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                                 STEWARDS REPORT

                               Sydney Turf Club
                        CANTERBURY PARK RACECOURSE

                             Wednesday 3 February 2010

Weather:       Fine
Track:         Dead (4); downgraded to Dead (5) at 9.20 am.
Rail:          6m entire circuit

STEWARDS: M. F. Van Gestel (Chairman), G. T. Rudolph, D A Dyson, T P Moxon and
Cadets T J Vassallo and A J Bott.

Supplementary Report:
                   ROYAL RANDWICK - Saturday 30 January 2010
Race 5: Alexandria Handicap 1100m - Trainer Mr J Pride reported that Bejewelled
had pulled up well since its unplaced effort and no abnormalities had been detected.
Race 7: Michael Delaney Mile 1600m - G Schofield, rider of Kings Pride, pleaded
guilty to a charge under AR137A(5)(a)(ii) in that he used the whip on the gelding on
eight occasions, three more than is permitted by the rule. As this was G Schofield’s fifth
offence under this rule, his licence to ride in races was suspended from Wednesday, 10
February 2010 and to expire on Saturday, 13 February 2010, on which day he may ride.
                    KEMBLA GRANGE - Saturday 30 January 2010
Race 6: Dapto Mall Pharmacy Handicap Entires and Geldings Class 1 1400m -
Stable representative Ms T Rouse reported that Full Power had pleased the stable
since its disappointing performance and that consideration would be given to
experimenting with a gear change.

RACE 1: McGrath Foundation Lunch Handicap 1250m:
Circle Of Power bounded on jumping and lost ground. Where Izzy was slow to begin.
When being restrained to obtain cover near the 700m behind La Capone, Healing
Power shifted in and became awkward on the heels of that runner. G Schofield, rider of
In Expectation accidentally dropped his whip near the 500m. Near the 100m Circle Of
Power and From The Vault came together due to both runners shifting ground. A
veterinary examination of La Capone revealed filly to be displaying a poor post race
recovery and to be tying up.

RACE 2: Green Day At The Gardens 6 Feb Handicap 1200m:
Privatedestination, which shifted out on jumping and bumped Anschluss, became
unbalanced. When questioned, K McEvoy, rider of Anschluss, stated that the gelding
was hard ridden throughout the event and, although hampered on a number of
occasions in the middle stages when he endeavoured to improve into a narrow run
between Causin’ Havoc and Abusker, Anschluss ran to the line fairly. He added that,
in his view, the gelding was looking for additional ground. A post race veterinary
examination of Anschluss did not reveal any abnormalities. Stable representative Mr B
Widdup agreed with K McEvoy that the gelding was now looking for additional ground,
however, undertook to report if there is anything amiss with Anschluss in the days
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RACE 3: Handicap 1250m:
For a short distance leaving the 400m The Joker became unbalanced when racing in
restricted room between Sutton Friend and Opter, which shifted out slightly.

RACE 4: Handicap 1550m:
Sandy Selection lost its off hind plate near the 400m. Post race veterinary
examinations of Devilish Intent and Brisk Crown did not reveal any abnormalities.

RACE 5: Hyland Race Colours Handicap 1250m:
A veterinary examination of Epponnee Rae, which lost its near hind plate whilst en route
to the course, passed the filly fit to start. Shortly after the start Epponnee Rae and Real
Quality made contact due to Real Quality shifting in away from United Harmony (App.
B Avdulla) when that runner shifted in. App. Avdulla was advised to ensure he leaves
sufficient room for runners to his inside. Approaching the first turn near the 600m
Dancing Gisele was steadied when momentarily crowded by Bellivia.                     As a
consequence, United Harmony, which was following, was steadied to avoid the heels of
Dancing Gisele, which shifted out, resulting in Amarantha and Sutton Princess being
taken wide on the track. Sunset Coast was held up for clear running until near the
200m. Inside the 200m, as Bellivia commenced to give ground, Bellivia shifted out and
made contact with United Harmony, resulting in that runner becoming unbalanced.
When questioned, App. J Adams, rider of Amarantha, stated that the filly travelled
reasonably throughout the event, however, when the eventual winner, Sutton Princess,
improved around his mount near the 500m, Amarantha could not quicken and was
somewhat disappointing in its failure to respond to his riding from that point. He added
that, in his view, the filly would derive benefit from today’s run. A post race veterinary
examination of Amarantha did not reveal any abnormalities. When questioned, C
Munce could offer no explanation for the disappointing performance of Bellivia, other
than it may not have handled the step up in class today. A post race veterinary
examination of Bellivia revealed the filly to be displaying a poor post race recovery. A
post race veterinary examination of Real Quality did not reveal any abnormalities. B
Ward, rider of Dancing Gisele revealed that his saddle shifted back near the 1000m,
placing him at a disadvantage for the remainder of the event.

RACE 6: Golden Slipper Festival On Sale Handicap 1100m:
When questioned regarding his riding of Viva Las, App. T Lovelock-Wiggins stated that
he had been instructed to ride the filly in a forward position, preferably with cover in
behind the leaders. He added that, after commencing well, he was caught three deep in
the early stages, however, anticipated that Prerequisite would go forward and race
outside the leader, Hot Stash, which would have allowed him to obtain cover behind
that runner. He added, when Prerequisite did not go forward as anticipated, he was
caught three deep and, as he was of the view he would have had to make too much use
of Viva Las to cross Prerequisite in the middle stages, he allowed the filly to race three
deep, where it was travelling comfortably. He further stated that, after being placed
under pressure in the early part of the straight, the filly’s run came to an end inside the
100m and, when Jiale shifted out in front of his mount near the 50m, he was then not
able to fully test Viva Las to the finish. G Schofield, rider of Hades, stated that the mare
travelled comfortably towards the back of the field, however, when Jiale improved
around Hades making the home turn, his mount did not respond to his riding and was
most disappointing in the straight. A post race veterinary examination of Hades did not
reveal any abnormalities. Trainer Mr J Pride stated that Hades had worked extremely
well leading into the event and could offer no explanation for the disappointing
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performance, other than that the mare had similarly performed in a disappointing manner
at its last preparation. Mr Pride undertook to report back to the Stewards on the
condition of Hades subsequent to the event.

RACE 7: Golden Edition Handicap 1900m:
Near the 1400m,Oenophilia, which was inclined to overrace, struck the running rail and
was restrained from the heels of Moonlight Music. Approaching the 600m Juveniles,
after improving into a position between Moonlight Music and Dictatorial (N Rawiller),
which shifted out, Dictatorial then shifted back in, resulting in Juveniles having to be
steadied from the heels of Moonlight Music. N Rawiller was advised in similar
circumstances to exercise more care. When questioned, N Rawiller, rider of Dictatorial,
stated that, after having to make some use of the gelding in the early stages to take up a
position outside the leader, Moonlight Music, Dictatorial travelled comfortably in the
early stages. He said that approaching the 800m Dictatorial was under pressure and
for this reason, as he felt the ground was superior three deep and in an endeavour to get
his mount to travel, he elected to shift off to this position. He added that, when he then
observed the eventual winner, Juveniles, improve to his inside, he then positioned his
mount back into a one off position in an endeavour to prevent Juveniles improving. N
Rawiller further added that Dictatorial was under heavy pressure from this point and
was most disappointing in its failure to respond to his riding. Trainer Mr G Portelli stated
that the gelding may not have appreciated the shifting track conditions and undertook to
report back to the Stewards on the immediate racing future of Dictatorial. A post race
veterinary examination of Dictatorial did not reveal any abnormalities.               When
questioned, App. B Spriggs, rider of Moonlight Music, stated that the mare had an easy
run in front, however, could not quicken when asked for an effort prior to straightening
and, consequently, failed to run on in the straight. Trainer Mr K Lees advised that, in his
view, Moonlight Music may not have backed up from its last start at Rosehill on 23
January 2010 and he undertook to report on the condition of the mare in the days

Swab samples were taken from all winners and the following runners:

Race 1:   Circle Of Power, Healing Power, In Expectation.
Race 2:   Abusker, Lillianne’s Choice, Prince Ombra, Samui Lad (2), Privatedestination.
Race 3:   Opter, Black Routine, The Joker.
Race 4:   Brisk Crown, Sandy Selection, Devilish Intent (2), Universal Sound.
Race 5:   Amarantha, United Harmony, Sunset Coast.
Race 6:   Hot Stash, Viva Las, Whitehousewhispers, Hades.
Race 7:   Juveniles (2), Dictatorial, Oenophilia, Vilayet, I Don’t Recall.

Fines:                 Randwick 30/1/10: G Schofield (Kings Pride) - use of the whip
                       (AR137A(5)(a)(ii)), suspended from 10/2/10 to 13/2/10.
Reprimands:            Nil.
Suspensions:           Nil.
Bleeders:              Nil.
Certificates:          Nil.
Warnings:              Nil.
Trials:                Nil.
Change of Tactics:     Race 4: Lockmar - to be ridden more forward; settled midfield.
                       Race 5: Dee Lilly - to be ridden more forward; settled off pace.
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Falls/Injuries:   Nil.
Change of         Nil.
Gear Change:      Nil.
Follow-up:        Race 2:   Anschluss (trainer P Snowden).
                  Race 6:   Hades (trainer J Pride).
                  Race 7:   Dictatorial (trainer G Portelli).
                  Race 7:   Moonlight Music (trainer K Lees).