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					MIB newsletter                                                        n.1 - 2008

Dear MIB Community,

To open this newsletter we would like to highlight the importance of 2008 as the year that
marks our twentieth anniversary.

Twenty years have passed since May 1988, when MIB came into being, commencing a path
that has led the school to become, in terms of the quality and international recognition of its
educational product, one of the most important business schools in Italy, and in Europe.

To celebrate this important anniversary, MIB School of Management has many initiatives
planned; in fact, 2008 promises to be a year rich with event involving our entire network of
students, alumni, business partners and institutions that have supported us throughout the

For more information:


MIB at Innovaction

Dean of Lingnan College of Guangzhou in the MIB classroom

MIB appointments around the World

NEW! MBA in International Business Part-Time

IMTL at TFP Summit

Country Analysis Projects: MIB and Rollins College (Florida)
unite in a project for Calligaris Group

Post-MIB Career Advancement: early results are In

MIB Notes

MIB at Innovaction
Again this year, MIB has been present at Innovaction, the fair dedicated to Innovation,
with a stand as well as an important workshop. This important event took place at the Fiera
di Udine from February 14-17.

The Team of MIB School of Management welcomed the guests at Pavilion n. 7 along with
MIB partners from the Generali Group Innovation Lab, Newton Management
Innovation and Simulware. These entities coupled with MIB form a favorable meeting
point to explore new tendencies in business education and company
communications and get to know virtual worlds, social networks, simulations and other
new media.

On Saturday, February 16 from 9-11 in the Meeting Room, MIB has presented a work
shop entitled “Between Social Media and Virtual worlds: the new ‘social Dimension’ in
business education and communications.
-Andrea Tracogna, MIB School of Management
- Fabio Turel, Generali Group Innovation Lab
- Ivo Della Polla, Simulware
- Andrea Notarnicola, Newton Management Innovation


Dean of Lingnan College of Guangzhou in the MIB classroom

The already strong ties between MIB School of Management and strategic International
Business School partner from the People’s Republic of China will be further reinforced by
the presence of the Dean of Lingnan College- Sun Yat-sen University of Guangzhou,
Professor Lifan Wu in the MBA and Master in Insurance & Risk Management classrooms at
MIB. He will address themes of Advanced Corporate Finance.

This initiative takes place in the spirit of the exchange programs that already exist
between the two institutions introducing international visions and interpretations of various
aspects of management to the MIB classroom.


MIB appointments around the World

This year, like every year, MIB School of Management will attend a series of select events
around the world to introduce programs and meet with interested students. These
meetings are strategic moments for presenting exciting news about the school year in
progress, getting to know potential participants and catching up with alumni and partners

Upcoming dates:

20-21 February 2008 - Milan, Italy - TFP Summit
Palazzo Ai Giureconsulti Piazza Mercanti, 2 - Milano, Italy
Send an E-MAIL to join this event

8 March 2008 - Roma, Italy - WORLD MBA TOUR
Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center
Viale Del Pattinaggio, 100 Rome 00144, Italy
Send an E-MAIL to join this event

11 March 2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria - WORLD MBA TOUR
Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia
100 James Bourchier Blvd 1407 Sofia Bulgaria
Send an E-MAIL to join this event

12 March 2008 - Belgrade, Serbia - 3rd MBAfair
Hyatt Regency Hotel
PO Box 067, Milentija Popovica 5, Belgrade, Serbia 11070
Send an E-MAIL to join this event

13 March 2008 - Bucharest, Romania - WORLD MBA TOUR
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
Calea 13 Septembrie, 90 - Sector 5 050726 Bucharest , Romania
Send an E-MAIL to join this event


NEW! MBA in International Business Part-Time
A new opportunity for those thinking about attending MIB School of Management for an
MBA! Along with the classic full-time MBA in International Business and Executive MBA
programs comes the part-time MBA in International Business, which offers maximum
flexibility for those wishing to continue working while they earn their MBA.

This new formula allows participants to complete the program in 24 months, and was
designed to help those with full-time careers attend the International MBA program
with as little disruption to their working life as possible.

The part-time MBA is geared towards international candidates and is entirely in English.
The program has a modular structure based on independent units that last two weeks.
Participants can group together various modules or they fragment the program for brief
periods of time.

For more information, click here.


IMTL at TFP Summit

The International Master in Tourism & Leisure, IMTL, will play a leading role in the TFP
(Tourism, Education and Professions) Summit in Milan February 20-21, in
conjunction with BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo), one of Europe’s most important
tourism fairs.
The event will take place at Palazzo ai Giureconsulti, in Piazza Mercanti 2 in Milano.

MIB is one of only three educational institutions invited to participate in the event
(along with Sda Bocconi and Iulm).
IMTL will be present in a round table discussion entitled “Managers meet the University”
which will be broadcast online on February 21 at 3:30pm.
IMTL will also present a study entitled, “When education is more important than
communication: analysis of the Slovene and Croatian tourism markets,” on February 20 at
4:30pm in the Sala Colonne.
There will also be an IMTL stand throughout the duration of the fair.


Country Analysis Projects: MIB and Rollins College (Florida) unite
in a project for Calligaris Group

Calligaris, Lima and Jacuzzi are the first companies to take advantage of the new
international research and consulting program, “MIB Country Analysis Project.”
Companies participating in this project can expect to benefit from the professional
experience, international contacts and personal knowledge of the international business
environment that MBA in international Business participants offer in order to support
companies in their process of internationalization.

The first project is for Calligaris Group. Participants from the MBA in International
Business program at MIB along with their American counterparts from International
Business School partner, Rollins College (Florida) are working on a project of expansion in
the United states, where Calligaris USA Inc. is already active. Reinforcing the brand and
rethinking their distributive strategy were identified as important points that the project
should focus on to support the growth of the company in American markets. Starting on
February 25, MIB will host 6 participants from the MBA program at Rollins who will be
involved in the Calligaris project.

If you are interested in join the Country Analysis Projects: contact the School


Post-MIB Career Advancement: early results are In
Statistics are already available on career advancement post-MIB MBA, which were
gathered for the first international edition of the course (2003-2004), three years after
graduation day.

The most revealing data includes:

Placement at 6 months: average for the last 3 editions
Through the School’s Career Services: 85%
Through personal contacts of graduates: 10%
Other (new business; internet, etc): 5%

Increase in Gross salary from before the MBA (for those who worked) or the first year
after the MBA and in the next 3 years. 67%

Laptop 70%
Cell phone 60%
Car 30%
Additional insurance/retirement 30%
Merit bonus 39%

Advancement in position in the 3 years following the MBA:

   Became head of office/department in which they were inserted: 36%
   Advanced from junior to senior/specialist position:            25%
   Entered into a management position (CEO, GM, etc) or became partner of company: 10%
   Salary increase without a change in role/title:     15%
   Changed sector or department:                        8%
   Not declared                                         6%

For more information contact MIB Career Service.


MIB Notes


We would like to remind you that Friday February 15th, from 4.00pm will take place the first
meeting of the Business Theatre Workshop.

Please contact Barbara Vidotto if interested in taking part.

The School traditional Annual Ball will take place on Saturday, April 19 – 9.00 pm at MIB
School of Management.
Students, Alumni, faculty and staff, friends of our Institutional Community are all invited.

More information on the next Newsletter (you can contact Prof. Stefano Pilotto).
For a new edition that begins, another must end: on Saturday, December 15 at 11.00
a.m. we say goodbye to the eighth edition of MIRM with the Graduation Day ceremony.
Special guest at the event will be Sergio Balbinot, CEO of Generali Group, speaking on:
"Insurance market: today and future challenges".

MIRM web pages: click here.