Open The Division Template in Word and immediately save as a by gigi12


									Open The Division Template in Word and immediately save as a regular document using the .doc extension.
(Note that the template comes with a dot. extension.)

Fill in the information as it suits the division. The template is generic so that it can be used for all situations. To
fill in new information, delete the template wording by back spacing. Do not highlight and hit the delete key as
in doing so, the template format is also deleted.

Change leadership to Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer, or whatever is needed. If your division has more than one
officer, highlight and copy the leadership line and paste below to get the correct format. Add names on the right
side as needed. If there is more than one name and they fit better on two lines, type the second name, highlight,
and right justify.

Type the division description. It should automatically justify.

Type the date with the first letter capitalized and all other letters in lower case. We will not use all caps this year.
It is not necessary to include the year.

If Title is short and there is a presenter, the presenter's name can be on the same line to save space. Do what
works best.

Hostess can be changed to Location or Co-hostess(es) as needed or if both are needed, copy and paste in the
same manner as leadership.

After you have completed an entry for the first month, highlight and copy what you have done, double space, and
paste. Add new information for the next meeting, etc. Repeat as many times as needed to complete your

List members alphabetically (check name spelling with names in membership directory of current yearbook) all left
justified; when complete, highlight the entire list of names, click on Format, Columns, Two, and ok. Names will
move into two columns on the page.

Proof read your work, save, and send as an attachment to

If you have any questions, contact Marlene Geiger.

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