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Key Business Needs
Business case drivers, product definition documentation, legal/regulatory, and other stated
requirements or needs that must be met by the final solution are described as Key Business Needs.
They should be defined as much as possible for further exploration during detailed requirements
definition. These Key Business needs will define the core application functionality.
Business Need Summary Table
 #     Need                     P     Concerns                  Current Solution         Proposed Solution
 n     Workflow-based           H     Need to ensure the        There is no system       Use workflow ‘wizards’
       processing to provide          quality and               managed workflow         that launch when key
       decision prompts, date         completeness of           processing or built-in   dates or decisions are
       reminders, and other           required documentation.   QA.                      activated stepping user
       automated triggering,                                                             through the business
       tailored based on                                                                 management process.
       situation, user, etc

Desired Features
Interviews, requirements gathering, and research have identified the following high-level Desired
Features. These features will be matched to Business Needs, refined, expanded, prioritized, and/or
modified during the requirements gathering process, and updated prior to final release as part of the
sizing effort.

Features Summary Table
 #    Feature                          P    Usability Concerns
 n    The [APPLICATION] workflow       H    A workflow-based system will support QA and ease of use
      manager shall use wizard-like         requirements, but must be flexible to allow the user accountable to
      prompts that are date and/or          make judgment decisions within a framework about the completion of
      decision activated.                   the work.

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 #     Feature                                P    Usability Concerns
 n.a   The [APPLICATION] shall                H    As other departments and individuals are involved the business process
       provide an Assignment feature to            management, the handoff must be tracked and within certain defined
       allow electronic notification and           guidelines, such as times to respond, standard expectations, and
       tracking of cross-department                responsibility to complete the requested work must be communicated.
       assignments and responsibilities
       during the execution of the
       workflow activities.
 n.b   The [APPLICATION] shall                M    Scheduling and notification of workflow upcoming workflow activities
       include a Scheduling feature that           should be date range based (what is due in the next 30 days) as well as
       will both calculate key processing          vendor based (what are all the pending activities and dates for vendor
       events and allow a user defined             XYZ).
       date to provide a means to notify
       role-based users of the required
       event activity.

Critical Success Factors
                                            Key Success Indicator (if              Action Steps to Assure
 Critical Success Factor
                                            applicable)                            Success
 To have standardized the workflow           Function called Work Flow             Complete Project Definition
 processing to the approved tools and          Manager.                               Document, work plan, and
 systems within the                          Audit log with time/date stamp          integration business requirements.
 [APPLICATION].                                and user information by event.       Client Acceptance process.
                                             Updateable business rules
                                               governing approval routing.

Key Assumptions
 Assumption                                                 Description

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