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									                               BELLS TO GO!
     The Mobile Workshop which comes to you … on topics of your choice

                                    WHO IS IT FOR?
                  ANYONE interested in developing their ringing knowledge …
                   HRGB members, non-members, new or not-so-new ringers.

                                         WHAT IS IT?
                           A mobile workshop which travels to you –
                         with materials and tuition, equipment if needed.

                      WHAT SORT OF TOPICS CAN BE COVERED?
                    The content can be ‘tailormade’ to suit your requirements.

Getting started … techniques … styles of ringing (in hand, four in hand, off table … coping with a
concert … ringing from music … involve your audience … teaching tiny tots … processionals …
bells with narrated text … solo/small ensemble ringing … the Crescendo/ Arpeggio Schemes …
masterclass … rehearsal techniques … bells in worship … arranging music … ring from
scratch/mini-massed ringing … score preparation … ring and sing …conducting …repertoire …

                                HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?
                                 HRGB member teams – FREE!
                          Non-members and HRGB one-member teams –
                        expenses to cover resource materials and travelling.
                           Remember you may need to pay for a venue –
                              a small hall, church or meeting room
                       in which to hold the workshop. House calls are free!

                              WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO? –
                             Contact Sandra Winter for more details,
                            available dates and to book the workshop.

                    Telephone: 020 8657 1344     E-mail

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