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Draft - CARPS Business Case Template by gigi12


									                     Draft - CARPS – Business Case Template
1.0 Project Title

Purchase and implementation of the CARPS Task Management System for Porterage.

2.0 Project Definition

Purchase and implement the Carps Task Management System, from In Control Pty Ltd, to
improve the level of service, efficiency and management of the porterage operations at
Nambour Hospital.

2.1 Problems Being Addressed

Determining the workloads, efficiency and staffing levels of the porterage service.

2.2 Objectives

        Determine demand for porterage services.
        Determine appropriate staff levels to ensure adequate staff are available to meet
         varying workloads throughout the day / week.
        Determine the quantity, type and time taken for all porterage tasks.
        Reduce the time taken for nursing staff to request and monitor tasks.
        Allocate tasks to appropriately qualified staff.
        Prepare and implement rosters to ensure adequate staff are available to meet
         varying workloads.
        Improve porterage communications.
        Provide reports on the operational performance of the porterage service.
        Improve and monitor the level of service to other departments and patients.
        Provide service level agreements to other departments within the Hospital.

2.3 Outcomes

          Easy and efficient method of requesting, issuing and monitoring tasks.
          Improved response times.
          Comprehensive suite of reports to enable improved management.
          Staff levels can be adjusted to meet varying workloads.
          Improved staff efficiency and morale.
          Reduction in the number of complaints received from other departments and

2.4 Scope

   The CARPS System would comprise the following components: -

        Software –
            CARPS Database Manager, which is installed on the Controllers PC.
            CARPS Controller, which is installed on the Controllers PC. This software
            is used by the CARPS Controller to allocate and monitor tasks.

              Logger module, which is installed on selected PC’s on Wards throughout
              the hospital.

              Note: The current software CARPS V5 is undergoing an upgrade to V6. This
              upgrade will be made available free of charge subject to the purchase of V5.
               The upgrade will allow alpha numeric messages to be sent to the LCD
               screen on porters 2 way radios. This will further increase the efficiency of
               the CARPS System. Further upgrades are planned.

       Hardware –

               CARPS Controller computer, which will be required for the Controller and
               database manager software. This computer will also be connected to the
               hospital LAN.

               Fifteen (15) Kenwood TK3140e 2 way radios which will be used by the
               porterage staff to receive and accept tasks from the Carps Controller. The
               radios can also be used to initiate Emergency calls and for communication
               with the Controller and other staff if required.

               Buttons are provided on the radios to allow the following status:-
                       Available (Available to carry out tasks)
                       On Route (On route to the allocated task)
                       On Job (Currently carrying out allocated task)
                       Emergency (To be used to advise the Controller of an Emergency)
               It is envisaged that these radios would be interfaced with the existing 2 way
               radio equipment including the repeater to ensure total site coverage.

               Radio Base Station which would be installed in the Carps Control Room
               and used by the Controller to communicate with staff to allocate tasks etc.

               Training is to be provided by In Control. In order to implement the Carps
               System, to ensure it is used correctly and to its full potential it will be
               necessary to train nursing, operatives and controller staff in the correct use
               of the relevant components.

               All training is included in the purchase price of the system.

Business Case

3.1 Resources
       Funds to purchase the Carps System, including software, hardware, initial 12
         months support and staff training. Total Purchase Price : - $xxx,xxx (plus
       As the porterage department does not have a existing PC that can be used to
         run Carps The IT Department has quoted $xxx,xxx for this equipment.
       It is envisaged that no additional staff will be required to implement or operate
         the Carps System. Current selected staff would be trained as controllers and
         existing porters would be trained in the correct use of the 2 way radios. Current
         nursing staff would also be trained to enter tasks into the Carps System.
       It will however be necessary to appoint a Carps project manager to oversee the
         purchase, and implementation. It will be necessary to liaise with In Control Pty
         Ltd to develop an installation, training and implementation program. This would
         be a part time role only.

3.2 Benefits

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The anticipated benefits are listed below in relevant groups. The benefits listed below are
those that have been achieved by other hospitals in Australia and the United Kingdom, a
total of seventeen (17) hospitals currently have the Carps System installed.

a. Nursing Benefits

       Time saved by inputting tasks into the Carps System via a networked computer.
        No need to make telephone calls.
       Tasks can be entered as soon as they are known. Tasks can be pre-booked to
        suit doctor’s appointments, surgery etc.
       The progress of a booked task can be followed on the Logger computer to
        assess when the task will be done. No need to make telephone calls to check
        on progress.
       All tasks are entered into the Logger program [including patient details] therefore
        there is less likelihood of misinterpretation of task and less queries regarding
        patient names and equipment required etc.
       Tasks can be easily changed, updated or cancelled via the Logger screen.
       Ability to obtain reports / data on tasks.

b. Porterage Benefits

       Providing 2 way radios allows porterage staff to feel important and professional.
       Workloads are distributed evenly.
       Workloads can be determined allowing appropriate staff to be available to meet
        varying workloads.
       Staff do not have to return to the porterage control room and wait to receive the
        next task.
       Staff are protected from complaints as they do only tasks assigned by the
       An Emergency button is included on the 2 way radio in the event of personal
        attack etc.
       Staff undertake only one task at a time which is allocated to them by the
       Porterage Staff receive a greater variety of tasks.
       Improved communications between staff.
       Reduced complaints as the task details are entered by nursing staff and Carps
        records all the task details including time and date stamping.

c. Patients Benefits
       Tasks can be carried out quicker.
       Patients will be looked after by competent staff.
       Less confusion about the task details as nursing staff provide all the task details.
       Patients can be kept informed, about any delays, by nursing staff checking the
          task progress on the Logger screen.
       The Emergency button on the 2 way radios can be used if the patient has any
          adverse effects.
       Patients are delivered on time for appointments.

d. Hospital Benefits
      Considerable savings would be envisaged due to efficiency increases and these
         savings could be used to improve patient care. Other Hospitals using Carps
         have reported savings up to several million dollars p.a.
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       Patients are delivered on time for appointments therefore improving the
        efficiency of other Hospital departments.
       As tasks can be managed and controlled professionally the risks associated with
        these activities will be reduced.
       Queries regarding tasks can be addressed very quickly.
       Rostering becomes easier as Carps reports show data required to ensure staff
        are rostered on as required to meet expected workloads.
       Carps provides a comprehensive suite of reports to allow management to
        provide accurate and relevant reports.

3.3 Risks / Barriers
        Funding
        Unions – Stress the benefits to their members
        Implementing change – Training and involvement
        Staff Objections – Training and involvement
        Management attitudes – Address all concerns and highlight benefits.

4.0 Project Plans
       An overview of how the project will be managed.

4.1 Strategies / Activities
       1. Information sessions to all levels of staff.
       2. Issue purchase order to In Control Pty Ltd for CARPS software including
          database manager, controller and logger licences, hardware, training and
       3. Purchase Radio equiment.
       4. Staff training including: - Loggers (Nursing Staff)
                                    - Operatives (Porterage Staff)
                                    - Controllers
                                    - Support (IT Department)
       5. Install and set up Controller computer and database.
       6. Install Logger software on Network computers.
       7. Test and commission Carps System.
       8. Go operational – Tasks are not accepted unless entered on the Carps System.

      Attached is a typical installation programming showing timelines for each phase of
      the installation. GREENSLOPES.

4.2 People
      Who is responsible and accountable, for what?

         Purchase approval
         Purchase
         Appointment of controllers
         Training
         Installation of hardware
         Installation of software
         Test & Commission
         Commence system operation
         Approve for payment
         Operate and manage CARPS System

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           Key stakeholders and their roles

          Nursing Staff
          Corporate Services Staff
          Relevant Hospital Departments
          Hospital Management

           The beneficiaries

          Nursing Staff
          Corporate Services Staff
          Hospital Departments
          Management
          Patients
          Nambour Hospital

           The expected staff impacts.

        ?

4.3 Consultation

          Nursing Staff
          Unions
          Hospital Departments
          Senior Management
          Corporate Services Staff

4.4 Communication

        Information sessions to management and staff prior to system purchase.
        Discussions and negotiations with the Union prior to system purchase.

4.5 Training

       Refer to the attached sample training program which will be carried out in
       conjunction with In Control Pty Ltd.

4.6 Related Projects

       Security, Requesting tasks, Rostering.

4.7 Critical success factors

          Staff Training
          Union co-operation
          Staff commitment
          Communication

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4.8 Policy / legislative issues

4.9 Quality assurance

4.10 Evaluation

        KPI’s

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