Armed Robbery A Personal Experience _Bruce Young_ by Levone


									             Cell Phone Technology to
               Trace Violent Criminals
     Bruce Young Rosebank CPF
     Linkage Diagram 7 July - 20 October 2003                                                       12 Calls

                                       Suspect 2                                             186 Calls
                                                                12 Calls
                                                 351 Calls                                   91 Calls

     Suspect 1            21 Calls     Sox                            Suspect 5     1 Call          Duduzile Ncqobo
      0721100250                        0722051327                    0721431894                        0723364454

               95 Calls                          2 Calls
     75 Calls
     Suspect 8                         Suspect 3                                    545 Calls       Suspect 7
      0733083717                        0725752149                                                   0726905036
                                                                        169 Calls
134 Calls                                                    1 Call                                                   14 Calls
                        68 Calls
     Nsqwekosi Mbatla                135 Calls
      0733194662                                                                                    Evans Khumalo
                                       Remigius Baloyi                  244 Calls                     825088623
  Topics to be Discussed                                                   The IMEI number and handset tracing

                                                                           Call Records kept by cell phone providers
                                      What is technically possible?        Handset Profiles

                                                                           More advanced Vodacom's Look4me
                                                                           Analysis of the Data

                                                                   Level of Understanding & Training
                                                  The Police       Police Administrative Requirements
                                                                   Police Capability to Analyse the Data

                                                                                                       Commercial Implications
                                                                   Cell Phone Providers                Approach to the Law
Cell Phone Technology to Trace Violent Criminals                                                       Risk Approach
                    2004/11/06 - v3

                                                                  The National Prosecuting                 Lack of clear guiding principles for issuing
                                                                  Authority (NPA)                          court orders
                                                                                                           Level of Understanding & Training

                                                                               Victim Support
                                        Community Policing Forums
                                                                               Training Required

                                                            Section 205 of the Criminal Procedure Act
                                                            The Promotion of Access to Information Act
                                              The Law       Constitutional Right to Privacy
                                                            Interception and Monitoring Act to be
    What is Technically Possible
   Every handset has a unique 15 digit IMEI number (serial
   Accessible by typing *#06# on a GSM Phone
   Cell phone providers record detailed call records of all
    phone calls made (60-80 million per day)
   Call records kept for 6 months (to change to 5 years)
   If your cell phone is stolen and you don’t know the IMEI
    the cell phone provider can tell you what it is.
   Provided the IMEI is not changed the handset can be
    traced and the new number(s) established
       What is technically possible (2)
Profile                                                                                        Basis
                                                                                         Successful   Unsuccessful
  MSISDN            IMEI               IMSI         Start Date           End Date                                    SP Code Handset Model
                                                                                             Calls       Calls
27828544454   350984205611870    655018500169770   2002/12/19 15:53   2003/07/28 12:16   4            0              SP850   Nokia 6310i
27828544454   3509842056118701   655018500169770   2002/10/28 07:43   2003/09/20 13:50   3889         64             SP850   Nokia 6310i
27727091544   3509842056118701   655017010071552   2003/09/22 01:51   2003/09/22 02:22   3            0              PPSMA   Nokia 6310i
27726444441   3509842056118701   655016410044153   2003/09/22 05:16   2003/10/14 01:15   334          1              PPSMA   Nokia 6310i
27727153959   3509842056118701   655017110008048   2003/10/02 18:48   2003/10/06 09:30   4            0              PPSMA   Nokia 6310i
27825142256   3509842056118701   655015100174103   2003/10/06 13:33   2003/10/06 13:33   1            0              PPSMA   Nokia 6310i

     Phone                  IMEI               Simcard                   Usage                    No of Calls
     Number                Number              Number                    Dates                      Made

Call                                                                                                         Phone
                                  Calls Made During
Records                                Robbery
  MSISDN                  IMEI                   Call Date     Duration    Other Party                              Cell ID
27727153959        3506952050670503           2003/09/21 23:12       63 826508660                            11262-Mapetla-2
27727153959        3506952050670503           2003/09/22 00:50       18 826508660                            11262-Mapetla-2
27727153959        3506952050670503           2003/09/22 00:53       29 826508660                            11263-Mapetla-3
27727153959        3506952050670503           2003/09/22 00:56       13 826508660                            11262-Mapetla-2
       What is technically possible
                Suspect 1 Linked to All 3                             Suspect 2 Linked to 2
                      Robberies                                           Robberies

IMEI Analysis   Suspect 1          Begin             End                Suspect 2        Begin        End
                350695205067050     2003/09/17 08:18   2003/09/17 08:18 350990102860720 2003/11/15       2003/12/15
                3506952050670503    2003/09/14 00:20   2003/10/17 16:32 449209913430270    2003/10/23       2003/10/23
                3506952084840903    2003/10/29 23:35   2003/11/12 06:04 490548307121030    2003/10/17       2003/10/17
                3507781030546810    2003/10/24 18:17   2003/10/30 10:40 490526708556320    2003/09/19       2003/09/28
                3509842056118701    2003/10/02 18:48   2003/10/06 09:30 490535613015510    2003/08/09       2003/08/20
                3511132038765014    14-12-03 16:48     15-12-03 19:49    448903107949560   2003/08/20       2003/08/20
                4486745746018201    19-11-03 08:54     19-11-03 20:11
                4493337017364118    2003/10/31 21:55   2003/11/04 12:01
                5200035104764200    2003/10/12 11:12   2003/11/12 06:59

Victim 1         350695205067050   Case 1
Victim 2        3509901028607210   Case 1
Victim 3         490526708556320   Case 2
Victim 4        5200035104764200   Case 2
Victim 5        3509842056118701   Case 3
Victim 6         350697109355570   Case 2

   IMEI No’s of Stolen Phones From 3
      Separate Armed Robberies
 What is technically possible
 (4) -
0828544454 was in the vicinity of COEN STEYTLER AVE, CAPE TOWN CBD,
(cell Foreshore), CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, within the last 10min.
Accuracy 300m. 09/11/2004 09:35.
                                       New Vodacom technology which
                                       (theoretically) can be used to locate a
                                       number or a handset via handset
                                        Location can be traced on a real-
                                        time basis on the internet provided
                                        the handset is on.
                                        Accuracy depends on cell phone
                                        mast density and so is less accurate
                                        in rural areas
                                        Owing to its recent introduction this
                                        has not been used much by the
                                        police yet
    The Police
   Cell Phone Technology is Used By the Police
    (Serious & Violent Crime) But …

        Only used in a small number of high profile cases
        Many armed robberies and murders could be
         solved by this technology but are not
        Bureaucratic procedures to pay cell phone
         providers and with the NPA can cause long delays
         causing trails
        Level of training and understanding in the police
         can be improved
     Cell Phone Providers
   Provision of information to the police relating to criminal incidents creates
    a significant administrative burden for cell phone providers (800
    requests per month for Voacom)
   Many of these requests stipulate information to be provided on multiple
    numbers and significant work is required to comply with this.
   Historically Vodacom had much more freely provided information to the
    Police but the workload had significantly increased and there were
    numerous cases of abuse where records were obtained under false
   For these reasons cell phone providers had instituted procedures with
    the police involving using section 205 of the criminal procedure act which
    requires the co-operation of the NPA
   Cell phone providers agree that the current process is very inefficient
    and involves the physical delivery of documents and a long paper trail
    which can cause delays up to 6 months.
   Cell phone providers are commited to providing assistance and are
    investigating alternative legal mechanisms and procedures to assist
The National Prosecuting
Authority (NPA)
   If cell phone information is requested via a section
    205 court order this needs to be signed by a
    prosecutor from the NPA
   NPA Prosecutors arbitrarily refuse to sign 205’s
   No clear guidelines are available to the CPF forum
    on what the NPA guidelines are
   After pressure was applied to NPA they apparently
    instituted guidelines but they are secret
   Problems persist
 The National
 Prosecuting Authority
 (NPA) – A case study

•In this particular case prosecutors
refused to sign 205’s relating to cell
phones stolen in armed robberies
•Head of NPA acknowledges
•Police officers often struggle to get
205’s signed and give up
Community Policing Forums
       Advice to Victims in the Rosebank
    PolicePrecinct is done as part of victim
       To Achieve Results it is Often Necessary
    for Victims to Become Personally Involved
       More Pressure is Still Required from the
    The Law
   Four Areas of Law Relevant to This:
         Section 205 of the Criminal Procedure Act dealing with the issuing of
          court orders to compel the furnishing of information relevant to a
          criminal investigation
         The Promotion of Access to Information Act potentially allows the
          victim to compel the service provider to provide information relating to
          a stolen handset. (No NPA involvement required)
         Constitutional right to privacy in chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights
         Interception and Monitoring Act that is about to be promulgated
   There is a lack of consensus and understanding
    among the role players regarding what the legal
    requirements really are
         The law is not clear
         Cell phone providers are seeking expert legal opinion with a view to
          simplifying procedures and issuing clear guidelines concerning when
          205’s can be issued and when not
Next Step is a Workshop Involving:
                     Organisation &
                     Affiliation          Attendance at Workshop
Bradley Smith        Vodacom              Confirmed will attend
Deirdre Penfold      Johannesburg Area CPFConfirmed will attend
Bruce Young          Rosebank CPF         Confirmed will attend
Pieter Bouwer        Facilitator          Confirmed will attend
Director Johnson     Police, JHB Area     Confirmed will attend

Commissioner Reddy Police                    Confirmed will attend
                   NPA Chief Prosecutor
Arno van Wyk       JHB                       Declined
                   NPA Chief Prosecutor
Johan Cronje       East Rand                 Confirmed will attend
                   NPA Chief Prosecutor
Lampies Lamprecht  West Rand                 No Reply
Director van Graan Police, Legal Services    Confirmed will attend
Abdul Mia          Cell C                    To be contacted
Christopher Dobson MTN                       Confirmed will attend
Hilda du Plessis   MTN                       Confirmed will attend
                   former Vice Chair &
Navin Bachu        PRO of Midrand CPF        Confirmed will attend

Senior Superintendent Police, Crime
Willem du Plooy       Intelligence           Confirmed will attend
                      Police, Commissioner
Director Nyanda       Selebi's Office        Confirmed will attend
                      Johannesburg Metro
Director Masoek       Police                 Confirmed will attend

Graham Wright        Business Against Crime Considering attending
Mark Hankel
Rob Cells            Engineering Informatics Confirmed will attend

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