SPLASH REPORT
                                              January 27, 2010

2009/2010 Executive                              Thank you to:
President – James Brown
                                                      -     Equipment Manager, Sandi Smith, for looking after
Past President – Travis Broen                               the orders for the parkas, tracksuits and adult
Secretary – Chanelle Stayer                                 official shirts.
Treasurer – John Iatrou
President Elect – Terry Little                        -     Texas Hold Em Chairperson Crystal Hounsome
                                                            and her committee for organizing the upcoming
Bingo Director – Glenn Cossey
                                                            fundraiser, please drop your donations off at the
Fundraising Director – Angela Menzel                        office and more help is always needed! Contact
                                                            Crystal for information.
Head Coach – Mandi Smith
Assistant Coaches:                                                     Office Notes:
Jana Peter
Clint Stevens                                    Fundraising:
Brittany Raab
Brittney Moline                                  There were not enough families interested in the fruit
Bryan Iliscupidez                                fundraiser, it has been cancelled. We’ll look at that fundraiser
Jen Sutey                                        again in the fall to see if there is enough interest.

                                                 The next fundraiser will be the bottle drive on Saturday,
Squad Parents:                                   January 30th, if you want to help out and add to your
National – Carolyn Goddard                       fundraising account contact fundraising chairperson Angela
Provincial 1 – Jennifer Broen                    Menzel at a_menzel@telus.net.
Provincial 2 – Crystal Hounsome/Sandi Smith      If anyone has an idea for a new fundraiser please contact
Development 1 – Michelle Joseph                  Angela Menzel.
Development 2 – Heidi Vida
                                                 Just a reminder that all fundraising shortfalls will be billed to
                                                 accounts at the end of May 2010 all account balances must
Website:                                         be paid up by June 2nd.

Barb’s Office Hours:                             Equipment:
Mondays & Fridays 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Wednesdays 1:00-5:00 p.m.                        Named Silicone Caps – if you would like to order 4 named
                                                 silicone caps, please email or call Barb in the office to place
                                                 your order. 4 more orders are needed before an order can be
RDCSC                                            put through and this will probably be the only order all year.
#203, 4805-48 Street
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 1S6                                          Office Hours:
Phone 403-347-SWIM (7946)                        I will be away on vacation and not in the office Friday,
Fax 403-314-9673                                 January 29th to Friday, February 5th inclusive.

Email:                                                      ****************************************************
rdcatalina@telus.net                                        The next splash report deadline will be
barb@reddeercatalina.ca                                   February 24 9:00 a.m. if you would like to
coach_mandi@hotmail.com                                                submit an article.

President’s Message

Hello Catalina Parents and Swimmers!
January has been another good month at Catalina! We had a very successful Blue Bears competition in
Edmonton, got to hold the Olympic Torch, and had the opportunity to hear Olympian Mike Brown motivate our
swimmers and then lead them through a practice. Swim Alberta came out with their rankings, and the club is
ranked 7 in the province, ahead of similar sized clubs from Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. As we head into a
busy meet schedule over the next month or so, I believe Catalina is well positioned for more success in the pool!

On the administrative side, we have asked parents to sign on to the Parent Code of Conduct which was
distributed in the October Splash Report. The Parent Code of Conduct is not new and those members who have
been with the club for a little longer probably remember this Code of Conduct from previous years. As supportive
parents, it is absolutely essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run
our swim team. I remind all parents that the club has established Pathways of Communication for parents to
provide positive and constructive feedback, or to express concerns to coaches. As per the Parents Code of
Conduct, feedback and concerns should not be discussed with coaches on deck during practices or competitions
as the coaches need to be focused on the swimmers in the water. One of the cornerstones of any successful
sporting organization is an atmosphere of mutual respect between coaches, athletes, and parents.

One of the comments that I have heard is why are we singling out parents? This is not the case. All of our
coaches are required to sign onto a Coaching Code of Conduct as part of their Canadian Swimming Coaches
Association membership. Also, all Board members signed the Board Member Code of Conduct, which outlines
expectations as a Board member of the club. The club also has an athlete Code of Conduct which was
traditionally distributed in the club Handbook and is now available on the website.

On the volunteer and fundraising front, we are gearing up for our annual Texas Hold’em Fundraiser on March
18 . This is the club’s largest fundraiser and provides approximately 10% of the club’s revenues, which
translates into reducing members fees between $200 (D2)-$450 (National squad) per season. This is a
significant contribution to each and every member’s fees. So, please support our event and offer to volunteer,
solicit businesses you know for sponsorships and silent auction items, and sell the tickets that are required to
make this event a success.

As always, if you have questions or concerns from the administrative side, please contact me or any other board
member at the pool or by email. All our contact info is available on the website.

James Brown

National and Provincial Squads
We have some sad news, Coach Clint will not be coaching with us for the next 6-8 weeks. He has had to have
emergency surgery on a perforated bowel and has been instructed to take that time to recover. We wish him a
speedy recovery and hope to see him when he is back in Red Deer.

On an upside... we had a FANTASTIC month! Coming back after our distance and sprint camps we went into
Blue Bears with a great attitude and great fitness levels! Our results added Emma Smith and Nathan Stayer to
our A qualifiers list, and more Western Times from Becky Miller, Amy Andrew, and Alana Skocdopole. I look
forward to our results from Senior Provincials and hope to finally break through those Sr National Barriers!!

Provincial Squad Swimmer of the Month: Congratulations to Emma Smith, her hard work and positive attitude
during practice has really paid off with a new `A`qualifying time in the 800free. Keep up the great work and good
luck at A`s!!

National Squad Swimmer of the Month: Congratulations to Amy Andrew. Amy`s dedication, strong work ethic,
and great attitude have resulted in New Western Qualifying times in 100Fl and 1500free. Keep up the great
leadership and fast swimming!!

Mandi Smith
RDCSC - Head Coach

Hey Development One!
What a great season we're having so far. We have a couple swimmers going to B's which is coming up and a
few more that are within seconds of their MQT's. We are working hard on improving our kick and perfecting those
fine details in our turns. Again I can't stress this enough but swimmers you need to remember your water bottle,
it's important to stay hydrated during practice because your muscles need it when they're working hard. Just a
reminder that on Tuesdays and Thursdays we are alternating swim time and dryland time between two groups
for the first hour, this will hopefully make the pool less crowded allowing for more one-on-one time. This means
that in order for your swimmer to get the most out of their swimming please try not to arrive late on these days
since it may be cutting into the amount of time they are spending in the water. Thanks parents for bringing them
on time! (Swimmers: Thank you for getting out of the changeroom on time.)

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email Clint or myself,

Coach Jana and Coach Clint

"Act as if it were impossible to fail and it will be."

                                   Coach Clint had surgery this past weekend and will not be on
                                   deck for at least a month.

                                   We wish Coach Clint a speedy recovery!

                  MIKE BROWN AT CATALINA!

Red Deer Catalina Swim Club welcomed two time Olympian and World Championship silver
medalist Mike Brown to Red Deer on January 24th!

"Excellence is not an achievement, it’s a characteristic." - Mike Brown

                                                     Mike enlightened and entertained with
                                                     stories from his experiences at the
                                                     Olympics and his journey to become one
                                                     of the top breaststrokers in the world!
                                                     Mike’s 5 Keys to Success:
                                                         1.   Goal Setting
                                                         2.   Hard Work
                                                         3.   Commitment
                                                         4.   Perseverance
                                                         5.   Having Fun!

"It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog." -

Mike then led the group through a swim
session focusing on dryland, starts and
turns – and lots of helpful tips on how to
improve focus and performance.
  "Nerves are just adrenaline pumping
 through your body, learn to use those
nerves to your advantage." - Mike Brown

                                                          Thanks Mike!


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