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					            Alternative Spring Break Participant Application
Thank you for your interest in the School of Information’s Alternative Spring Break 2006! This 8th
year of ASB promises to be as exciting and rewarding as ever, and we’re glad you’re considering
spending your Spring Break week working in service to nonprofit organizations.
Before you fill out the Application Form (pg. 2) and Personal Information Form (pg. 3), please
review the following information. If you have any questions, please contact the ASB Coordinating
Team – Submit completed applications to Jessica Lehr – and
Judy Lawson –

ASB Mission
The mission of the Alternative Spring Break Program is to place interested and motivated graduate
students, during the week of Spring Break, in professional work environments where they can:
     gain practical job experience and learn new skills
     develop leadership skills as information professionals
     provide a service to an organization, institution or community
     create professional partnerships
     pursue their fields of interest
Students receive no course credit for this experience, though many find the work experience and
networking opportunities very valuable, with some continuing their work in summer internships. The
School of Information Development and Alumni Relations Office and ASB Student Fundraising
Committee secure funding to support participants’ transportation and lodging expenses.

ASB Participant Commitments
Each ASB participant agrees to:
    Attend a mandatory ASB meeting prior to the trip.
    Work all five days of Spring Break week, approximately 40 hours.
    Represent the ASB Program, the School of Information and the University of Michigan by
      acting responsibly, respectfully and professionally in all places, with all people, at all times.
    Contact the ASB host city coordinator with regard to work-related problems and concerns.
    Complete a post-ASB Evaluation Report.

ASB 2006 Specifics (
Costs: Expenses for transportation to and lodging in the host cities are funded through SI. There will
be a $25 contribution for those placed in New York City and Washington, D.C. Participants are
responsible for food, local transportation, sight-seeing and all other costs, with the exception of
students going to Jackson, MS. Because of grant funding, these students have the option of not paying
the $25 contribution, and SI expects to give them a small stipend towards food costs.
Host Cities: Jackson, MS, New York City, and Washington, D.C.
Travel: University and rental cars/vans, 5-7 people per vehicle. (Est. driving times: Jackson-14.5hrs
with funded overnight stays in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY. NY–10.5 hrs. DC–9 hrs.)
Lodging: We will stay in rooms in select hotels/hostels. Many of the rooms have telephones and some
have refrigerators but no cooking facilities are available.
Organizations/Projects: Consult ASB 2006 website at for

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                                 ASB Application Form
1. Name:                                             2. Email:
3. Cell phone: (if any, at which you can be reached during ASB)
4. SI specialization and place in program (e.g. 3rd semester LIS student or 5th-year part-time IEMP).

5. Please rank your top five ASB 2005 organizations/projects in order of preference. You can choose
organizations/projects from any city. Consult projects at These are
organized by city and then by organization. The projects for each organization are numbered. Please
use the format: Organization, Project # (example: NARA, Project 3). We request that you include at
least two organizations in your preference list.

6. Please write a brief statement of motivation, indicating why you want to participate in ASB. This
may include, for example, why you chose the projects above or what you hope to gain from this
experience. (Space is limited to about 150 words or 6-8 sentences.)

7. Please indicate below if you do not plan to use the free car pool transportation to and from your
ASB site, or if you will be arranging your own lodging in the ASB cities. Please be specific. (e.g. “I
will be staying with my sister in the DC area for the week. The address/phone number is…”). Note: if
you are arranging your own lodging in either NYC or DC, the $25 contribution will be waived.

8. Please notify us of any limitations or concerns you have about participating in ASB. (e.g. “I don’t
have a driver’s license, so I can’t drive.”)

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                          ASB Personal Information Form

 This form must be filled out by all participants and be on file in the Alternative Spring Break Office
 (PEP Office) prior to participation in the Alternative Spring Break Program.

              This information will be shared with no entity outside of the ASB program.

 Personal Contact Information

 Participant Name:

 UM ID Number:

 Local Address:

 Local Phone Number:                                   Cell Phone Number: (if any)

 Emergency Contact Information

 Name to Contact in Case of Emergency:                            Relationship:

 Phone Number of Emergency Contact:

 Please fill out this form and submit it as part of your ASB Application.

Save this completed document as lastname_ASB2006App, including the Application
 Form and the Personal Information Form, and send it along with your Résumé to
         and by

                            11:59pm Saturday, February 11, 2006.

We will notify ASB participants of their acceptance and assigned project by Friday, February 17,
2006. Once students have been matched to projects, we will send the relevant résumés to the host

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