Sample ProgramSupport Area Assessment Template (rev by gigi12


									              SAMPLE Program/Support Area Assessment Template
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1) Program/Support Area        AAS - Basket Weaving SAMPLE

2) Mission/Purpose (Reference LCC Mission)
To provide the trained workforce needed in the State, the Asia-Pacific region, and internationally
by offering occupational, technical, and professional course and programs which prepare
students for immediate and future employment and career advancement (LCC Catalog).

3) LCC Strategic Plan (Reference Goals/Objectives) Goal C: Improve educational
effectiveness. Objective 4: Ensure availability of high quality resources and services. (LCC
Strategic Plan)

4) Goal/Objective (Reference Program Goal/Objective)
Prepare students with the skills and competence necessary for entry level basket weaving careers.

5) Outcome Measure (What is being counted or measured?)
SLO #1. Students who graduate with this degree will be able to implement preventive
maintenance procedures for automatic basket weaving machines (Program SLOs, LCC Catalog

6) Definition of Data Sample (Where or from whom will data be collected?)
A pilot project will be implemented to assess student ability to implement preventive
maintenance procedures for automatic basket weaving machines. Data will be collected from the
cohort of students enrolled in BW 201.

(When will data be collected?)
Each Spring semester after module #5 has been completed.

(How many data samples are intended to be collected?)
Data will be collected from the entire cohort (approx. 20 students).

(Why is this appropriate data?)
Students enrolled in BW201 have completed all prerequisite courses, and this is the final course
required for certification in the area of preventive maintenance for basket weaving machines.

7) Method of Data Collection (How will data be collected and by whom?)
The instructor will submit students’ analysis projects to a committee of basket weaving
instructors for rubric scoring.

(Describe assessment tool (survey, rubric, etc.) to be used; attach if possible)
The four-question rubric focuses on the four main areas of the analysis project. Scoring for each
question will be either 1 (for yes) or 0 (for no). Total possible points for a project will be 4.
Rubric should be attached.

8) Actual Level of Results (How many samples were collected?)

(What actual data (numerical results such as total count, percentages, averages, etc.) were

9) Analysis (What have you learned, both in terms of the assessment process and student
achievement of SLOs, as a result of this assessment?)

10) Plan of Action (What changes do you propose to improve student learning (for the
student learning outcomes assessed) or to improve the support area?)

11) Budget Impact (How much will the action cost?)

(How could the proposed plan be funded?)

(If a grant will fund the proposal, how will long-term funding be carried through?)


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