Pre-proposal Template by gigi12


									                       IPAM Long Program Proposal Template

Proposed Title:

Organizing Committee:
Organizers must have agreed to serve

Description of Topic:
Describe the science and mathematics involved. How have they interacted before? How will
they interact at the program?

Senior Participants:
Please provide a representative sample from both the mathematical and scientific sides of the
program; you do not need to have contacted them at this point.

Other Proposed Participants:
Again, you do not need to have contacted them at this point.

Proposed Conferences and Workshops:
Describe the topic and the math and science involved and any key participants. Include
tutorials, four workshops, and the Lake Arrowhead culminating workshop.
Industrial Partners:
Possible partners in industry or at national labs

Additional Sources of Funding:
What are possible additional sources of funding? Indicate any contacts or commitments thus

Submitted By:
Who should be contacted about this proposal? List phone and e-mail addresses

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