's needs. Additional customization features include setting bookmarks, color highlighting, and speech output

                                                                                       Fig 6. Read & Write Gold for Mac
                                                                                       Daisy Reader


Even in this electronic age so much information is still paper based, whether it is a letter, magazine or book. Accessing
such text can be extremely difficult for those with reading difficulties. This can require a lot of time and effort and
indeed many have to call on help from others to read what can be private material. A tremendous amount of
information remains bound to paper format. Accessing such text can be difficult for those who struggle with reading
and writing. Read & Write Gold for Mac offers a scanning feature whereby paper-based text is converted to digital

Read & Write Gold for Mac provides scanning whereby this text is imported into the computer where the other support
features of the software can be used such as having it read or using the dictionary. Read & Write Gold for Mac uses
the Iris Scan Version 9.1 engine for converting text to PDF, RTF or HTML. Once the scan is complete, the document
becomes accessible through the numerous reading and writing features of Read & Write Gold for Mac.

                                 Fig 7. Read & Write Gold for Mac Scanning Menu

Speech Maker

Listening to text does not have to limited to your computer. Read & Write Gold for Mac has the ability to convert text to
an audio file via its Speech Maker tool. The audio files can be stored to and accessed from mobile devices such as
MP3 players and iPods (MP3 or AIFF formats). Speech Maker is a useful tool for tasks such as making an audio book
of revision notes, reviewing current events from the web, or listening to journal or magazine articles.

Directions to use Speech Maker: Decide on topic to learn about. Go to the Internet (or other electronic source) and
copy the information you want to listen to. Then paste it in Read & Write Gold. Go to Tools, then to Speech Maker,
then click Convert. Read & Write Gold will change your text to an MP3 file (iTunes). You can then download it to an
MP3 player or iPod.

                                 Fig 8: Read & Write Gold for Mac Speech Maker

Fact Finder

The Internet is a fantastic source for carrying out research, as there is a wealth of information ready to be accessed at
any time. To make finding the information easier and faster, Read & Write Gold for Mac has a Fact Finder. It can be
used to provide information on any given subject.

As opposed to using a standard search engine, the Fact Finder is a quicker method for finding information on a chosen
topic. It can be used to search for information on any given subject. Internet searches through portals such as Yahoo
or Google can be executed from directly from within a document, making it easier and more efficient to search for
information. Read & Write Gold for Mac has a choice of websites to search through, making the Fact Finder an even
simpler way of gathering information on a given subject.

Directions to use Fact Finder: Type information into Read & Write Gold that you want to learn about. Highlight one of
the words that you want to learn more about. Go to Tools, click on Fact Finder, click on Search and then the Internet
will search for that specific word or information.


Read & Write Gold for Mac includes a companion file, PDFaloud. The PDFaloud toolbar launches within Adobe
Acrobat or Acrobat Reader files and speech-enables PDF content (provided the file's security settings allow for text
copying). PDFaloud merges with the Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader toolbars discreetly and simply and allows
users with literacy difficulties to comprehend the information by transferring the text to an audio format. The toolbar
also provides options for controlling voice output settings, using a dictionary and calculator, searching the Internet.

PDFaloud is the tool of choice for speech-enabling PDF files. PDFaloud enables users to listen to any PDF file on any
computer or network, provided the file's security settings allow for text copying. The talk back feature of the PDFaloud
system has been demonstrated to increase reading and comprehension capabilities for all those who suffer from
learning difficulties by combining the written word with speech. This is of particular assistance to those people suffering
from disabilities such as dyslexia PDFaloud also enables students to take tests and sit exams online with the aid of
speech feedback. Government, education and organizations to make documents available on the Internet are
increasingly using PDF documents. By providing PDFaloud these documents are accessible to those with reading

Text Transfer

Read & Write Gold for Mac works with mainstream applications such as Word and TextEdit. Text can be transferred to
the Read & Write Gold for Mac and can then be edited and use all the other features, such as using the spell checking,
the dictionary and having it read. Once users have completed checking the text you can then click on the 'Return text
to source' button. By being able to be used with the main applications Read & Write Gold for Mac promotes inclusive
education as those with Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia can be using the same applications as their peers but
receive the additional support that they require.

Directions to use Text Transfer: Copy document from another application (Word for example), paste it into Read &
Write Gold, then go to Edit, Return Text to Source. It will then take the information you edited and put it back into the
original word processor.

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