Why I Want to Be Confirmed

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					                   Why I Want to Be Confirmed

                                By Ian Newton

I wish to be confirmed for many reasons. It is the continuation of my growth in
faith, started when I was baptized as a baby at St. George. My journey continues
by attending mass and with sacrament of reconciliation in grade 2. It was my first
communion and first confession.
My first reason for wishing to be confirmed is to encounter God more fully and to
be the type of person God wishes me to be. I hope the process will guide me in
becoming a complete Christian, to be nourishes and to nourish others, to help
and heal and to be faithful.
Confirmation will help me understand what it means to be a Christian, and how
to live the life of the Christian in my community.
Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation, which is a starting point for my
continued life as a Christian. The sacraments are a learning and growth
experience for me.
It is a chance, as a teenager, to renew my baptismal vows made by my parents on
my behalf when I was a baby.
Since my first communion, I have wanted to continue on my journey of
sacraments that form the basis of my life.
I think confirmation will help me in making the many decisions ahead of me in
my life and understand more fully the teachings of my church.
My family supports me in my growth as a Christian. I am inspired by my
grandparents, Roy Taylor, who died five years ago, and Kathleen Taylor. My
sponsor is my aunt Teresa.
I have attended ceremonies of my cousins and have been moved.
I am looking forward to my confirmation.

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