Written Report Assignments Group I by sae16085


									                                             Department of History

Islam and the West
GLOS 3643; HIST 3546; RELS 3714
Spring 2010

                                      Written Report Assignments
   There are two sets of reports. The contents for the First Group of reports will be included in TEST TWO.
   The due date for emailing the First Report to the instructor is on or before February 19, 2010.

   The contents for the Second Group of reports will be included in TEST FOUR. The due date for emailing
   the Second Report to the instructor is on or before April 16, 2010. See the syllabus for details.

   Note: If you are in the class but are not assigned a topic, see either the instructor or Garret Karrberg for an

   Group I
   Due on or before February 19, 2010

   Name                                      Written Report topic

    1.   Kaufmann, Angela                    Islam in Portugal
    2.   Kumlin, Kevin                       Logistics of Alexander's army
    3.   Schmitter, Catherine                Islamic calligraphy
    4.   Cristian, Gina Marie                Marriage & divorce in Islam
    5.   Mohammed Nur, Lolla                 Orientalism
    6.   Esworthy, Sarah                     Islam in France
    7.   Henderson, Brandon                  A Thousand and One Nights
    8.   Sales, Joy                          Pan-Arabism
    9.   Gardiner, Danica                    Ibn Sina
   10.   Dehmer, Kathleen                    The Uighurs
   11.   Jacquet-Morrison, Philip            Marco Polo
   12.   Mohamed, Mohamed                    Malcolm X & Nation of Islam
   13.   Boykis, Anna                        HAMAS
   14.   Noteboom, Peter                     Socrates
   15.   Rollie, Andrew                      The Two-State solution
   16.   McDonald, David                     Salah al-din Ayoubi
   17.   Huh, Seung                          The Assassins
   18.   Rose, Kevin                         The Gulf War
   19.   Kretchmer, Luke                     Role of Iran in Yemen
   20.   Knutson, Andrew                     The Safavids & the Ottomans
21.   Popov, Pavlo                 Pan-Turkism
22.   Orton, Jessica               Ahmad Shah Masoud
23.   Oruche, Jessie               Darius I & Xerxes I
24.   Holmes, Shana                The Ottomans
25.   Foy, Nicholas                Age of Translation
26.   Wenker, Benjamin             Turkmenistan
27.   Chambers, Sarah Tate         The “otherization” of Muslims
28.   Berres, Jacob                jihad
29.   Costa, Joel                  Iran-Iraq war
30.   Mahmoud, Mayada              al-Zawahiri
31.   Nottingham-Halverson, Kodi   US Role in Afghanistan
32.   Kawell, Alden                Kerbala & Najaf
33.   Phelps, Levi A               Manichaeism
34.   Sather, Stephanie            Uzbekistan
35.   Ehret, Collin                Sama’ (music)
36.   Pineles, Ann                 The Tudeh Party of Iran
37.   Hines, Eric                  farr
38.   McMahon, Chance              Jalal al-din Rumi
39.   Ali, Fadumo                  The Silk Road

Group II
Due on or before April 16, 2010

Name                               Written Report topic

40.   Ramakrishnan, Urmila         Islam in Indonesia
41.   Appley, Lauren               Zoroastrianism
42.   Sprain, Courtney             Islamic Fundamentalism
43.   Leng, Xi                     Mazdakism
44.   Caulfield, Aaron             Kubbutz
45.   Davis, Aisia                 The Caliphate
46.   Ahmed, Liban Khalid          Bukhara
47.   Otis, Michael                Library of Alexandria
48.   Pederson, Andrew             Firdowsi
49.   Cox, Keenan                  Islam in China
50.   Orsucci, Joseph              Pan-Islamism
51.   Duhn, Jesse                  Islamic numismatics
52.   Adan, Abdullahi              The One-State solution
53.   Eckblad, Peter               The Deobandi school
54.   Logan, Matthew         Allah
55.   Hall, Torey            Ibn Hazm of Cordova
56.   Woelfle Sarah          The Abbasids
57.   Ziegler, Christopher   The Mongols
58.   McCarney, Steven       The Samanids
59.   Afqarshe, Omar         The Umayyids of Spain
60.   Jaschinski, Nicole     Islam in the Western Press
61.   Giancana, Anthony      Hizbullah
62.   Selim, Inas            Tashkent
63.   Monson, Joseph         madrasah
64.   Weese, Steven          Tajikistan
65.   Abraham, Michael       Ibn Al-‘Arabi
66.   Conrad, James          Aristotle
67.   Athorn, Michael        West Bank barrier
68.   Tipping, Daniel        Azerbaijan
69.   Mahlum, Erica          Mecca
70.   Winters, Natalie       The Umayyids
71.   Beyl, Brandon          Mujahidin
72.   Faleck, Ariel          9/11
73.   Halberg, Amber         The Taliban
74.   Finley, Nicole         Muslih al-din Sa’di
75.   Day, Asma              Islamic Architecture

76. Grumley, Patrick         (AUD)
77. Kaye, Alfred             (AUD)
78. Ostendorf, Anna          (AUD)

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