BARN RULES
1. When driving in and out of property CRAWL, there is a blind spot and there are
    children/dogs/horses at play.
2. Only park in the designated barn parking areas, do not block garages or apartment parking.
3. NO SMOKING on the property, if you must smoke you must go out to the road and bring your
    own container to dispose of your butts in, do not leave them on the ground.
4. Barn hours are 6:30 AM to 8:00PM Sunday thru Saturday.
5. All lights/electronics are to be turned off when you are out riding or not in the barn.
6. Helmets must be worn at all times when mounted, no exceptions.
7. Appropriate shoes with heel required to ride.
8. All riders must sign a waiver of liability form.
9. When the arena is dry, turn on the arena sprinklers before riding for approx. 10 minutes or so, one
    side at a time.
10. Arena rules are a) lessons/trainers take precedence. No one to ride during another persons lesson
    unless permission from trainer is granted. b) if someone is riding in the ring ask them when they
    will be finished, try not to interfere w/their riding time unless they give you permission to come
    in and ride with them.
11. No horses to be turned out in the arena.
12. The jump field is off limits when it is wet. There are some times when it is weeks or even months
    that it is closed. Ask management if you have a question whether it is open for riding or not.
13. Everyone who jumps helps take jumps down for storage in the fall and put them back out in the
14. Leave the jump field as you found it, if you see a jump blown down or knock one down be
    courteous and put it back up. Be VERY careful not to lose jump cups or pins in the field. If you
    break a jump you are responsible for replacing it or compensation for damages.
15. Minors must have an adult present to ride.
16. Children must be closely monitored and may not enter the arena, stalls or paddocks. They must
    be accompanied by a parent/guardian while on the property.
17. Do not touch or feed any horses but your own (or those you are responsible for).
18. Do not grain your horses in a field with other horses. Hold them in an area away from the
    paddock or stall them to grain them.
19. Only lead one horse at a time.
20. No halters to be left on horses in the fields or in the stalls unless there is a specific reason
    approved by management.
21. All gates closed at all times regardless of whether paddock/arena is empty.
22. Do not tie horses to the fence at any time.
23. No trail riding without a trail buddy, and it is encouraged to bring a cell phone in case of an
    emergency. NO RACING OR GALLOPING THROUGH THE TRAILS. The trails are private
    property, and we do not want to lose our riding privileges. Ride only on the trail areas. No divots
    or “piles” left on yards please.
24. As of January 1, 2008 it will be mandatory to be a member of the Willowbrook Trail Association
    if you want to ride on the trails ($25 adult/$15 minors/$50 family).
25. No jumping without a trainer present and supervising.
26. No dogs.
27. All belongings should be packed up after use/before leaving. Note that Dora/Diego/Barbara may
    pick up and take items left out, so beware!
28. Please keep your barn areas neat and swept, cobweb stalls etc.
29. Keep tack room door closed at all times to keep out flies and dust. Keep tack room clean.
30. Respect the belongings of others. Do not use others’ items without asking, and put everything
    back, cleaned, in its correct place.
31. Only bathe horses in the designated areas.
32. Only graze your horse in the designated areas, if he makes a mess/poops anywhere on the
    property, driveway, ring, fields, paddocks, etc. you are responsible for cleaning it up.
33. If your horse loses a shoe in the field you must try to find it, another horse could injure himself
    stepping on it.
34. Use only your designated hay/shavings/grain/stall cleaning implements etc.
35. Turn off water and roll up hose when finished using.
36. In winter keep hoses warm by putting them in tack room in small barn and in the hose closet in
    the large barn.
37. Paper garbage should be put in the incinerator. Do not burn w/o being present until fire is
    extinguished. All other garbage can be put in the cans located in the barns. Do not leave food
    garbage in uncovered cans, or within reach of the dogs.
38. No riding others’ horses without permission of the owner.
39. Do not leave dirty/used saddle pads lying around. They should be put in the laundry area when
    they need cleaning.
40. Horse boarding/stall rental entitles you to access to the barn related facilities only.
41. For safety and liability reasons access to the pond and the pool is regrettably not allowed.
42. This stable is a private residence, so please keep this in mind when using the barn facilities.

                   ****Rules subject to changes/additions with out notice****

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