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									                                                                           CHF - Seminar in Family Studies & Practicum - Dr. Joyce Buck
                                                                                                  Service - Learning Opportunities
                                                                                                                  Spring 2007

    Organization                             Mission                                                  Service                                             Location                      Time & Other                          Contact
                           Tutoring program in schools in Davis          Tutor students in schools in Davis county.                             Salt Lake to Davis County Flexible hours between 8:30          Steve Mullins
                           County. Part of America Reads                                                                                                                       am and 5:30 pm depending on     725-9169 (cell)

 America Reads Davis       program.                                                                                                                                            the school of placement.
                                                                                                                                                                               Some schools have after
                                                                                                                                                                               school programs.

                           Processes all arrested or charged             Mentoring Program for Court-Involved Youth:                            444 26th Street                Mentoring Program for Court- Chris Wilson
                                                                         This is a program that is being established to help court-involved
                           juveniles and families through the                                                                                   Ogden, UT                      Involved Youth:                 Juvenile Program Coordinator III
                                                                         youth become contributing members of their community through
                           juvenile justice system.                                                                                                                            Need at least 5 mentors.        626-3826
                                                                         supportive one-on-one relationships with positive adult role models.
                                                                         Role models must be 21 years of age or older (which might mean                                        Mentors will meet weekly with
                                                                         this is better fit for upper division courses). Time commitment may                                   their mentees.
Second District Juvenile                                                 work well for practicum, internships, or fieldwork credit (which
                                                                         can all be service-learning experiences). Training opportunities
         Court                                                                                                                                                                 Tutoring Court-Involved
                                                                         Tutoring Court-Involved Youth:                                                                        Contact Chris Wilson for more
                                                                         A tutoring program for court-involved youth. It meets once a week                                     information.
                                                                         and WSU students would be working one-on-one with youth. This is
                                                                         a supervised setting so WSU students will tutor the youth in the
                                                                         presence of program staff.
                           General Tutoring:                             General Tutoring:                                                      General Tutoring:              Time schedule to be worked      General Tutoring & AVID Program:
                           Tutoring program for schools with             Tutor students one on one. Teachers decide needs of students.          Elementary, Middle, and High                                   Kate Bideaux
                                                                                                                                                                               out with counselor and
                           predominantly low-income students.                                                                                   Schools in the Ogden City                                      430-3568
                                                                                                                                                                               teachers during school hours.
                                                                         AVID Program:                                                          School District
                           AVID Program:                                 A key component to getting students to college is putting them on                                                                     HOSTS Program:
                           (Advancement Via Individual Determination)    a college campus early and often. WSU students could design and        AVID Program:                  Individuals needed.             Marlene - Highland Middle School
                           The teacher's of four 7th grade classes at    give campus tours and organize the participation of the 7th grade      The four middle schools in                                     737-7713
Tutoring in Ogden City     all four middle schools in Ogden would like   students in university events over the course of the semester.         Ogden City
    School District        their students to have experiences on                                                                                                                                               Sarah Wilcox - Mt. Ogden Middle
                           WSU's campus. These four classes              HOSTS Program:                                                         HOSTS Program:                                                 School
                           participate in the AVID program, which is     The HOSTS Program is a tutoring program located in Highland            Highland Middle School and                                     393-0348
                           designed to help make students college        Middle School and Mt. Ogden Middle School. WSU students would Mt. Ogden Middle School
                           bound.                                        be involved in one-on-one tutoring for students who are struggling
                           HOSTS Program:
                           Helping One Student To Succeed.
                                                                         Short-term and Long-term Volunteers Needed                             5320 Adams Avenue              7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday - Nate Taggart
                                                                         Working with small groups of children to improve their                 Parkway                        Friday)                         476-7821
Weber School District                                                    reading and academic skills. Clerical assistance in the                Ogden, UT 84405
                                                                         district office is also needed.

                        This special program provides for education      Practicum Opportunities available:                         2660 Lincoln Ave       Varies                         Sam Sherrow (Ogden)
                        of youths who are in the custody of state
                                                                         Family and individual counseling, youth mentoring, caring Ogden, UT 84401                                        778-6508
                        agencies for reasons of neglect, dependence,
                                                                         for youth living there waiting to be placed, and many                             Sam is willing to come speak to or
                        or delinquency. The goal of all custody
                        programs for youth is successful release, not other opportunities.                                          1353 N. Hwy 89         classes. Individuals are       Ken
                        continued custody. Education programs to                                                                    Farmington, UT         welcome to come and see what 778-6500
      Archway           which youth in custody are assigned are to                                                                                         they do.
                        meet applicable standards approved by the
                                                                                                                                                                                          Shirley Eggli (Farmington)
                        State Board of Education. All youth in
                        custody education services are closely
                        coordinated with related social service and
                        judicial agency services to enhance
                        effectiveness and avoid duplication.
                        Since early 1980s, Big Brothers Big Sisters      Long-term volunteers needed for mentors and office         2261 Adams Ave.        8 am to 4 pm (Monday-Friday) Anita McHall
                        of Utah has been creating magic in people's
                                                                         work (at least one-year commitment). Groups are also       Suite 201                                             689-1709
                        lives. BBBS works to help boys and girls
                                                                         welcome for fundraising.                                   Ogden, UT 84401
                        achieve their potential through positive adult
                        relationships. A volunteer does not need any
    Big Brothers                                                         Volunteers are also needed for the in-school program to
                        special skills to be a Big Brother or Big
Big Sisters of Utah     Sister. They only need to be interested in       assist with lunchtime, reading books and at-school
                        sharing special moments with a child. Just by
                        sharing experiences, celebrating
                        accomplishments, and listening to a child's
                        concerns, a Big Brother or Big Sister can
                        make a difference to a child.
                                                                         Long-term and Short-term Volunteers Needed:                3564 Lincoln Ave.      10 am to 4:30 pm (Monday,      Joanne Howell
                                                                         A service given by caring people to help any woman or      Suite 3A               Wednesday & Thursday)          392-1576
Birthright of Ogden                                                      girl who is pregnant and has a problem, free pregnancy     Ogden, UT 84401        11 am to 2 pm (Tuesday)
                                                                         tests, counseling, and baby clothes.

                        To enable all young people, especially           Best Friends: A Mentoring Program:                         1821 W Iomega Dr.      Flexible time commitment.      Anna White
                        those who need us most, to reach                 One on one mentoring between caring adults and             Roy, UT 84067                                         332-5805 or
                        their full potential as productive,              children between the ages of 7 and 13. Supervised, fun                                                 
                        caring, responsible citizens.                    activities are available for all participants three times a 2475 Washington
                                                                         month, and one on one outings are encouraged.              Boulevard, 5th Floor                                  McKell Warburton
                                                                         Extensive screening process required for all volunteers. Ogden, UT 84401                                         395-9214 or
Boys & Girls Clubs of                                                    This program is a lot of fun & provides a huge impact in                                               
   Weber - Davis                                                         a child's life!                                                                                                  Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (M-F)

                                                                         One-time, Short & Long-term Volunteers Needed:                                                                   WSU Contact:
                                                                         recreation and educational opportunities in after school                                                         Steven Toller
                                                                         program. Can work with student schedules.                                                                        392-9069, 628-4738 or
                           We work with youth we hope to divert Volunteers to Juvenile Justice Services are given                       2465 N Main, Suite 13A    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.            Jill Merritt
                           from entering the juvenile justice                opportunities to provide service and friendship to         Sunset, UT 84015                                           774-8767, Ext. 510
                           system through Youth Services, with               delinquent youth in both secure facilities and community                                                    
                           serious youthful offenders who have               based programs. Experiences include recreational
                           been court ordered to secure                      activities, crafts and hobbies, spiritual issues,
                           confinement, and a variety of youth               mentoring, educational/therapeutic groups, special
  Division of Juvenile
                           who fall between these two                        events, holiday service projects and fund-raising.
                           categories.                                       Background checks are required for individual
                                                                    (for volunteer opportunities)

                                                                             Practicum Opportunities also available.

                           Provide Girl Scout opportunities to               Short and Long-term Volunteers Needed:                     4161 S. Riverdale Road    12 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (Tuesday -   Diane Bailey
                           girls ages 5-17 through various                                                                              Riverdale, UT 84405       Friday)                          394-3077
                           programs and activities that help girls
                           grow strong in character, values,                 Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                               Practicum Opportunities:
  Girl Scouts of Utah      interests, self-esteem, and skills.               Work with “Daisies,” girl scouts from 5 to 17 years old;                                                              Rita Martin or Natalie
                                                                             workshop presentations; life management skills;                                                                       394-3077
                                                                             program aid (work with adult leaders to teach
                                                                             relationship skills, science, math, camp skills).

                                                                             Short & Long-term Volunteers Needed                        2444 Adams Avenue         During the hours of 2:00 p.m.    Jan Smith
                                                                             Working with Elementary and Jr. High after school          Ogden, UT 84401           to 5:00/5:30 p.m.                737-8831
Ogden Weber Extended
                                                                             academic and social activities. during the hours of 2:00
    School Programs
                                                                             p.m. to 5:00/5:30 p.m.

                           Utah's Youth and Families with Promise            Practicum Opportunities available:                         1181 N. Fairgrounds Dr.                                    Treby Miller
                           Program (YFP) is designed to address youth
                                                                             One on one mentoring program with at risk youth; some      Ogden, Utah 84404                                          399-8212
                           problems through early intervention with at-
                                                                             activities already scheduled some training                                                                  
                           risk youth, ages 10-14, and their families. YFP
                           is a two level mentoring program (young-adult required/provided
                           individual mentors and grandparent-age
                           mentor couples) designed to reduce and
Youth and Families With prevent delinquent behavior. The program
        Promise         addresses 3 goals: improve academic
                           increase interpersonal competence; and
                           strengthen family bonds. Mentors establish
                           caring relationships with the identified youth
                           and his or her family through providing
                           motivation in reading and academic skills and
                           by participating with them in structured
                           Local program that promotes a family- Youth Impact needs supervisors/mentors for the                         2305 Grant Ave.           M-Th 3pm – 8pm                   Donnell Butler
                           like atmosphere that addresses the                various activities it provides for youth. Volunteers are   Ogden, UT                                                  Youth Impact
                           needs and fills voids in the lives of             welcome to express interests and hobbies with                                                                         612-3001
                           inner city Ogden youth (ages 10-18).              participants.
     Youth Impact                                                                                                                                                                                  Practicum Opportunities:
                                                                             Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                               Robb Hall
                                                                             Comprehensive offerings for at-risk 4th-12th grade                                                                    612-3001
                                                                             children: tutoring, counseling, games, crafts.
                         Groups for children 10 yrs and older.      Practicum Opportunities available:                          1353 North 1075 West,                              Mike Brooke
                         No cost for group or family therapy.       working with troubled youth and their                       Suite 101                                          447-0958
Youth Outreach Center: Evening groups include anger                 families/parenting groups/training in public schools        Farmington, UT
 Family and Individual   management, self-esteem, love and
      Counseling         logic for kids. Call for a current class
                         list or additional information.


                         After school program in elementary         Mentor elementary students in Ogden school district.        TBA                     3-5:30 pm                  Jayrod Garrett -
                                                                    Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                        695-3525
        CARES                                                       After school programs at 8 sites: elementary and middle
                                                                    school; 2:30- 5:30pm weekdays                                                                                  Practicum Opportunities:
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jan Smith
                         We offer:                                  Practicum Opportunities available:                          100 East 4150 South                                Linda Anderson
                         - Classes for parents and guardians on Parent education program, home visits, mentoring, and           South Ogden, Utah                                  626-2509
                         different issues.                          after school program                                        84405                                    
                         - Check-out library with educational
                         toys and games for families to use.
     Club Heights        - Check-out library with books and
  Elementary: Family     other materials covering many issues
   Resource Center       of importance to families.
                         - Free computer lab that is internet
                         - Help in connecting with community

                         A children's museum in the Gateway         We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in fields     444 West 100 South      10 am to 9 pm (Monday &    Melissa Tyler
                         Mall dedicated to helping kids             that can relate to one's major/interest. Most               SLC, UT 84101           Friday)                    Volunteer Coordinator
                         imagine, explore, and discover.            volunteers will act as Museum Hosts, guiding guests                                 10 am to 6 pm (Tuesday -   801-456-5437, ext. 135
                                                                    throughout the museum and demonstrating how to                                      Thursday & Saturday)
                                                                    interact or play in each gallery.                                                   12 pm to 6 pm (Sunday)
  Discovery Gateway
                                                                    Volunteers are required to volunteer 2 hours a week or
                                                                    4 hours per month for at least 3 month's or longer
                                                                    (flexible). Schedules are arranged to fit the volunteers'
                    "The Davis County Early Childhood                Short and Long-Term Volunteers Needed:                       320 South 500 East       8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Monday - Brett Lund
                    Programs will build a better future by Looking for volunteers who enjoy interacting with young Kaysville, UT 84037                     Friday)                         402-0664
                    forming cooperative partnerships with children (0-5 year olds) and are willing to invest their
                    families and communities to help                 time in mentoring Head Start kids. Opportunities for                                                                  Practicum Opportunities:
                    achieve success for each child and               service include: reading and playing with children in the                                                             Judy Jackson
                    family."                                         classroom, participating in family support activities, and                                                            801-402-7309
Family Enrichment                                                    office support. Whether you have one hour or one                                                                      Ext. 141
     Center                                                          hundred hours to give, you can make a difference in the
                                                                     life of a child.

                                                                     Practicum Opportunities also available:
                                                                     28 classrooms and 3 centers/early intervention serving
                                                                     low income preschoolers and families, disabled
                                                                     children/teen-parent school
                    This program was established in 1992 as a        There are opportunities for WSU service-learning             Varies                   Varies                          Joan Triplett
                    collaborative effort between Ogden City
                                                                     students to participate in every facet of this program.                                                               737-7365
                    School District and the Weber State
                                                                     One might tutor in the GED/ESL classes, assist in the                                                       
                    University Family Literacy Project. The
                    program serves approximately 50 to 60            preschool classroom, or assist the Family Literacy
                    families per year promoting intergenerational Facilitator on home visits. Currently there is an acute                                                                  Practicum Opportunities also
                    literacy activities, adult education, and        need for people who can speak Spanish and/or tutor                                                                    available:
                    literacy among children. There are three
                                                                     math for the GED students.                                                                                            Rose Ulibarri
                    main components to the program: Adult
Ogden Even Start    Education including GED/ESL; a cognitively
                    focused pre-school located on the OCSD           Students in many disciplines across campus will have
                    campus; and home visits by the Family            something to contribute to the program.
                    Literacy Facilitators who are trained in the
                    Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum. The
                                                                     Practicum Opportunities also available:
                    project serves the inner-city section of
                                                                     Children’s pre-school teacher assistant; parent training.
                    Ogden City, which has been classified as an
                    "enterprise" zone and 86% of families served
                    live in poverty. The vast majority (nearly
                    90%) of the participating families are English
                    Language Learners.
                    Child development, social work,                  Head Start Program:                                          3159 Grant Ave.          Scheduling is flexible but      Daneec Ipsen
                    sociology, and/or office procedures              In classroom tutoring, reading, assisting the teacher        Ogden, UT 84401          most service would take place   399-9281
                    are critical to the Head Start                   with curriculum and other opportunities.                     There are 18 different   between 8 am and 5 pm. Some Ext. 342
                    program (a pre-school program for                                                                             Head Start sites in      evening opportunities
                    low-income children).                            General Service Needs:                                       Weber County. You could available.                       Practicum Opportunities also
                    GED Class                                        Volunteers are needed to provide classroom, janitorial       be working at any of                                     available:
 Ogden – Weber      ESL Class                                        and kitchen assistance. New book for kids; fundraiser        these sites.                                             George Womack
Community Action    Youth Connection Class                           for books.                                                                                                            399-9281
   Partnership      Family Advocacy Program                                                                                                                                                Ext. 315
                                                                     Practicum Opportunities also available:
                                                                     Classes for disadvantaged pre-school children/support
                                                                     for families in crisis. Some positions are paid--request
                                                                     working with/as a Family Advocate.
                          Serves children and families by           Volunteers are needed for interaction with families                 347 22nd Street        See Treehouse Museum           WSU First Year Experience
                          providing interactive, hands-on           and children on a daily basis or for a one-time event.              Ogden, Utah            Service Learning Project Sign- Student Service Center 219
                          exhibits and programs focusing on         Interact with children by telling stories, teaching art                                    up sheet.                      626-6081 or
 Treehouse Children's     family literacy, children's literature,   projects, working with the Museum's many exhibits, all
       Museum             the arts, and the humanities.             while encouraging literacy and learning in children.


                          Crisis respite for children.              Practicum Opportunities available:                                  276 N 200 E                                           Katy Bonds
   Box Elder Family                                                 Parent education classes, parent advocate, crisis respite Brigham City, UT                                                435-723-6010
    Support Center                                                  nursery

                          Child abuse prevention, parent            Child Care:                                                         1360 E 1450 S          M-F 8:30am - 7pm               Child Care:
                                                                    Provide care of children in crisis center & day care.
                          education services, crisis, respite                                                                           Clearfield, UT 84015   Child Care:                    Sally Willard
                          nursery, prevention programs in                                                                                                      Must pass background check     773-0712
                                                                    Short-term Volunteers Needed:
                          therapy, emergency assistance, and        Help needed to work in warehouse sorting and organizing food,       130 E. 100 North       Only 2 volunteers at a time.
                          transitional housing. Many classes,       general cleaning. Help in Thrift Store organizing clothes, and      Bountiful, UT                                         Short-term and Long-term
                          groups and workshops.                     stocking shelves.                                                                          Short-term and Long-term       Volunteers:
Davis Family Connection                                                                                                                                        Volunteers:                    Practicum Opportunities:
        Center                                                      Long-term Volunteers Needed:
                                                                                                                                                               9 am - 5 pm (Monday-Friday)    Amanda Hague
                                                                    For long-term volunteer opportunities go to:

                                                                    Practicum Opportunities also available:
                                                                    Variety of family services including an outreach parent education
                                                                    Requires a 6 month commitment

                          The Mission of Child and Family           Practicum Opportunities available:                                  950 East 25th Street                                  Pam Takos
                          Services is to protect children at risk Pay: $7.25/hr. Requires 12 hours training which is                    Ogden, UT 84401                                       397-1363
                          of abuse, neglect, or dependency. We provided.
 Division of Child and do this by working with families to
Family Services, State provide safety, nurturing, and
        of Utah        permanence. We lead in a partnership
                          with the community in this effort.

                          Serves as a collection and distribution Short-term Volunteer:                                                 875 E Hwy 193          M-F 9am - 5pm                  Short-term Volunteer
                          point for food in Davis County.           Boxing food, warehouse, cleaning, and whatever else                 Layton, UT 84040       Sat. 9am - 1pm                 Coordinator:
                          Serving Davis County families in need they need help with.                                                                                                          Debbie Curry
                          with emergency food supplies.                                                                                                                                       771-4642
                                                                    For long-term volunteer opportunities go to:
  East Layton Family
                                                                                                                                                  Long-term Volunteer
 Connection Center &
Davis County Food Bank
                                                                    Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                                   Practicum Opportunities:
                                                                    Variety of family services including an outreach parent                                                                   Amanda Hague
                                                                    education program.                                                                                                        771-4642
                                                                    Requires a 6 month commitment
                        A Center for Grieving Children was      Short and Long-term Volunteers Needed:                      560 39th Street           9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday - Barbara Norris
                        created to assist children and their    Support children ages 2-19 who are grieving due to          South Ogden, UT 84403     Friday)                        476-1127
                        families through the grief process by death of a loved one, divorce or separation - adults,                                                        
                        encouraging them to share their         children, teens, families and foster care.
   Family Summit
                        feelings with others who have                                                                                                                                Practicum Opportunities also
Foundation: A Center
                        experienced a similar loss.             Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                              available:
For Grieving Children
                                                                Work with children suffering loss from                                                                               Megan Keeny
                                                                divorce/death/separation.                                                                                            476-1127
                                                                Requires 14 hours of training, which is provided.

                        A non-profit agency dedicated to                                                                    1181 S. Christmas Box     9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday - Jodi Nash (out on Maternity
                        serving families to prevent and                                                                     Lane                      Friday)                        leave)
                        alleviate the risk of child abuse                                                                   Ogden, UT 84404                                          Temporary contact is:
                        through prevention and education by                                                                                                                          Erin Shepherd
                        providing in-home parenting classes     Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                              393-3113
Family Support Center
                        and crisis nursery.                     Work with parents or children/variety of services
                                                                provided on weekends and evenings.                                                                                   Practicum Opportunities:
                                                                                                                                                                                     Pam Clark or Jodi Nash

                        Intermountain Healthcare is an          Students will work with the Language Program                4401 Harrison Blvd.       Varies                         Arlene Anderson
                        organization driven by a mission of     Coordinator to provide Spanish translation for the          Ogden, UT 84403                                          387-3133
                        excellence in the provision of health   patients and medical staff at McKay-Dee Hospital.                                                                    499-9064 (work cell)
                        care services to communities in the
                        intermountain region. The mission of    Practicum Opportunities also available:                                                                              Practicum Opportunities:
                        Intermountain includes a commitment
                        to provide care to those with a         McKay-Dee Hospital: Women & Children:                                                                                McKay-Dee Hospital: Women
                        medical need, regardless of ability to Patient and parent family assessment; work with multi-                                                                & Children:
     McKay Dee
                        pay.                                    disciplinary team to provide in-hospital & post- hospital                                                            Lisa Cunliff
                                                                services.                                                                                                            387-4344

                                                                McKay-Dee Child life Specialist:                                                                                     McKay-Dee Child life
                                                                Assessment/family crisis support/sharpen Family                                                                      Specialist:
                                                                Studies skills                                                                                                       Sally Jones
                                                                (work under a Child Life Specialist)                                                                                 387-4225

                        Free pregnancy tests, peer counseling Short-term and Long-term Volunteers Needed                    2909 Washington           10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday -Tammy Leake
                        and education on abortion, abortion                                                                 Boulevard Suite 105       Friday)                        612-9293
Pregnancy Care Center   alternatives, and post abortion                                                                     (inside Nehemia Center)
                        counseling/support groups.                                                                          Ogden, UT 84401
                            RISE, Inc. is a not-for-profit                Practicum Opportunities available:                                     856 24th St                                              Yvonne
                            organization that contracts with              One on one support of adults and children with                         Ogden, UT 84401                                          399-1496
                            state government to provide support           developmental disabilities in many programs: After                                                                              Ext. 100
                            programs for people with a variety of school, group home, community, and parent support.
                            disabilities. RISE specializes in home        Paid position with flexible hours; requires training
                            and community-based services for              (provided) and long term commitment.
                            over 1200 children and adults with
     RISE, Inc.             disabilities. We believe people are
                            best supported in families, homes of
                            their own, vocational and small
                            residential settings in the community.
                            Our services and training are as
                            varied as the people we support.

                            We are in need of basic items to keep the     Safe Harbor Wish List:                                                 Please contact Kaylana    Varies                         Kaylana Gertch
                            shelter well-stocked, as well as to assist    Below is the address to the current list of items that are needed
                                                                                                                                                 for address if you are                                   801-444-3191
    Safe Harbor             families as they transition into new homes.   at Safe Harbor. Items in great need are bolded.
                                                                                                                                                 going to volunteer.
Davis Citizens' Coalition   As a nonprofit organization, we are always    Because of space constraints, we are only accepting NEW items at
    Against Violence        appreciative of donations from the            this time. Please visit this page often, as we update this wish list
        (DCCAV)             community, monetary or otherwise.             on a regular basis.

                            We build futures and unify families to Practicum Opportunities available:                                            529-25th Street                                          Carol Russell
                            stop generational substance abuse,            Residential treatment for adults whose families are                    Ogden, UT                                                392-5971
                            child abuse and domestic violence.            involved with alcohol and drug abuse. Teach relationship
                            This is accomplished by providing             skills, self-esteem, crisis management, and other life
   Serenity House
                            quality, affordable, substance abuse          skills. (Possible internship.)
                            treatment, education, and prevention          parenting classes
                            services to those who are in need.

                            To enhance economic opportunities             Practicum Opportunities available:                                     1181 N. Fairgrounds Dr.                                  Teresa Hunsaker
                            and quality of life among families and teach parenting workshops; research; data collection                          Ogden, Utah 84404                                        399-8200
                            communities. FCS supports this goal           parenting classes, and many other opportunities.                                                                      
                            by focusing on how individuals and
                            families obtain and use resources
                            such as money, time, human capital,
                            material resources, and community
 U.S.U. Extension
                            services. We also focus on exploring
                            the relationship between individuals
                            and families and the larger economy
                            as well as studying the impact of
                            public issues, policies, and programs
                            on family economic well-being.

                                                                          Short-term and Long-term Volunteers Needed                             1181 Christmas Box Lane   8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday - Tony Carroll
                                                                          Assist foster families, Division of Child & Family                     Ogden, UT 84404           Friday)                        392-1114
 Utah Foster Care                                                         Services in meeting the needs of foster children.                                                                     
     Foundation                                                           Various positions available. Mentoring, service drives,
                                                                          and holiday event help needed.
      To provide services to support and       Serve low-income individuals and those in crisis under    2261 Adams Ave.   TBA   Mary Harkness -
      enhance the quality of life for all      the guidance of the YCC.                                  Ogden, UT 84401
      women, children and families. By                                                                                           782-5846
      maintaining a structure of fulfillment Domestic Violence/Rape Advocacy Program:
      through three program centers and        Long-term Volunteers Needed (1-year commitment)                                   Domestic Violence/Rape
      community outreach programs, at-risk Training for on-call 24-hour advocacy program for                                     Advocacy Program:
      families and individuals are given the   victims of rape and/or domestic violence. A volunteer                             Al Harris
      opportunity to influence conditions      will respond to the hospital (rape victims) or to the                             394-9456, ext. 130
      which risk their future.                 scene of the violence once the area is secure.
                                                                                                                                 Practicum Opportunities:
                                               Practicum Opportunities also available:                                           Shirley
                                               Teach parenting skills, self esteem, relationships; co-                           394-9456
                                               facilitate after observing 2-4 sessions.
                                               Background check required

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