For the past 5 years_ International Impact has been planning by Levone


									           For the past 5 years, International Impact has been planning
         service projects abroad for University of Illinois students during
          our winter and summer breaks. Completely student run, with a
           board of 10 members, we have completed projects in China,
                         Guatemala, Ecuador and Mexico.

                                           Our mission is to provide grassroots service to the
                                             international and campus community through
                                              volunteer experiences abroad (especially in
                                           developing countries), as well as to promote cross-
                                            cultural understanding and experiential learning.

        A project typically lasts for 2-4 weeks, with 8-12 student
    volunteers participating. We strive for diversity when choosing
    applicants for these projects and seek to promote cross-cultural
    understanding both within the group and on campus. Our motto
     is "service abroad to serve our campus," as we use the insight
     and knowledge gained from our projects abroad to benefit our
                        own campus community.

                       We currently offer projects to Guatemala and Ecuador. There is an
                         application process at the beginning of every spring and fall
                      semester. Everyone is welcome to apply—no language requirement,
                                all majors, from freshmen to graduate students!

  Check our website for details of our upcoming events! Our meetings are
every Thursday at 8:30 pm; just email us to be put on the mailing list to find
out the locations each week. Everyone is welcome even if you are not going
                    on a project the semester that you join!

                                                                                  Contact Information:



Project Descriptions: Summer 2006
Parroquia San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala

Organization Description: The Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota began its support of
Parroquia San Lucas during the 1960s. The parish helped develop a community
association that carries out a wide range of projects in the community.

       Note: Although we work with this Catholic mission, International Impact is not a
       religiously affiliated organization.

Field(s) of Work: education, agricultural development, health and housing

       Note: Some examples of past projects International Impact has worked on in San
       Lucas include building foundations for a school and a woman’s shelter; a
       landscaping project where we cleared rocks from an area where a playground was
       to be built; and sorting coffee beans. There is also the possibility of working with
       the mission’s medical clinic.

Location: San Lucas Tolimán is located on the shores of Lake Atitlan. The airplane
lands in Guatemala City, but the mission arranges for a car to pick us up and drop us off
when we arrive and depart.

International Impact’s Project History: This was the first project International Impact
ever did (2000) and it has become our much-loved classic project. We have volunteered
at this mission every year for the past 5 years and have developed a good relationship
with the Parroquia. Although Guatemala as a country is slowly recovering from a painful
35-year civil war that ended in 1996, this small town is truly idyllic with its natural
beauty and welcoming residents. The Parroquia has been present in San Lucas for 30
years and consequently, San Lucas residents are very hospitable and friendly to foreign
volunteers. Most volunteers at the mission are from high schools or other universities,
though there are some permanent older volunteers as well.

Payment: The only financial cost to volunteers is the airplane ticket and spending
money. The parish provides room and board.

Cost per Volunteer for Guatemala: 2005-2006
object                                                             cost ($)
Air Travel                                                         700
Other Travel                                                       100
Food/Lodging**                                                     100
Vaccinations                                                       150
Student Insurance                                                  30
Passport                                                           130
Total                                                              1210

**Though the mission provides housing and food at no cost, we ask that each student
donate at least $100. This is by no means required, but you must consider that the mission
will be taking care of us for three weeks.

Cielo Azul: Otavalo, Ecuador

Organization Description: “CIELO AZUL is a Non Governmental Organization
(NGO) for development. We are an independent, non-religious, politically neutral and a
non profit organization, with the principal objective of improving living conditions for
the most disadvantaged children, families and communities of Ecuador.”

Field(s) of Work: education, health education, small enterprise development, housing

Cielo Azul performs projects in education, production, and infrastructure. It aims to train
teachers, so hundreds of children can receive general education. It also helps the local
communities to attain economic and social independence. Both of these goals are
reached by building and sustaining the infrastructure required to run each one. For
example, Cielo Azul volunteers help construct and repair schools as well as water and
sewerage systems. International Impact project members will work with Cielo Azul to
help it attain its goals.

(All information about Cielo Azul was taken from

Location: Otavalo, Ecuador. The airplane will land in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, which
is a 2-hour bus ride away from Otavalo.

International Impact’s Project History: In 2002, International Impact organized a
project to Ecuador but it was not through this organization. In 2004, a very small project
went to Ecuador again and during their stay in Otavalo, they came across Cielo Azul.
Therefore, this is a familiar country for International Impact, though technically it is a
new project. We are excited to work with this new organization and are hoping to make
it another annual classic project like Guatemala.

Payment: No cost to volunteers—just responsible for an airplane ticket, bus
transportation and spending money. In exchange for their service, volunteers will be
provided meals and housing with a local family who has chosen to house volunteers. If
the group chooses not to do home-stays, it will be $7 a night for food and lodging at
Hostal El Geranio.

Cost per Volunteer for Ecuador: 2005-2006
object                                                             cost ($)
Air Travel                                                         750
Other Travel                                                       100
Food/Lodging**                                                     150
Vaccinations                                                       150
Student Insurance                                                  30
Passport                                                           130
Total                                                              1310

**This would cover either a recommended donation to the organization for roughly three
weeks of housing and food, or the $7 per night to stay on the hostel.


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