How to write a short Formal Report

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					                   How to write a short Formal Report

1     Title


   The title of the report

   The name of the person or organisation that the report has been
    written for

   The name of the person or organisation who wrote the report

   The date of the report

2   Terms of reference


   What the report is about

   Why it is being written

   Who it is being written for

3 Procedure

This section tells the reader how the information for the report was gathered


   Surveys

   Interviews

   Documents read

   Observations

   Questionnaires

4 Findings

This is the main body of the report, where you write down everything you have
found out from your investigation.

   The information is best set out in a series of short paragraphs

   Often it is helpful if each paragraph is given a clear heading to attract the eye

   Different numbering systems may be used as long as you remain consistent
    e.g. 1,2,3 or A,B,C or a,b,c, or i,ii,iii

5 Conclusion

    Reports are generally written for busy people to help them make a decision.
    Often they turn to the conclusion to get ideas of what the report has found


   A summary of the main findings

6 Recommendations

    Includes: -

   Suggested actions

   Who should take these actions

   Further investigations, if necessary

    Report writing style

    Avoid the use of „I‟ when writing a report. Instead of writing “I spoke to the
    manager who said...” – it is better to write “After discussions with the manager
    it was found that...”

   Avoid familiar language or slang

   Where possible use facts, figures, graphs and/or photographs to help make
    the report more interesting


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