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									   Persuade People To Become A Rumour Monger!

So…. Spreading rumours huh? What a great thing to do – What a great
use of time – What a great way to get a lot of glory and attention – What
a great way to make someone’s life hell – What a great way to make
someone get bullied – Or worse! All these reasons sound fantastic don’t
they? So why don’t you try it? Read on to find out more!

                            Why it’s so great!

So…. Spreading rumours is great. 9 times out of 10 it’s making someone
else suffer in many ways, but making you feel great about yourself. Don’t
you agree? If you spread a rumour about someone, depending on how
good the rumour is, it could make someone embarrassed, hurt, lose their
friends, cry day and night, become depressed, feel hated, unwanted, get
bullied or get physically hurt and if the rumour was truly successful they
might even commit suicide! Who knows what could happen to them? As
this is going on though, you get to sit back and watch and feel great about
yourself for being the inventor of the rumour. Who cares what you’re
putting them through? They probably won’t care. Even if they do then
tough luck as there’s nothing that they can do about it, if they aren’t
100% certain who started the rumour. So if you are really careful what
you say and plan it beforehand then it will never backfire on you! Don’t
worry if it goes wrong the first time you try it though, as practise makes
perfect! So basically the more you make someone suffer, the better you’ll
feel about yourself, and it could even be making you a better person
inside!!! Who knows? So give it a go but read on if you want more
information on how to make your rumour perfect!!!

                The Perfect Rumour and who to do it to!

So…. If you’re thinking about becoming a rumour monger you have to
make it perfect and little things like choosing the perfect rumour and
selecting the best person to do it to make this a success. You following?
So first of all, all you have to do is look out for the best person possible,
to do it to. This should be quite obvious though if you’ve got your
thinking boots on, as they normally stand out a mile. Just take a little
walk around your school for instance, and while you’re busy selecting the
perfect person you should also be thinking out the perfect rumour! For
example, if you spotted a lovely couple all lovey dovey (get a room) in
the corridor, you could make up a rumour about her and another boy, the
past weekend! Or to make it even better you could make the rumour up
about her and another girl, the past weekend! Always look into it deeper
and deeper! Or if you spot a little shy girl walking around with her poor
little cat dies and her back half way up her back, etc! You could make up
a rumour about her and a boy in the cubicles at the leisure centre. Just use
your imagination I suppose! If you’re struggling for ideas to make your
rumour about, these are normally the sort of stories that people will be
interested in and spread: sex stories, past life embarrassing stories, stories
about people’s families that they would be embarrassed about, who was
with who the past weekend, who goes out with who, etc! Or it could just
be something completely made up and random. I could go on for years!
As long as you make sure that your rumour is well-exaggerated,
interesting, great gossip, and something that people will laugh at and will
pass on then you’re ready! Now you know how to go about choosing the
perfect rumour and who to do it to, all you have to know now is who to
tell to make your rumour a true success! So read on to find out more.

              Who to tell to make your rumour a success!

So…. If you’ve made up your rumour and you’re ready for action then
the last thing you have to do is choose the right people to tell the rumour
to! This isn’t too hard though as the right people for the job normally
stand out! Obviously you would start by spreading the rumour to the
extreme gossipers, as it’s a fact that they will pass it on. You would also
tell the people that stand out, such as the big mouths etc, as they are also
bound to pass it on. Also if the rumour that you had in mind was about a
girl then you would pass it onto a large group of boys, as boys tend to
mock girls as one of their hobbies most of the time. So basically if you’re
struggling then just take a walk about your playground for instance and
look about at all the different groups. Just make sure that at least the
rumour has been passed onto one person in that group, as they will
probably tell their friends first. If you do this then your rumour should
definitely be successful if most of the school know about it! So what have
you got to lose? It isn’t too difficult - trust me! You could even pass the
rumour onto your teacher if you felt like it! What have you got to lose?

So…. Spreading rumours is great and hopefully my essay has made you
think the same. At the end of the day it benefits you in many ways and is
basically damaging someone else’s life, but don’t worry about that. As
long as you get all the glory and attention that you wanted then you’re
fine, but if you lead someone to misery then even better!!! So feel free to
give it a go!

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