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									    Unit 1

GCE in Applied

Writing frames
for tasks 2-7
Unit 1 write-ups
For unit 1 you have to complete the following tasks:
    Task 1 – Compare documents
    Task 2 – A PowerPoint based on methods of communicating information
    Tasks 3 - Create a letterhead, letter and logo for your chosen theme
    Task 4 – An advertising / information leaflet
    Task 5 – Create a mini website
    Task 6- Create a newsletter
    Task 7 –Create a data capture form

For each task you should complete (except task 1):
       An introduction – A breakdown of what you are going to produce, the purpose of the
        document, the software you could use, the software you did use (See below page for an
       In the introduction you must also state where you will get the information needed for your
        document from
       Three Draft designs (clearly annotated) per document either hand drawn or blocked out
        in Word which show consideration of different layouts – these will be annotated as to
        what you like – don’t like about each design
       An evaluation which includes:
            o Evidenced of use of the particular software – e.g. spell checker, templates, lines,
                borders graphics, fonts, font sizes etc
            o The strengths and weaknesses of each document
            o Improvements you could make
            o How you would approach the task in the future including producing this type of
                document more efficiently.
       Annotated printouts of your final document (early versions proof read and annotated, a
        final complete version) which contains annotation as to whether information is new
        information (that you have written), existing information (that you have just copied) or
        adapted information (information that you have edited to suit your purposes).

An example of introduction for task 3 – Letterhead and business letter
For this task I am going to produce an internal document for communication between the school
and parents. This document will be the standard layout for all the letters that the office staff
within the school would use.

I will create a letterhead and include a logo. I will then save this as a document template and
use this template to compose a letter to the parents of year six pupils, inviting them to an open
evening at the school.

The purpose of the document is to design a common template that the school will use for all
external communication. As this is an important document, it will have to:

       Look professional as the school needs would often need to use the template for the
        communication of information that is important to both the staff and the pupils
      Have a well designed letterhead that includes – the school badge, the schools contact
       details including telephone numbers, the school address, web addresses, the principals
       name and email addresses
      The template must available to the office staff and be easy to load and use from within

Possible Sources of Information
For this document I will be producing a letter to send out to the clients so I will be writing the text
myself. Therefore I do not need to research any information from the Internet. I may need to
search the Internet for different images that I could use to help create an eye catching
letterhead so I will use image search engines as well as any royalty free image sites to search
for appropriate images.

For this task I will need to use software that will allow me to:
    Layout text and graphics to create a letterhead / logo
    Save the document as a template for later use by all staff
    Allow the inputting of text by members of staff
    Have automatic features available for use such as inserting dates etc.

Letterhead / Logo
For this task I will need to use software packages that will allow me to create a letterhead that
includes a logo I designed as well as the standard features of business documents such as:
     Business name
     Contact details such as address, telephone numbers, email and web address
     Registered company number / VAT number
     Addresses of other branches

There are three software packages that could enable me to complete: Publisher, Word and

Publisher is easy to use and will allow me to use a range of available templates that may help
with my letter design. However, this could be a disadvantage as the letterhead I produce will not
be unique to the school. Publisher does allow me to save the document as a template for later
use. It also would allow the office staff to enter large amounts of text that could be spell checked
later. However, the office staff would have to be trained in how to use Publisher as entering text
has to be done by the use of frames whereas in Word text can be typed straight into the letter
template I will set up.

Word is a word processing program that can be easily adapted to create documents of different
formats and styles. It has many features in common with Publisher. Word allows you to save
documents as templates to be used by all staff. Word also allows me to create a header and
footer that will However, as the program is designed for word processing, it allows the easy
manipulation of text and can save any document as a template for later use.

Photoshop is an image editing package that can be used to alter images that I have
downloaded from the Internet. It also allows me to set areas of my images as ’Transparent’ or to
use layers to build up an image. This software would be very useful for more detailed editing of
the images that will make up the background of the letterhead and for the logo. I could use the
image editing facilities in Word but these may not give me enough control over how the final
image looks.

I will use Microsoft Word to design my letterhead as it will be easy to use and has all the
features that I will require. I will use Photoshop for detailed editing of my images. The features
of Word I will use will include;

      Produce a summary of the features you will be using in Word.


Features of software for introduction write ups
When using the features listed below as a basis for your write-ups you must ONLY use those
that apply to the type of document you are creating.

For example, if you are creating a leaflet you could use either Word or Publisher to do the task.
What features does Publisher have that would make it a better choice?

Examples could be: the use of templates; the number of templates; text boxes that can be
linked together; it is easy to change the size / type of publication before printing as well as all
the features that are the same as Word such as WordArt, ClipArt etc.

However, to improve the quality of your write up you would also consider why they are useful.
For example: the use of templates = “Publisher has a variety of templates that I could use to
create my leaflet. Using Publisher would allow me to use a ready made template that would
speed up the production of the leaflet. I would also be able to easily change parts of the
template to suit my document style…etc…”

Finally you will conclude with ‘For this task I will use…because”

Word – Word is a Word Processing program that can be used to create a
variety of documents

Word will allow me to
   Set different fonts / font sizes / font styles that will help improve the presentation of my
   Use tables which will allow me to layout my page…
   Use Text boxes which allow me to place text anywhere on a page…
   Insert Clip art / Word Art / pictures I have found on the internet and saved into my own
     area…which will help make the document more interesting…
   Insert AutoShapes, use lines and borders…which will help me to….
   Set the page out using columns
   Set background colours
   Insert a header or footer which will allow me to…
   Save a document as a template which could then be used by all staff to write a business
   Print out my document at a variety of paper sizes
   Change the direction of text
   Word has a limited range of templates
Publisher – Publisher is a desk top publishing that can be used to create a
variety of documents

Publisher will allow me to:
   Set different fonts / font sizes / font styles that will help improve the presentation of my
   Use text, picture and WordArt frames which will allow me to layout my page…
   Text boxes – in Publisher these allow me to get text to flow through a number of text
      boxes…this is useful because…
   Insert Clip art / Word Art / pictures I have found on the internet and saved into my own
      area…which will help make the document more interesting…
   Insert AutoShapes, use lines and borders…which will help me to….
   Using Auto shapes I will be able to set background colours for parts of my page
   Save a document as a template which could then be used by all staff to…
   Print out my document at a variety of paper sizes
   Change the direction of text
   Publisher has a large range of templates available for a variety of documents such as
      leaflets, business cards etc. This will be useful because…

Excel – Excel is a spreadsheet application that can be used to create a
variety of table based documents

Excel will allow me to:
    Set different fonts / font sizes / font styles that will help improve the presentation of my
    Use cells, columns and rows to easily and quickly layout a document such as a
      application form
    Allows the use of formulae to automatically calculate totals

Photoshop – is a graphics package that can be used for the manipulation
Photoshop will allow me to:
   Import images from file or the internet
   Manipulate the images by applying filters to produce a variety of effects including drop
      shadows, bevels, colour washes
   Use layers to build up an image using different objects
   Use an eraser to remove areas of an image creating a transparent background
   Cut | Copy | Paste areas of the image

Mediator - is a multimedia presentation package that can be used for
multimedia products, websites and slideshow presentations
      Produce a slideshow presentation which includes interactive buttons
      Import and animate objects on the a page such as images
      Include sound and video clips in the presentation
      Combine text and images together
      produce hotspots
      Use hyperlinks
Evaluation Write-ups for Unit 1
Evaluation [H1]
Features [H2]
In this section you will include all the features of the SOFTWARE that you have used. You will
include each feature as a H3 heading. For example:
     Lines | Borders | Shading
     Graphics | Cropped | adjusted | amended images | Transparency | Layers
     ClipArt | WordArt |AutoShapes
     Animation | Master Slide | Sound and Video| Hyperlinks
     Styles | Fonts | Font styles | Font Sizes | Bullets
     Paper Size | Paper orientation
     Text wrapping | Editing wrap points
     Text Box
     Tables
     Data capture form – use of tick boxes, lines, dotted lines, boxes etc in

For each feature you will say where you used it in your document and why. E.G. What effect did
it have on the overall presentation of the document? Why was it useful? How did it make the
document easy for the use to use / reuse

The Document [H2]
Strengths [H3]
List / discuss the strengths of your document. You may use your list of features as a guide.
Don’t be shy! Sing your own praises. E.g. Professional presentation, suitable writing style for
the document type, well laid out, clear and easy to use, suitable information / images edited and
presented from the internet, includes the company logo etc.

Remember to discuss any particular techniques you have used to improve on images from the
Internet such as cropping – erasing areas to make them transparent etc.

Weaknesses [h3]
Be honest and list the weaknesses of your document. This could include the choice of colours
(maybe not suitable for the document type), could have included instructions on the data
capture form to help the user fill in the form etc. You could also talk about the images you used
not being wholly suitable (this may have been due to the fact that you have limited resources
available to you as the internet is so heavily filtered).

Improvements that could be made [H3]
Any improvements that could be made in light of the weaknesses highlighted above and
comment on the approach you took and how might approach a similar task in future. You must
also discuss how you could approach the task in a more efficient way in the future – how could
you adapt your approach so that it saves you time – so that the documents can be produced
more efficiently. This includes your approach to research, editing of images, and the production
of any text.

Include a bibliography for EACH TASK. Create a table and follow the format below. Your
bibliography, must allow someone else to be able to access directly the sources you have
used if you are to gain full marks for get a mark in mark band II of b(ii)

           Website address | Book
 Date                                 Information / image      Where used / Evaluation
           name / author/ Publisher
                                                             Yes – This image is included in
                                                               the slide on faxes. The site
                                         Image of fax          provided a lot of useful and
1/09/05    www.howstuffworks.com
                                           machine          relevant information as well as a
                                                            suitable image of a fax machine
                                                              which I also used on the slide

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