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Instructor Syllabus


									Instructor Syllabus                    NorthWest Arkansas Community College
                 Academic Year 2005-06
                                             Communication & Arts DIVISION
                                             CONTACTS AND COMMITMENT
        619-4331 Secretary                        986-6909 Judy DeGarmo, Lead Faculty, ASCK
                                          Reading/English Dept.
  To offer curriculum and instructional methods that guide each learner to develop the skills and attitudes leading to academic and career
ACSK 0033 COLLEGE READING: Class #12273 Tuesday 6:00-8:45 BH 1432 {Fall

ACSK 0033 College Reading - (F, S, SUM). An upper level reading course designed to help
students gain skills they can apply to college textbook and everyday reading requirements.
Vocabulary, comprehension, thinking, and study strategies are emphasized along with an
introduction to the library. Successful completion allows entry into college level studies.
PREREQUISITE: Preparing For College Reading with a C or better, or minimum placement
score: ACT-14, or ASSET-36, or COMPASS-61.

CREDIT HOURS:                                    3 credit hours, none counting toward any degree

Instructor and Contact Information:                                          Bill Schoonmaker: call 986-6747, or 1-
                                                                800-995-6922 {ext 6747} and leave a voice
                                                                message ½ hour before the class starts on the day of
                                                                the class, or e-mail:

Office Hours:                                        By student request.

TARGET AUDIENCE AND TRANSFER: In accordance with state law, entering students are
directed into reading courses appropriate for addressing their academic needs and guiding them
toward college success. A student in ACSK 0033 College Reading may enroll in only one 1000
level course requiring college reading skills. College Reading is a non-transfer course.

CORE COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: All NWACC College Reading sections focus
on and measure demonstrated student learning in these core areas:
1.   Answer comprehension questions about reading selections
2.   Identify topics of paragraphs and longer selections
3.   Identify and articulate main ideas of paragraphs, whether they are directly stated or implied
4.   Identify and articulate thesis for multi-paragraph selections, whether they are directly stated
     or implied
5.   Identify major and minor supporting details
6.   Identify common writing patterns
7.   Formulate correct definitions of selected vocabulary words using context clues
8.   Apply critical reading skills, especially to materials which contain an author’s opinion
9.   Answer questions about selections when information is not directly stated

  1. Prepare for, attend, and participate in class on a regular basis
  2. Work in groups
  3. Preview and set goals for reading assignments
  4. Weekly reading assignments from various materials
  5. Summarize material using a variety of techniques
  6. Practice study skills such as note taking, outlining, mapping, highlighting, annotating
     text, and reviewing and rehearsing information for tests

Required: Opening Doors, Understanding College Reading, 4th Edition, by Joe Cortina and
Janet Elder, 2005. Other text supplements: Opening Doors Interactive CD-ROM for students.
Offers video and audio clips, puzzles, journaling, quizzes, Internet primer and Web links.

Other Resources:
From the publisher: Various Web addresses for additional materials.
Additionally from NWACC:
1. Supportive web sites, computer tutorials, supplemental worksheets, and reference materials
   in the Learning Lab.
2. Videos in NWACC’s Library
   “Success Through Notetaking: How to Map Your Way to Better Grades” LB 2395.25.S83
   “Test Taking Without Fear” LB 1049.T48 VHS
3. NWACC’s Life Development Center counseling service and programs.

REQUIRED FORMS OF ASSESSMENT:                         An end-of-semester assessment over all
College Reading classes provides grouped statistics regarding overall student learning in the
course. To assess the primary goal for College Reading course, an ACSK Developmental
Performance Report indicates that students who successful in College Reading succeed in
reading intensive general education college courses at a rate comparable to that of students
placed directly into those college level courses.


Tests/Exams:                          Grades will be determined from a point system.
                                      Classroom work, computer, and homework are 25 points
                                      each time I check/collect them; quizzes are 25 points each;
                                      mid-term exam = 200 points; and the final exam = 200
                                      points. {There will be approximately 1000 points total for
                                      this course.}

Grading:                              Grading Scale:
                                      90-100% = “A”
                                      80-89 % = “B”
                                      70-79 % = “C”
                                      60-69 % = “D”
                                      59 % and under = “F”

                                      NOTE: Students must achieve a grade of “C” or higher to
                                      proceed to the next sequenced course; a “D” or “F” does
                                      not demonstrate the appropriate skills to succeed at the next

Attendance/Make-up Policy: Late homework and absences where work done in class is
                                      missed will = a zero {0} for a grade. Please contact the
                                      instructor as soon as possible if any unusual situation
                                      exists. Students are responsible for contacting the
                       instructor when they miss a class {by e-mail or voice mail}
                       before the class meets to avoid an unexcused absence. An
                       unexcused absence means a zero {0} in homework, class
                       work, computer, quizzes, and/or any tests from that
                       absence. A student who is absent, with approval of the
                       instructor, must submit the work due from that absence the
                       next class period or it will be treated as an unexcused
                       absence. Class work, computer, quizzes, and/or tests may
                       be rescheduled only due to an emergency or unavoidable
                       situation, AND ONLY WITH PRIOR PERMISSION
                       OF INSTRUCTOR. It is strongly recommended that you
                       exchange contact information with another student {or
                       two} in the class so that you may receive class work, notes,
                       etc. if you are absent! Note: Usually 1-2 grades are dropped
                       as I know some absences are unavoidable, you’re having a
                       bad day, etc. This does not include mid term or final exam

Exit Criteria:          “Any student needs to perform at an overall grade of
                       “A”, “B”, or “C” to proceed to the next sequenced
                       course; a “D” or “F” letter grade does not signal
                       background skill to succeed at the next level.”

Withdrawal Deadline:   Students who wish to withdraw from a class should first
                       consult with their academic advisor, your instructor, or
                       Financial Aid advisor. An official Drop/Add Form from
                       Admissions and Records must be completed and turned
                       into to the Registrar’s Office by 4:00 pm on the last day to
                       withdraw which is November 4, 2005.

Additional Dates:      August 23          Classes begin
                       October 18         Mid-Term Exam
                       November 4         Last day to drop and
                                   receive a “W” on
                       November 23-25     Thanksgiving Break
                       December 13        Final Exam
Bad Weather Policy:              Cancellation of classes will be released to local T.V. and
                                 radio. Day classes announced by 6:00 a.m. and evening
                                 classes by 3:00 p.m. You may also call the Student
                                 Information Line: 619-4377 or look at NWACC’s
                                 homepage {} to find out.

disAbility Services:             “If you are a student with a disability who will be
                                 requesting accommodations, you should contact the Office
                                 of disAbility Services in Burns Hall, 619-4384. The
                                 director of disAbility Services, Dr. Mike Kirk, will meet
                                 with you and recommend appropriate accommodations and
                                 services after you have submitted the required

Family Educational Rights        NWACC is committed to your right to privacy as And
Privacy Act               outlined in the Family Educational Rights and
                   Privacy Act {FERPA.}

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