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Bury Regeneration Strategy by Levone

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									                  Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003


BUILD ON         Publish and implement the              Bury’s Community Strategy and local community plans
COMMUNITY         Community Strategy and 6 local          were published in October 2001. The Area Boards co-
IDENTITY          community strategies (Bury MBC          ordinate the delivery of Local Community Plan. The plans
                  CPRU)                                   were developed in consultation and involving the active
                                                          participation of local people to map out what changes
                                                          people wanted to see in their area over the next three
                 Improve the involvement of local       The development of the area board structure and Area
                  people in decision making (Bury         Co-ordinators are aimed at increasing the involvement of
                  MBC CPRU)                               people in decision making. Area Boards have been in
                                                          existence in Bury since September 1999 and provide a
                                                          link between local people and council services enabling
                                                          local residents to have a real say in the decisions
                                                          affecting their community. Meetings are held in public at
                                                          local venues and there is an Open Forum at every
                                                          meeting where members of the public may ask questions
                                                          about any issue that is of local concern.
                 Support and promote community          Each Board is supported by an Area Co-ordinator, whose
                  development and empowerment             role includes developing the capacity of local groups to
                  initiatives (Bury MBC CPRU)             influence how decisions are made and to co-ordinate
                                                          multi agency responses to particular issues.
                                                         Continued development of Tenants and Residents
                                                          Associations. Innovative means of involving local people
                                                          are being explored including a virtual citizen panel.
                 Undertake an audit to recognise the    Bury College operate an Asban volunteering certificate
                  skills offered by the community &       programme attempts to accredit the skills of community
                  develop accreditation of skills         representatives.
                 Build the capacity of the community    Community development is ongoing in East Bury funded

             Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

             (Bury CVS)                               by the SRB round 5 East Bury initiative, under which
                                                      regular meetings of the Community Capacity Building
                                                      theme group are held. 6 new projects have commenced.
                                                     Bury CVS have submitted a bid for a community
                                                      development worker for Radcliffe.
            Improve provision of community          An additional community resource has been opened in
             facilities (Bury CVS)                    Hornby Street in East Bury and a feasibility study is
                                                      currently underway for a one stop advice and resource
                                                      centre in Radcliffe.
                                                     The Walnut Avenue Allotments, part funded by the East
                                                      Bury Initiative, are developing into a Community Drop in
            Implement township policing             Ongoing. Township Police continue to be involved with
             methods & involve township               initiatives at a local level. There are places for the Police
             inspectors in area boards (Police)       among other stakeholders on all area boards.
            Provide funding for local groups &      Community groups are continuing to benefit from
             projects (Bury MBC CPRU & ED)            kickstart grants in all six area boards.
                                                     Community groups in East Bury can access up to £5,000
                                                      through the Community Development fund. Successful
                                                      schemes include crime prevention measures, support for
                                                      a youth football team and facilities at Walnut Avenue
                                                     Ten business start-ups, from groups under represented
                                                      in the labour market, have benefited from nearly £24,000
                                                      of Global Grants.
           Support residents of the Hillocks        The Rivers Housing Association regeneration programme
            Estate to develop new                     is continuing on the Hillock Estate and includes both
            management arrangements                   refurbishment and community development.
COMBAT   Tackle poverty and social exclusion:
SOCIAL    Maximise impact of New Deal               New Deal has had a marked impact on Bury with Bury

                  Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

EXCLUSION         initiative (Job Centre Plus)             having the greatest proportion of New Deal leavers
                                                           securing employment at 53.7%, the Greatest in GM and
                                                           above national average.
                 Maximise take up of benefits (Bury      As part of the CLSP 4 benefit campaigns are planned for
                  MBC Benefits)                            the next 12 months. Not all campaigns will focus
                                                           primarily on Housing/Council Tax Benefit but on Welfare
                                                           Benefits in general. The first campaign is currently being
                                                          Secondly as part of the annual billing process etc. All
                                                           75,000 households will receive a leaflet on Housing/
                                                           Council Tax benefit and giving advice and contact
                                                           numbers if further information is required.
                                                          We have taken part in other campaigns throughout the
                                                           year, ie. people over the age of 50, which was held at the
                                                           Town Hall and more recently in conjunction with the
                                                           Jobcentre Plus based at the market in Radcliffe.
                                                          Actions to raise awareness from adverts in local press,
                                                           magazines in supermakets, mailshots and on buses.
                 Provide money and debt advice           Delivered as part of the Citizens Advice Bureau’s main
                  (Bury CAB)                               activities across the Borough. They also run an outreach
                                                           service in Bury East, a 5 day a week telephone help line
                                                           and home visiting service.
                 Promote social inclusion through        Social Inclusion Plan adopted 2001 and agreed as
                  implementation of the Social             corporate objective. All SDDP’s to include social
                  Inclusion Plan (Bury MBC CPRU)           inclusion. Action Plan is to be reviewed in near future to
                                                           take into account community cohesion agenda.
DELIVER          Promote local labour and supply         Building Links continues to be funded by the SRB5
LOCAL BENEFIT     initiatives (Building Links)             initiative giving people from a targeted regeneration area
                                                           the opportunity to access employment in the construction
                                                           industry. 6 individuals have been assisted and are now

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                            working in the construction industry.
   Tackle barriers to employment          Bury College are offering a call centre course to part-time
    (Bury College)                          and unemployed opening up new employment
                                            opportunities to disadvantaged groups.
   Improve employability of               A ‘Tackling Barriers to employment in the Asian
    disadvantaged groups (BEST)             Community’ initiative brought various stakeholders
                                            together and led to additional language classes and
                                            linking to the appointment of workers to aimed at getting
                                            people into employment.
                                           Bury Employment Support and Training (BEST) have
                                            successfully acquired EQUAL funding to test their
                                            approach at getting people into employment with other
                                            disadvantaged groups including ethnic minorities.
                                           Two workers have been employed to work with ethnic
                                            minorities in East Bury contributing to the tackling
                                            barriers to employment in the Asian community initiative.
                                           A number of working groups have been established to
                                            take forward the themes of the Joint Investment Plan
                                            Welfare to Work to improve access to employment for
                                            disabled people.
   Promote equal opportunities of         The SRB3 funded ‘Reaching out to Young Business’
    young people (Princes Trust)            successful increased the number of young people
                                            accessing services to set up their own business and is
                                            being continued funded by the Small Business Service.
                                           The Princes Trust project ‘Helping Young People into
                                            Business, funded by the European Action Plan, is
                                            established and have so far assisted 8 companies
                                            leading to the creation 10 new jobs.
   Seek funding to develop more           Funding for a Homeworking Officer has been secured
    flexible forms of working (Bury MBC     and the Homeworking officer is undertaking outreach
    Economic Development)

                   Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                              work as well as promoting the service through leaflets,
                                                              presentations and press releases.
                  Promote and support alternative           The contract of the Community Economic Development
                   economic systems and Community             worker has been extended and she is continuing to work
                   Economic Development (Bury CVS)            to establish community enterprises around the Borough,
                                                              including a Healthy Eating Co-op in Radcliffe and is
                                                              working to set up a workers co-operative.
                                                             The furniture recycling project is currently seeking
                                                              additional resources.
                  Maximise local delivery via               Two ICT Community Learning Centres have now been
                   partnerships through delivery of           opened in Radcliffe and East Bury as part of a drive
                   training in community/voluntary            towards community facilities.
                   sectors facilities (Bury LP)              £70,000 has been secured from the North West
                                                              Broadband fund to encourage e-learning in community
                                                              facilities in targeted regeneration areas targeting groups
                                                              who would not normally participate.
REDUCE CRIME      Implement actions identified in Bury      Crime issues are guided by the theme of Bury’s
AND FEAR OF        Crime & Disorder Reduction                 Community Strategy ‘Making our Communities Safer’.
CRIME              Strategy (Bury Community Safety            Community Safety Issues are overseen by Bury
                   Partnership)                               Community Safety Partnerships and guided through the
                                                              Bury Crime and Disorder Strategy. An updated strategy
                                                              has been produced in 2002.
                                                             Local Community Safety Partnerships have been
                                                              established at area board level, piloted in Radcliffe, and
                                                              look into issues affecting those particular areas to feed
                                                              back into the wider Partnership.
                  Ensure patrolling officers are fully      Operational Policing Unit briefs officers on weekly basis
                   briefed about crime trends (Police)        as part of the Operational Policing Strategy.
                  Implement measures to reduce              Ongoing activities of DAT and progress made on each
                   drug misuse and alcohol abuse              target. Wide variety of projects supported involving

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

    (Drug Action Team - DAT)              prevention activities/treatment and criminal justice
                                          intervention and a number of projects to divert drug users
                                          by tackling and challenging their drug use. DAT are
                                          attempting to get a more unified strategy bringing
                                          together all the organisations working with drug users.
                                          leading to increasing & improved exchange of information
                                          with a central person to collate information. Police
                                          strategy has been to gather intelligence on supply.
   Reduce number of incidents           Encouraging participation and involvement through youth
    involving young people (Youth         forums is ongoing and quarterly reports are submitted to
    Action Team -YOT)                     the crime & disorder partnership. 19 forums held
                                          involving 230 young people (Nov 2002)
                                         8 new facilities (Nov 2002) to divert people from
                                          offending including Radcliffe Stake Park opened late
Build safer neighbourhoods through:
 Tackling anti-social behaviours        3-4 neighbourhood wardens in East Ward, part funded by
   through neighbourhood                  SRB5 and 5 neighbourhood wardens based on the
   management and neighbourhood           Hillock and Victoria Estates in Whitefield, as part of a
   wardens (Bury MBC Housing              joint venture with Riverside Housing Association.
   Services/GM Police)                   A multi-agency approach to tackling anti-social behaviour
                                          is undertaken through Local CSP. GM Police also can
                                          apply for anti-social behaviour orders (ASBO’s). Private
                                          landlords can apply for ASBO’s from April 2003.
   Implementation of a phased           16 Community Safety wardens in Bury, Radcliffe,
    programme of Community Safety         Whitefield, Prestwich, Tottington and Ramsbottom town
    measures (Community Safety            centres. To date 55% of those who have left have gained
    Warden/GM Police)                     full time employment.
                                         CCTV went live in Radcliffe and Prestwich early 2003.
                                          Police Community Support Officers (10 in Bury) dealing

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                             with low level anti-social behaviour. Implementation of
                                             CCTV within licenced premises in Bury Town Centre
                                             complementing Safe & Sound Initiative.
   Design out crime in public areas        GM Police Architectural Liaison & Crime Reduction
    (GM Police)                              Officers – 4 secure by design car parks in Bury. Planning
                                             applications referred to police for consultation on
                                             designing out crime in initial stages including Home Zone
                                             on the Victoria Estate in Whitefield.
Address crime hotspots through:             Police tactical tasking and co-ordinating group analyse
                                             crime figures on a weekly basis to identify crime hotspots
                                             to be addressed through policing & partnership co-
   Home watch schemes (Bury MBC)           Increase in homewatch schemes above target set by
                                             crime & Disorder partnership. The Crime & Disorder
                                             Reduction Audit Report identified a reduction in Burglary
                                             of dwelling and other which they attributed to the targeted
                                             policing policy and actively promoting Homewatch
                                             Schemes in the Area e.g. Radcliffe Central has seen a
                                             fall in burglary of 17% for dwellings and 34% others.
   Crime prevention & security advice      Crime Reduction Advisors attend both victims of crime
    (GM Police)                              and residents on request to assess security measures,
                                             implementation and improvements.
   Security measures in high crime         Various measures including CCTV, dedicated targeted
    areas (GM Police)                        policing initiatives and target hardening for victims of
                                             domestic burglary. Raising awareness through press
                                             releases including about theft of vehicles with keys.
   Secure by design principles (GM         Liaison between Architectural Liaison Officer and Bury
    Police/Bury MBC)                         MBC Planning department including meetings to improve
   Business Security Initiative (Bury      New businesses receive advice on physical security,

                  Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                  MBC/Groundwork)                        insurance and inclusion of security and crime issues into
                                                         their business plans. The scheme also provides
                                                         discretionary grants towards the cost of upgrading
                                                         security measures. During the projects operation, 57
                                                         buildings have had their security upgraded safeguarding
                                                         588 jobs. The businesses supported are experiencing a
                                                         smaller number of ‘repeat’ incidents.
IMPLEMENT        Implement the Health Improvement      The new Health Improvement and Modernisation Plan,
OUR HEALTH        Programme                              the key agenda for delivering health improvement, has
IMPROVEMENT                                              been drafted for 2002-5 providing a snap shot of key
PROGRAMME                                                health and social issues and an overview of
                                                         achievements and planned actions.
                 Seek ways to align health             Health issues are guided by the theme of Bury’s
                  improvement and the community          Community Strategy to ‘ensure the health and well-being
                  planning process                       of our communities’ which is led by the Health Policy
                                                         Group under the umbrella of the Local Strategic
                                                         Partnership. A workshop is planned in the near future to
                                                         realign the group and look at where it goes from here.
                 Consider means of resourcing          The Health Policy Group are currently looking at
                  wellbeing and health improvement       mainstreaming Health Action Zone funded projects and
                  needs                                  constantly looking at more innovative funding sources.
                                                         There has been a successful New Opportunities Fund bid
                                                         for a Healthy Living Initiative in East Bury
                 Deliver advice, advocacy and          Bury CAB delivers a health centre advice service holding
                  information service in GPs and         three sessions a week including one evening at the NHS
                  health centres                         Drop in Centre and another session at a health centre in
                                                         Whitefield. Bury PCT are looking to introduce a PALS
                                                         scheme to inform patients in their own health care.
                 Tackle poor health in ethnic          There are a number of HAZ/SRB funded projects current
                  minorities                             operating in East Bury aimed at tackling this issue.

                    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                   Assist older and disabled                  Anchor Trust continue to provide an adaptation service
                    homeowners to stay in and adapt             for older and disabled homeowners and private tenants
                    their own home (Anchor Trust)               and for those coming out of hospital needing adaptations
                                                                to their homes.
                   Delivery healthier communities             Continued implementation of the SRB5 theme improving
                    through delivery of the SRB5 theme          health theme including support for a successful proposal
                    ‘improving health’                          to the New Opportunities Fund to deliver a Healthy Living
                                                                Initiative in East Bury, building on work currently
                                                                supported through SRB funded projects.
WIDEN              Establish mechanisms helping early         Connexions work closely with FE partners to try and
PARTICIPATION       identification of learners most at          identify learners at risk of disengaging and have working
TO AND              risk from disengaging                       arrangements with training providers to identify those
REDUCE                                                          who are struggling. They target resource at those
INEQUALITIES                                                    courses and training providers where retention is an
IN EDUCATION                                                    issue.
AND TRAINING                                                   GM Connexions is providing funding for Bury College to
                                                                provide mentoring support where there are poor retention
                   Provide support for pupils at risk of      Pupil Learning Centre (PLC) supported over 600 pupils
                    exclusion                                   either within school or within its own dedicated provision
                                                                in 2001. Of these cases, over 95% were either
                                                                successfully closed or remain ongoing. The PLC has 2
                                                                pupil referral units and an outreach service providing
                                                                support to schools and pupils. Each school has named
                                                                linked teachers from PLC who supports pupils identified
                                                                as having additional needs. As part of intervention plan,
                                                                they provide part time placements in unit for pupils in
                                                                imminent danger of exclusion and offer training directly to
                                                                schools and via the LEA.
                                                               The Education Welfare Services (EDW) is advised by

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                            schools of children at risk from exclusion. They work with
                                            schools to set up a support plan for pupils. They receive
                                            around 900 referrals a year and conduct up to three
                                            truancy sweeps.
   Encourage continued access to         A support group has been set up for teenage mothers.
    education                               Drama workshops in schools bring a fresh innovative
                                            approach to engaging young people. (Joyce Berry)
   Tackle disaffection and exclusion     The Connexions Service are targeting courses under
    (post 16 retention strategy)            NVQ Level 2 as national research shows that these
                                            courses experience the worse drop out rate. Ongoing
                                            support whilst on the scheme.
                                          Education Welfare focuses on improving attendance as a
                                            priority. High school attendance improved to 92.87% and
                                            primary schools to 94.55% during 2001-2 academic year.
                                            During 2001-2, permanent exclusions fell to 48 (a
                                            reduction of 24%)
   Improve the performance of            The Connexions Service risk assess all pupils in year 8
    underachieving pupils in Bury           and 9 and review on ongoing basis including academic
    schools                                 performance, therefore identify young people who are
                                            underperforming who are targeted for support.
Raise attainment of ethnic minority      The Curriculum and Language Access Service (CLAS)
pupils                                   supports over 1800 ethnic minority pupils, visits more than
                                         600 families and carries out 50 language and Special
                                         Education Needs (SEN) assessments.
   Provide parenting skills to Asian     The CLAS continues to support parenting skills by
    mothers                                 supporting Family Learning initiatives in schools and
                                            through a home-visiting programme. The Sure Start
                                            Playlink project supports the parenting skills of mothers
                                            of pre-school children.
                                          The CLAS team of teachers and language assistants
   Offer support for language

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

    development in schools                     continue to provide support for language development of
                                               pupils learning English as an Additional Language. The
                                               team have provided support to 16 principal schools and a
                                               large number of other schools receiving newly-arrived
                                               pupils across the authority. The CLAS provides support
                                               for approximately 1,500 pupils a year. Pakistani heritage
                                               pupils have shown the greatest progress compared to
                                               other groups over the past 4 years at Key Stage 2
                                               English. The Pakistani heritage pupils attainment at
                                               GCSE was 1% below the LEA average in 2002
                                               (measured by the % of pupils achieving 5 or more
                                               GCSEs). The CLAS also supports the induction of
                                               asylum seeking pupils and there are currently 151 pupils
                                               in Bury schools this term.
   Hold a Young and Equal                    Two Conferences for secondary age pupils were held
    Conference                                 and were very well received. Two day events were held
                                               in primary schools in 2002 to promote race equality and
                                               consult with young people.
   Organise a careers event for ethnic       An event has been held for the past eight years. Over
    minority pupils                            250 parents and pupils attended each event at the Town
                                               Hall with 25 exhibitors present. In 2002 an event was
                                               held in the Jinnah Community centre for ethnic minority
                                               parents to provide more information about career
                                               opportunities for their children.
   Implement Learning for All and a          All schools have a racial harassment policy and they are
    racial harassment policy                   recording the number of incidents and they are reporting
                                               these to the LEA. All schools are now in the process of
                                               adopting a racial equality policy which is based on
                                               Learning for All. A wide range of training has been
                                               offered on promoting race equality.
   Develop a multi-service approach          The CLAS has worked with the Portage Service and the

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

    to meeting the needs of pre-school          Sensory Support Service to meet the needs of pre school
    children                                    children from ethnic minority groups who are
                                                developmentally delayed to have a sensori-neural
                                                impairment, in particular a hearing impairment. The three
                                                services have worked together to address existing need
                                                and to provide appropriately qualified and experienced
                                                staff. The funding from HAZ will cease in April 2003.
  Provide support and increase                Bury MBC Learning Support Service teaches around 300
   accessibility for pupils with special        pupils in hospital and 80 at home, handles over 600 SEN
   needs or requirements (asylum                assessments and reviews and teaches 80 traveller
   seekers, medical conditions,                 children.
   traveller pupils, homeless,                 Bury MBC’s Traveller Education Service works with
   physically disabled).                        traveller children on attendance and raising their
Improve educational attainment at key           attendance.
stage 4
 Implement learning gateway                   Connexions aims to support those in need in their
   programme (Connexions)                       transition from pre to post 16 learning, resulting in many
                                                young people moving successfully into positive learning
                                                outcomes. Connexions work with the Youth Service,
                                                Education Welfare Service and schools to identify those
                                                who could benefit targeting those most at need or at risk
                                                of disengaging.
   Raise family achievement (Bury             The SRB3 funded Family Learning Scheme works in
    MBC Lifelong Learning)                      partnership with schools, community groups and
                                                voluntary organisations. It offers parents and carers
                                                opportunities to find out how to support their children's
                                                learning (literacy and numeracy) and at the same time
                                                gives adults the chance to develop their own skills in
                                                Maths and English and gain qualifications.
                                               All main libraries and most outreach libraries hold a
   Establish and operate homework

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

    clubs (Bury MBC Libraries)                 homework club at least once a week.
   Provision of advice and guidance          The Learning Shop provided advice, information and
    for young people (Bury College)            guidance in a convenient location handling over 800
                                               enquiries in 2001/2. The provision has now been
                                               transferred to Bury College’s workshop.
  Raise quality of education and             Provider performance reviews undertake at least
   training (GM LSC)                           annually by LSC to ensure quality standards.
Widen participation
 Improve educational opportunities           Bury College extend opportunities through outreach
   for socially excluded groups                workers and informal training. LSC give specific targeted
                                               people for this work including homeless, people in
                                               targeted regeneration areas, lone parents, early school
                                               leavers, mental health problems, drug addicts.
                                              Bury MBC Widening Participation work with key
                                               organisations working with target groups to identify
                                               training needs and design packages of learning.
   Raise adult participation rate            IT Centres in Radcliffe and the Mosses Centre in East
    through provision of courses at            Bury together with the Bridge Centre sat Stubbins Bridge
    outreach centres.                          and Bury Bridge offer facilities for adults who would not
                                               want to enter college.
                                              Bury College are continuing to explore other venues and
                                               operate in 25 different outreach centres through
                                               partnership with community groups.
                                              Bury MBC Widening Participation offer a range of
                                               courses to meet the needs of community at flexible times
                                               and locations.
   Ensure provision for older learners       Bury MBC’s Adult Education Service saw over 5,000
                                               students enrolled on its courses in 2001-2. They are
                                               committed to first rung learning so are seeing an
                                               increasing number of people on basic skills provision and

                     Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                 are increasing participation through provision of taster
                                                                 sessions involving over 350 new learners.
                    Develop community outreach                 Four community outreach libraries in East Bury at South
                     library service (Bury MBC Libraries)        Cross, Topping Fold, New Kershaw and Moorside. No
                                                                 suitable premises found in Radcliffe as yet.
                    Improve advice, information and            The Learning Shop has now been superseded by
                     guidance through learning shop    , incorporating skills, numeracy and ESOL
                     (Bury College)                              provision. Additional money secured for 3 workers for
                                                                 adult guidance through the Information, Advice &
                                                                 Guidance partnership.
                    Implement community learning               Number of community learning projects to pilot new ways
                     project (Bury College)                      of learning. LIFT got volunteers to look into local skills
                                                                 needs in Radcliffe. Jewish Carers produced a
                                                                 commonwealth of words.
                    Provision of learning opportunities        Bury MBC’s Learning Support enables adult students
                     for adults with special needs.              with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (including
                                                                 mental health problems) to take part in a wide and
                                                                 exciting range of courses. The Learning Support Team
                                                                 are specially trained to provide a quality service for adult
                                                                 students with learning difficulties and disabilites and offer
                                                                 tailor made learning opportunities and additional support.
Address the       Address imbalances in service delivery
specific needs    to the most vulnerable groups
and aspirations    Housing strategy theme ‘developing          Bury MBC’s Housing Strategy has recently been
of and enhance        social inclusion’                          reviewed but identified a number of actions that
services provided                                                contribute towards social inclusion. Anti-poverty and fuel
to vulnerable                                                    poverty strategies; community and welfare rights advice;
groups                                                           expansion of receptions as racist reporting centres;
                                                                 residents content insurance scheme; identifying needs of
                                                                 black and minority communities; action plan to ensure

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                              disabled access to reception points; literature in plain
                                              English; large print Braille and translation facilities.
                                              Reducing inequality remains a key theme of the revised
   Cultural services social inclusion       Libraries have produced a Social Inclusion Plan annually
    plan                                      since 1999/00. Social Inclusion is achieved through
                                              helping individuals and communities develop skills and
                                              confidence. By being at the heart of local communities,
                                              allowing everyone, irrespective of age or social
                                              background, to have access to the widest possible range
                                              of information, knowledge and services. By involving
                                              local communities in developing the range of services
                                              provided. Its objectives are to improve services for
                                              disabled people; improve services for older people;
                                              improve services to ethnic minorities; improve outreach
                                              services; and improve access to technology.
   Address needs of older people            Bury MBC Social Services provides a number of services
                                              for older people. These include home care services are
                                              provided for people who need help with their daily needs
                                              in their home. Day care centres which provide a safe
                                              environment for people (with disabilities and ill health).
                                              Residential homes provide full board and personal care
                                              whilst a nursing home provides care by a qualified nurse.
                                              The Community meals service provides a delivery of hot
                                              meals to the elderly or vulnerable in their own homes.
                                              STEP DOWN Intermediate provides specific recovery
                                              and/or convalescence care for older people to recover
                                              after a spell in hospital.
                                             Age Concern Metro Bury, whose aim is to improve the
                                              quality of life for all local older people in Bury, provides
                                              services to meet the identified needs of local people. The

  Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                          Jubilee Centre aims to encourage and enable people
                                          over the age of 50 to participate in enjoyable health
                                          related activities.
                                         3 ‘Silver Surfers’ was held in 2002 and a similar number
                                          of courses are planned for 2003. Housebound library
                                          service available, however mobile library service being
                                          explored and subject to funding.
Address needs of younger people          Sure Start Redvales provides help to families who may
                                          be isolated and need some extra support to care for their
                                          children. Initiatives include a positive parenting group to
                                          share difficulties and look at solving these together. A
                                          Parents Support Group for women where language is a
                                          barrier to accessing help and support is to be set up in
                                          the near future, bi-lingual workers will be on hand to offer
                                         Youth Information Shop at end of Rock, Bury offers
                                          information, advice, advocacy and guidance to young
                                         Newspaper produced as part of the Webtoot project,
                                          website to be developed in the near future.
                                         East life youth publishing project underway at Topping
                                          Fold library producing a website and community
                                         Special support offered to children with disabilities
                                          enabling them to attend library events. Two clubs for the
                                          deaf and visually impaired.
Address needs of people with             Bury & District Disabled Advisory Council (BADDAC)
disabilities                              operate a helpline - providing an advice, information and
 Ensure services meet their needs        signposting service for disabled people, their carers,
                                          friends or relatives etc. A befriending service for

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                            physically disabled adults ("Jigsaw Link"). A social
                                            group called " Jigsaw" for young people aged 18 - 30 -
                                            some of whom have a physical disability. Disability
                                            Awareness Training Courses. Help with completing
                                            various Disability Benefits Application forms.
                                            Opportunities for volunteers.
                                           Bury Social Services Disability Services aims to help
                                            people with a physical disability and or sensory
                                            impairment to stay in their own homes and remain as
                                            independent as possible. The team includes specialist
                                            social workers, rehabilitation officers, disability officers,
                                            Occupational therapists and technical officers.
   Improve access to buildings            BADDAC’s Access Department provides comprehensive
                                            access audits / reports on public buildings and
                                            businesses, regarding physical access for all disabled
Address needs of other disadvantaged        people, both in and around the building.
 Provide support for people with          Bury MBC’s learning disability service is a predominantly
   learning disabilities                    provider service that aims to offer a consistent, high
                                            quality and cost effective service, which is planned and
                                            delivered with the involvement of service users and
                                            carers, to promote the maximum independence and
                                            social inclusion within their lives.
                                           Work is underway on the joint investment plan for people
                                            with learning disabilities and a second stakeholder
                                            conference was held 1st March 2001. The plan was
                                            submitted in April.
   Provide support to people with         Two Community Mental Health Team’s covering the
    Mental Health Problems                  North and South of the borough comprising social
                                            workers, community psychiatric nurses, carer support
                                            workers and community occupational therapists. The

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                            Team's offer a service to people who experience severe
                                            and enduring mental health problems aged 18-65 years
                                            old and provide assessment of individuals health and
                                            social care needs. Practitioners devise care plans and
                                            packages of care for individuals and their carers.
   Carers (Bury MBC Social Services)    The Carers Service offer various schemes for carers:
                                          Carer Breaks to enable them to access services direct
                                            from a provider to give carers the breaks they require.
                                          Volunteer Break and Befriending Service for carers
                                          Financial assistance towards the cost of educational
                                            opportunities/school activities for Young Carers to help
                                            integration within schools.
                                          Grants for carers of people with HIV or other life limiting
                                          Time for you offers a volunteers sitting and befriending
                                            service for Jewish carers
                                          Sitting service for older people to allow carers a break to
                                            meet unforeseen circumstances or short term regular
                                          Scheme to enable carers time out and provide alternative
                                            care for those cared for.
                                          BADDAC holiday break scheme offers holidays and
                                            activities for younger disabled adults.
                                          Flexible approach to accessing providers for socially
                                            excluded carers
                                          Flexible short breaks for parent carers of children with
                                          Specific breaks for carers of people with mental health
                                          A volunteer break and befriending scheme for carers in

                          Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                    the Asian Community
                                                                   Specific services for carers including cleaning, shopping,
                                                                    gardening, help with transport etc.
                                                                   Financial contribution towards adult placement scheme
                                                                    for adults with learning disabilities
                                                                   Provision of vouchers to enable carers to access services
                                                                    direct with the provider of their choice.
                         Other disadvantaged groups               The Disability team has a specialised social worker who
                                                                    will help the hearing impaired person and their family
                                                                    come to terms with hearing loss and technical officers
                                                                    who provide assistance for people with hearing problems.
                         Provide information in a range of        All libraries have information available in a range of
                          accessible formats                        formats including tape, disk and large print. Urdu formats
                                                                    are available at Bury Library and South Cross outreach
                         Provide support to people who            Speakeasy provide community therapy and support for
                          have a speech problem after               people who as a result of a stroke have difficulty
                          suffering a stroke                        speaking, reading and writing.
                         Develop initiatives to enhance the       ADAB have opened a new community centre in East
                          educational, social, cultural and         Bury serving as a base for ADAB and providing a range
                          recreational needs of the Asian           of recreational, social and educational activities for
                          Community (Asian Development              teenagers. The facility will also provide a focal point for
                          Association of Bury - ADAB)               local communities to access various services and enable
                                                                    agencies to target their efforts on East Bury.
                                                                   Activities include advice surgeries, health and sports
                                                                    events and an employment conference.
Improve access           Reduce barriers & increase               Community Sports Outreach Worker, initially supported
to leisure activity       participation in pockets of               by East Bury initiative, mainstreamed and activity
                          deprivation & disadvantaged               extended to the rest of the Borough. Activities included a
                          groups                                    Health Walk group, mothers and toddlers swimming,

                         Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                     rounders and various summer sports.
                                                                    Disability sports co-ordinator works to increase
                                                                     participation in sport by people with disabilities.
                        Extend use of school facilities            Working with schools, both primary and secondary, to
                         outside school hours providing local        include coaches. Coney Green and Phillips have both
                         facilities as a community resource          got dual use facilities and there are an increasing number
                                                                     of community facilities at Broadoak. From September
                                                                     2003, a School Sports Co-ordinator scheme to work on
                                                                     development issues will be based at 5 high schools
                                                                     linked with 4 primary schools. A PSA has been approved
                                                                     to develop this approach to another 30 primary schools to
                                                                     encourage at least 2 hours physical activity a week.
                        Revamp existing programme to               Various examples of revamping programmes for target
                         provide opportunities/activities for        groups including girls only and wheelchair basketball.
                         target groups                               Screens around the teaching pool have been introduced
                                                                     to open up swimming to muslem women.
                        Research and introduce a leisure           Scheme delayed. Looking to introduce late 2003. New
                         card scheme in the borough                  format will enable children to use cards.
                        Establish football coaching teams          Up and running at Chesham Fold supported by a
                                                                     community outreach worker in post. Also Highfield
                                                                     Juniors are undertaking a similar exercise.
                        Ensure Bury Metro Sports Council           Sports Council still meets, however an alternative forum
                         as an effective forum                       is through co-optees from the Sports Advisory Council
                                                                     onto area boards so sports issues are picked up.
Develop a vibrant       Implement Bury’s cultural strategy         The revised Cultural Strategy to be submitted to
cultural life in the     and review in line with DCMS Local          executive early 2003 following a series of workshops
Borough                  Cultural Strategy Guidelines.               involving partners to inform the development.
                        Develop and support strategic              Included as element of cultural strategy, the Museum and
                         framework for cultural buildings and        Archive development Plan (informed heritage lottery bid)
                         arts projects                               and forthcoming Cultural Quarter Plan phase 2 (early

                         Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                        Work with people in nursing homes          Bury MBC (libraries) have a reminiscence worker who
                         to stimulate reminiscence and               visits homes in the area working with the people to
                         discussion                                  stimulate reminiscencing.
                        Develop good cultural links within         Museum & Archives development plan included hub and
                         the Borough                                 spoke proposals to ensure cultural facilities available
                                                                     throughout the borough.
                        Promote international links and            ‘One year to go: - Bury counts itself in’ was held in June
                         benefits from opportunities from the        2001 to promote the Commonwealth Games. A
                         Commonwealth Games                          programme of sports for children, Commonwealth of
                                                                     Sports, has been launched and a similar arts programme
                                                                     planned. Bury MBC has joined the Commonwealth
                                                                     Games business club to maximise benefits to Bury.


Aim                  Action                                      Progress
Attract and retain    Develop a marketing and                    CD Rom ‘Bury where the grass is greener’ produced to
investment              promotional strategy                        market the borough to inward investors.
                                                                  Exploring options for sub-regional inward investment
                        Encourage development of a range         Implementation of Strategic Investment Action Plan by
                         of sites and premises                      Strategic Investment Task Force ongoing
                                                                  Access issues delaying Bury Ground development
                        Develop an integrated package of         Bury MBC’s Partnership and Investment Manager
                         support for inward investors               facilitates planning, transport, environmental health
                                                                    issues for potential investors.
                                                                  Production of regular property bulletin, demographics and
                                                                    lifestyle profile for the Borough.

                        Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                 Millions of pounds of investment attracted to the Borough
                       Create an environment for                Work continuing on the SRB3 & 5 themes creating and
                        investment                                environment for investment through the Business
                                                                  Improvement Programme, York Street and Pimhole
Raise                                                          Bury Learning Partnership leading on actions
educational            Support the attainment of basic and     Basic Skills strategy launched and work underway to
attainment and          key skills                                promote basic skills in the workplace.
skill levels           Encourage employers to                  Business Skills Survey produced on behalf of Workforce
establishing a          continuously update the skills of         Development Task Group influencing training courses
Lifelong Learning       their workforce                           accordingly. (see EDS monitoring)
Community                                                       Business Solutions have established a ‘People as the
through                                                           Competitive Edge’ (PACE) network bringing together
improving skills                                                  public and private sector HR and training officers to
and business                                                      identify a range of HR issues/skills gaps etc.
competitiveness                                                 BLNM’s Workforce Development Team advises
                                                                  companies on training needs, quality standards for IIP,
                                                                  business excellence and improving HR standards.
                                                                Business Solutions have been working with large and
                                                                  small companies to identify basic skills needs and
                                                                  organise training.
                                                                BLNM’s Workforce Development Team will be delivering
                                                                  a basic skills pilot on behalf of the LSC offering
                                                                  compensate employers for staff time lost for training.
                                                                Following on from training needs analysis, Business
                                                                  Solutions have helped implement training plans for
                                                                  approximately 40 companies, 80 people.
                                                                Business Solutions are part of an LSC Employer Training
                                                                  Pilots where the company agrees to release people for
                                                                  35 hours and training is fitted around that 35 hours.
                       Improve skills and business             SRB3 have funded a number of projects aimed at

                      Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                      competitiveness through                    improving business competitiveness. Graduates placed
                      implementation of business support         by Bury Business Placements have all moved into full
                      & training projects                        time employment. Businesses engaged in the
                                                                 Knowledge transfer scheme have continued their links
                                                                 with university.
                                                                Business Solutions are undertaking a number of projects:
                                                                 SRB3 implementing training plans, SRB5 Link House IT
                                                                 Centre, ERDF business, ESF upskilling
                                                                 the workforce, ESF Union Learning Clubs, IAG, Employer
                                                                 Training Pilots.
                     Invest in high quality training           ICT training is available in two ICT community learning
                      provision                                  centres which recently have been opened in Radcliffe
                                                                 and East Bury, SRB5 funded Link House IT Centre and
                                                                 Bridge Centres at Bury and Stubbins Bridge.
                     Maximise potential of Government’s        New Deal has had a marked impact on Bury with Bury
                      New Deal                                   having the greatest proportion of New Deal leavers
                                                                 securing employment, above national average.
Support new          Provide support for business start-       BLNM facilitating new enterprises provides support to
businesses and        ups                                        new business starts through general business support
growth sectors                                                   including signposting, business start and skills seminars.
through                                                         BBV’s Entrepreneurial business starts offers a
development of                                                   customised business start up and training programme for
services that                                                    entrepreneurs. Up to September 2002, 44 companies
foster the                                                       have been assisted.
creation of new                                                 Bury MBC’s Business Information Service loans business
businesses and                                                   start-up packs including a business planning and
support growing                                                  marketing course.
companies            Address inequalities in                   Bury MBC’s ‘Encouraging New Start-ups’ delivers a
                      entrepreneurship                           package of business support to homeworkers and

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                             Prince’s Trust ‘Helping Young People into Business’
                                              helps disadvantaged young people to establish business
                                              enterprise and by September 2002, has assisted 8 new
                                              companies with the creation of 10 new jobs.
                                             BLNM’s ‘support for ethnic minority business’ have
                                              established a network attended by 34 delegates to
                                              identify the training and business support needs of ethnic
                                              businesses and hold monthly em business networks.
                                             BBV’s ‘Women into Business’ aims to address some of
                                              the difficulties and gaps to increase women in business.
   Ensure high quality advice and           High quality business advice and support provided
    support                                   through the services of Business Link North Manchester
                                              and Bolton & Bury Chamber of Commerce.
                                             BLNM provide a package of business support activities
                                              ranging from general business advice, technical business
                                              advice, small business advice, consultancy support &
   Promote formation of business            Three Business Forums in Prestwich, Ramsbottom and
    forums                                    Whitefield and Unsworth. Attempting to establish
                                              Business Partnership in Radcliffe Town Centre
   Ensure effective implementation of       Implementation of SRB3 Developing a Leading Edge
    SRB3/EAP                                  Programme continuing. £8.3 million of monies won to
                                              support businesses under the new European Action Plan.
   Assist businesses to adapt to            Although the ADAPT project has now finished, Business
    industrial change                         Solutions supports businesses through retraining.
   Assist target sectors                    Support for target sectors underway including
                                              mainstreamed Cultural Industries Development Officer,
                                              European funded Bury Competitive Tourism. BLNM
                                              have a number of specialist business advisors.
   Address business security                SRB3 and European funded Business Security Initiative

                        Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                  provides new businesses with advice on physical
                                                                  security, insurance and inclusion of security and crime
                                                                  issues into their business plans. The scheme also
                                                                  provides discretionary grants towards the cost of
                                                                  upgrading security measures.
                       Enable businesses to improve their       Bury Business Environment Association continuing to
                        environmental performance                 work with businesses including a waste management
                                                                  support service – 73 waste audits, assisting 203
                                                                  businesses. A bid for full Groundwork status has been
                       Support the development of a             CED co-ordinator role extended to December 2003 to
                        social economy                            develop furniture service as a community enterprise and
                                                                  support other groups i.e. food co-op in Radcliffe, workers
                                                                  co-operative, credit union.
                                                                 ‘Encouraging New Start-ups’ (Bury MBC) delivers a
                                                                  package of CED and business support to homeworkers
                                                                  and SME’s in the Bury area.
Exploit             Promote IT usage amongst businesses
innovation and       Maximise potential of Bury                 Continues to operate as a centre of excellence in IT
technology             Innovation & Design Service                despite its funding coming to an end, however continued
through                                                           bespoke training is reliant on further funding sought.
encouraging            Raise awareness and promote              Bury Business Network (BBN) held 8 events in 2001/2
access to new           benefits through BBN                      including a Business for Bury exhibition involving 40
technology in the                                                 exhibitors and 200 visitors.
workplace and          Promote Business Information             Ongoing. The Business Information Librarian co-
wider community         Service                                   ordinates an advice and information service including
                                                                  books and a CD library.
                       Provide assistance and financial         During its lifetime, ISAware helped to create 32 business
                        help to Small Businesses to               and 10 voluntary sector websites, 2 web portals and 60
                        prepare websites                          websites for market traders. UK Online for Business now

    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                               provide support to develop websites whilst Business
                                               Solutions provides training.
Increase availability and usage of ICT
for communities
 Enable community access through             Two NOF funded ICT learning centres have been opened
    ICT learning centres.                      at the Mosses Centre in East Bury and at Radcliffe
                                               Library and Bridge Centres at Bury and Stubbins Bridge.
   Co-ordinate ICT public access             Bury MBC are looking to introduce a Community
    facilities                                 Network. Internet service is available in all 7 full-time
                                               libraries offering 24 PC’s dedicated to Internet access
                                               and including a free one-hour get you started course.
   Participate in the People’s Network       The Peoples Networks will provide or improve the data
                                               network as well as the number and quality of PC’s and
                                               result in free access to over 100 Internet PC’s as well as
                                               improved data networking.
   Assist voluntary & community            has been established as a voluntary sector
    organisations to develop                   portal for Bury. This will be developed together with an
    community websites                         e-learning portal as part of a broadband funded project.
   Enable access to ICT through the          Recycling of ICT equipment has been looked into by the
    ITEM recycling project                     CVS, however was not considered feasible at a Bury
   Provide ICT training through UK           Learndirect online distance learning courses are offered
    Online                                     at two libraries and plans for all libraries to become
                                               access points by 2003.
   Improve access to ICT                     Bury Libraries will have broadband internet connections
                                               by Summer 2003 with most offering training.
                                              A Broadband bid has recently been successful for
                                               community access points in some of the boroughs
                                               regeneration priority areas to encourage e-learning for
                                               hard to reach groups.

                        Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                  Urdu word processing will be available Spring 2003.
                                                                  Three libraries currently have technology for visually and
                                                                   hearing impaired adults, all main libraries by Spring 2003.
Promote tourism,       Develop and promote the Irwell            Joint marketing initiatives and product development are
leisure and the         Valley tourism product                     underway based on the East Lancashire Railway and
visitor market                                                     with partners along the Irwell Valley on a visitor guide
through effective                                                  and Irwell Valley concept. In an effort to bring together
co-ordination of                                                   the Irwell Valley product, an Irwell Valley regional park is
activity and                                                       proposed, including the proposal to reopen the
enhanced                                                           Manchester, Bolton & Bury canal. A new organisation,
marketing                                                          CITE (Commissions in the Environment) has been
                                                                   established as an independent organisation to manage
                                                                   the Irwell Sculpture Trail.
                       Encourage effective marketing of          Improved visitor guide has been produced of better
                        Bury’s attractions                         quality and more content provided by the private sector.
                                                                   A Destination Manchester website is under development.
                       Develop a quality product and             Relationships have been developed with local
                        encourage quality service provision        accommodation businesses and attractions through
                        and improve visitor facilities             seminars, familiarisation visits for businesses and
                                                                   introduction of a series of visits to tourism businesses.
                                                                   To improve quality, visits are being conducted to newly
                                                                   established Bed & Breakfast businesses to encourage
                                                                   good practice and new produce development. Funding
                                                                   has been successfully sought for a Tourism Business
                                                                   Support Officer
                       Maximise sustainable use of               A Great Outdoors/Active Manchester website is being
                        boroughs countryside and country           developed, complemented by a GM Waterways
                        parks                                      Brochure.
                       Maximise benefit from involvement         An event ‘one year to go: - Bury counts itself in’ was held
                        in region wide initiatives                 in June 2001 to promote the Commonwealth Games. A

                      Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                   programme of sports for children, Commonwealth of
                                                                   Sports, has been launched and a similar arts programme
                                                                   planned. Bury MBC has joined the Commonwealth
                                                                   Games business club to maximise benefits of the games
                                                                   to Bury.
                     Promote the NW as a tourist                 TIC staff have undergoing Disability Discrimination Act
                      destination and provision of training        training and opportunities for businesses have been
                      and support                                  promoted. They have also undergone customer care and
                                                                   database training for use of the GM Vision website.


Aim               Action                                       Progress
LA21 & CO2         Implement actions in LA21 strategy          Bury’s LA 21 Strategy is currently being reviewed and
emission                                                          many of its short and medium term objectives have been
reduction                                                         achieved. The Strategy will be launched in Environment
strategy                                                          Week in May 2003 and all the hub teams have submitted
                                                                  rewrites of different sections of the Strategy.
                     Implement actions in draft CO2            Bury’s Carbon Dioxide Reductions Strategy was
                      Emissions reduction Strategy                published in Spring 2002
                     Build on designation as pilot in the      Bury MBC is the leading authority in the UK pilot for the
                      Climate Protection Campaign                 International Councils for Climate Protection Campaign.
                     Implementation of Air Quality             Air Quality Management Areas have been identified. The
                      Management Areas                            Air Quality Strategy has recently undergone consultation
                                                                  and research in relation to the strategy is ongoing.
Promote           Implement reclamation projects               The Planning Capital Programme is continuing to be
reclamation and   identified in the planning capital           implemented in partnership with the North West
restoration       programme                                    Development Agency.
                   Roch valley project                         Phase 1 of improvements to the Roch Valley will officially
                                                                  open as part of the National Cycle Week events. Site

                         Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                      works on Phase 2 will commence in September.
                        Radcliffe Ee’s                              Radcliffe Ee’s is awaiting completion of landfill works.
                        Phase 2 Kirklees Trail                      Improvement of phase 2 of the Kirklees Trail to Pickering
                                                                      Close has been completed.
                        Business Improvement Programme              Over £1 million has been invested through the Business
                                                                      Improvement Programme and further works are
                                                                      underway in the Fernhill and Freetown industrial area.
                                                                      The project has secured £1.6 million of ERDF funding
                                                                      towards a total project cost of £5.4 million.
                        Develop a contaminated land                 Contaminated land strategy adopted July 2001 including
                         strategy (Bury MBC Env Services)             the requirement for the prioritisation of sites, currently
                                                                      collating information and prioritising sites.
                        Identify development sites within           Bury’s Unitary Development Plan, which identifies
                         the existing urban area (Bury MBC            development sites for a variety of uses, is currently being
                         Planning Policy)                             reviewed and is undergoing extensive consultation
Enhance the             Improve the conditions of poor              Radcliffe Renewal has now come to an end and a
quality of the           quality dwellings through identifying        forward strategy is being developed. A Neighbourhood
local                    renewal areas and implementing               Renewal Assessment has been carried out in East Bury
environment              the HIP                                      to identify renewal areas leading to the production of a
focusing on                                                           regeneration strategy for East Bury.
quality of life in      Improve the town centres through            Many activities have contributed towards improving town
town centres,            implementation of the Town                   centres through implementation of the town centres
main urban               Centres Strategy                             strategy. There has been continued development of
corridors and                                                         Bury’s cultural Quarter to encourage an early evening
pockets of                                                            economy. The Millgate centre has recently seen a £3
housing                                                               million investment in the new Mall and is now open on
deprivation                                                           Sunday. Radcliffe Piazza has undergone a minor face lift
                                                                      and Radcliffe town centre has experienced takeup of a
                                                                      number of previously vacant properties by the private
                                                                      sector. Events are programmed in Ramsbottom to

                         Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                develop its tourist/visitor role. Prestwich HERS was
                                                                delayed, however started on site January 2002.
                        Extend watch schemes (GM Police       A Bury night safe scheme has been introduced to ensure
                         and Licencees)                         a safe night out in Bury town centre. Pub watch schemes
                                                                have been introduced in Prestwich and Radcliffe and in
                                                                Bury town centre, and a shop link radio scheme in
                                                                conjunction with Community Safety Wardens is
                        Develop community based               There are various community based environmental
                         environmental improvements             improvement initiatives underway including in 2001/2 at
                                                                Philips Park, Chesham Woods, Gyspy Brook, Mere
                                                                Clough and Hollins Vale.
                                                               SRB5 East Bury initiative funded initiatives under
                                                                environments for the community project include clean up
                                                                days, school workshops and youth initiatives.
                        Develop a programme of                Ongoing including partial funding of facilities at Walnut
                         environmental improvements             Avenue Allotments as match for East Bury Initiative
                         funded by landfill tax                 funding.
                        Increase and protect tree cover       Projects in 2001/2 included purchase of 30 hectares at
                         through the Red Rose Forest (RRF)      Ringley Woods for community woodland, woodland grant
                         initiative                             scheme at Philips Park, woodland management at
                                                                Hollins Plantation and school tree planting.
Improve poor         Improve & maximise the use of
housing stock        housing stock (Bury MBC - Housing &
through targeted     Urban Renewal)
action in both the    Tackling the negative physical          A Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment (NRA) has
public and              elements of housing                     recently been undertaken in East Bury, which will feed
private sector                                                  into an implementation plan for the area. A stock
guided by the                                                   condition survey has been carried out Borough wide.
Housing                                                        As part of the SRB5 East Bury Initiative Housing theme,

                 Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

Investment                                                  75 private sector houses have been completed and 27
Programme                                                   local authority houses have been improved 2002/3.
                Identifying risk of long term empty       Bury MBC has an empty property strategy and an officer
                 or vulnerable properties & bring           responsible for taking this forward. A database of houses
                 back into use                              at risk is being set up in partnership with Council tax and
                                                            being piloted in East Bury. An SRB5 funded scheme to
                                                            bring property back into use in partnership with Irwell
                                                            Valley Housing Association.
                Develop programme of action for           An officer has responsibility for dealing with HMO’s and
                 high risk premises for Houses in           undertakes risk assessments identifying high risk
                 Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)                properties which are offered grants. A registration
                                                            scheme is under review. They are also working at
                                                            Greater Manchester level.
                Promote energy efficiency                 An energy showhouse has opened at 20 Parsonage
                                                            Street and an officer appointed. There is also an SRB5
                                                            funded energy project with links to public sector housing.
                                                            302 houses have been subject to energy efficiency
                Ensure range of locally affordable        In future will be developing supplementary planning
                 houses in a range of tenures               guidance to support the affordable housing policy.
                Ensure effective implementation of        SRB5 theme Investing in Housing is continuing to be
                 SRB5 theme investing in housing            implemented. The Housing Environmental Works project
                                                            activity included security improvements on Townside
                                                            Estates, Prestbury Close/Price Street rear garden
                                                            improvements and planning development and
                                                            implementation of range of environmental improvements
                                                            in East Bury.
                Ensure new builds benefit from            Planning applications referred to police Architectural
                 secured by design (GM Police)              Liaison & Crime Reduction Officers for consultation on
                                                            designing out crime.

                   Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

Develop        Encourage improvements to urban                The concept of an Irwell Valley Regional Park is being
countryside,   greenspace, river valleys, canals and           worked up bringing together urban greenspace, river
heritage and   countryside                                     valleys, canals and countryside with the aim of
wildlife                                                       maximising their contribution to leisure and tourism. The
                                                               Regional Park will including the National Cycle Route No.
                                                               6 from Manchester to Preston.
                  Increase opportunities for use of          Work on Gypsy Brook is continuing as part of the
                   open land for recreation                    Chesham Woods Nature Reserve.
                  Restoration of the MBB canal               British Waterways launched the restoration of
                                                               Manchester, Bolton & Bury canal in May 2002.
                                                               Community consultation has been undertaken in
                                                               Radcliffe and West Bury and site investigation is likely to
                                                               begin on site in early 2003. The Radcliffe Regeneration
                                                               Group has specifically focused on the canal and Irwell
               Encourage improvements to water                 Valley.
               quality, natural environment and               The first draft of the biodiversity action plan has been
               biodiversity                                    produced by the Environmental forum.
                Improve water quality                        The Mersey Basin campaign to improve river quality in
                                                               the River Irwell is ongoing and is proving successful.
                  Promote creation of wildlife habitat       A habit survey for the Borough has been produced and
                                                               will produce habit action plans.
                  Promote destination of LNR                 Two additional Local Nature Reserves at Hollins and
                                                               Redisher are imminent.
Adopt and      Implement Local Transport Plan (Bury           Works are underway on Quality Bus Corridors and work
develop an     MBC Transportation)                             has been programmed for 2003 and full implementation
integrated                                                     is planned by 2005.
transport                                                     An officer responsible for Safe Routes to Schools has
approach                                                       been appointed and is currently producing travel plans,
                                                               promoting and assisting to implement travel plans. 18
                                                               schools are producing travel plans and 3 are undertaking

                      Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                 traffic studies, including travel plans. 2 hospitals are also
                                                                 involved with one having already produced a draft and
                                                                 another identifying areas and due to undertake the
                                                                 consultation process in the near future. Bury MBC have
                                                                 produced a draft and are awaiting a response to a
                     Reduce need to travel by car              Bury Town Centre Traffic Management Scheme has
                                                                 been completed in the Haymarket/Market Street Area.
                                                                 The Prestwich scheme is currently being consulted upon.
                     Promote the use of public transport       Promoting the use of public transport is encompassed
                                                                 within the process to produce a travel plan and is part of
                                                                 the Quality Bus Corridors consultation. GMPTE are
                                                                 working with businesses to encourage the use of public
                     Promote walking and cycling               A Cycling Strategy and Walking Strategy has been
                                                                 produced. A cycle lane has been constructed on Peel
                                                                 Way near Bury Bridge and cycle racks are being placed
                                                                 in schools with travel plans and in town centres which
                                                                 have undergone regeneration.
                     Promote safer transport                   The Crime and Disorder Strategy has outlined a number
                                                                 of areas of concern which are being taken into account in
                                                                 the implementation of the Local Transport Plan.

Aim               Action                                     Progress
Pockets of Deprivation
Redvales/East/     Implement actions in Bury East              Continued implementation of the East Bury Local
Moorside             Local Community Plan                        Community Plan with regular monitoring reports back to
                                                                 the East Bury Area Board.
                     Implementation of the SRB5 East           The implementation of the SRB round 5 funded East

                Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                Bury Initiative                           Bury initiative is continuing under its themes:
                                                         Building community capacity – Walnut Avenue Allotment
                                                          Association have further developed their facility into a
                                                          Community Drop in Centre. A Community Development
                                                          Worker employed by the Topping Fold Partnership has
                                                          developed a youth community football team and is
                                                          helping to create a focal point for the area. A ranger has
                                                          been employed within Openshaw Park to make users
                                                          feel safer and plan a programme of events. The Asian
                                                          Development Association of Bury is delivering a number
                                                          of activities including advice surgeries, health and sports
                                                          events and an employment conference.
                                                         Improving Health Theme Group has supported a
                                                          successful bid to the New Opportunities Fund to deliver a
                                                          Healthy Living Initiative (Bury CVS). A series of sports
                                                          outreach activities have been undertaken including a
                                                          health walk group, mothers and toddlers swimming,
                                                          rounders and various summer events.
                                                         Investing in Housing theme has involved the
                                                          commissioning of two community artists, involving over
                                                          130 young people in the creation of the project, each with
                                                          different views and opinions about the regeneration of
                                                          East ward.
                                                         Creating an environment for investment – a guide to best
                                                          practice and environmental compliance for car breakers
                                                          and dismantlers has been published as part of the
                                                          Pimhole project. Groundwork Trust Bury has been
                                                          created allowing them to expand their community
Radcliffe      Implement actions in the Radcliffe       There is continued implementation of the Radcliffe Local

                    Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

South/Central       Local Community Plan                       Community Plan with regular monitoring reports back to
                                                               the Radcliffe area board.
                                                              A regeneration strategy for Radcliffe, under Radcliffe’s
                                                               local community plan, is being prepared to provide an
                                                               overview of past and planned regeneration activities
                                                               showing how they fit into the bigger picture and provide a
                                                               framework for future regeneration activities.
                                                              Various improvements to parks, refurbishment of play
                                                               areas and other recreational resources including a gym
                                                               at Radcliffe pool and a Skateboard Park.
                                                              A community development strategy is being prepared to
                                                               provide a framework for tackling community issues and
                                                               Bury CVS have submitted a bid for resources to support
                                                               community capacity building. Underused buildings are
                                                               being considered as an option to provide community
                                                               resources through the OASIS project.
                                                              The youth service is working with young people to
                                                               enhance their facilities including on parks and open
                                                               spaces. Outreach work and activities are also underway
                                                               to reach hard to reach young people.
                                                              Job centre provides a range of services to help local
                                                               people find jobs and Bury MBC are working with
                                                               developers to encourage local employment opportunities.
                                                              Radcliffe Community Safety Partnership is being piloted
                                                               to tackle problems specific to Radcliffe, complemented by
                                                               a successful CCTV bid.
                                                              Improvements to metrolink undertaken and planned, and
                                                               improvements to encourage the use of buses have been
                                                               made, to improve transport and the environment.
Besses             Implement actions in the Whitefield       Continued implementation of the Whitefield and

                   Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                   & Unsworth Local Community Plan            Unsworth Local Community Plan with regular monitoring
                                                              reports back to the Whitefield and Unsworth area board.
                                                             Homezone resources won for the Victoria Estate
                                                              connected to local safety schemes.
                                                             Youth works project targeting children and young people
                                                              at risk especially those that are hard to reach.
                                                             The Rivers Housing Association regeneration programme
                                                              is continuing on the Hillock Estate and includes both
                                                              refurbishment and community development.
                                                             Youth works also cover Hillocks.
                                                             Whitefield Street Wardens operate on both the Victoria
                                                              and Hillock Estate in Besses.
Town Centres
Prestwich         Implement initiatives and proposals       Prestwich Development Strategy working group are in
                   in the three towns strategy                place to oversee the Longfield Centre refurbishment and
                                                              look at a long term vision for the whole of the Prestwich
                                                             Contractors for the Longfield Centre refurbishment are on
                                                              site January 2001 and the NWDA have indicated their
                                                              support for the redevelopment.
                                                             The May Day Street Festival and Prestwich Carnival
                                                              were both successful events in bringing people into
                                                              Prestwich village.
                                                             An application for the Grimshaw site and private sector
                                                              investment of £6 million in the Sainsbury’s site will have
                                                              great impact on the vitality and viability of the area.
                                                             Measures to reduce crime in Prestwich include adoption
                                                              of a twelve point action plan, complemented by Prestwich
                                                              pub watch scheme and a successful CCTV bid.
                  Implement Prestwich HERS                  Implementation of Prestwich Heritage Economic

                      Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

                                                                 Regeneration scheme was delayed due to ownership
                                                                 issues, however work was due to start on site January
                                                                 2002 at a cost of £240,000.
                     Implement Prestwich Village               Prestwich village strategy has undergone widespread
                      Strategy                                   consultation. Detailed design and contract documents
                                                                 are currently being prepared and a bid is being made to
                                                                 the NWDA for support.
Radcliffe            Implement initiatives and proposals       The Piazza has had a minor face-lift and confidence
                      in the three towns strategy                within the private sector appears to be increasing with a
                                                                 takeup of a number of premises, which had been vacant
                                                                 for the past 2 years.
                                                                In order to enhance its local role and function, an annual
                                                                 crafts fair combined with a classic car show was held in
                                                                 2001 and a town centre guide is being considered,
                                                                 subject to support from the private sector.
                                                                A website has also been established,,
                                                                 to promote the whole of Radcliffe.
                                                                Measures to reduce crime include a pub watch scheme
                                                                 complemented by a successful partnership CCTV bid to
                                                                 be implemented by June 2002.
                                                                A regular Town Centre Group meets to act as a means of
                                                                 bringing the business community and other sectors
Whitefield           Implement initiatives and proposals       The Whitefield and Unsworth business forum has been
                      in the three towns strategy                set up to tackle various issues. Steps are being taken to
                                                                 set the group up as a charitable organisation.
                                                                Construction is underway on the new Elms Precinct.
Areas of Industrial Decline
Areas adjacent to  Radcliffe Ee’s                              Improvement works on the Radcliffe Ees site are pending
Radcliffe Town                                                   completion of the landfill restoration works.

                        Appendix 3: Bury Regeneration Strategy - Monitoring Report March 2003

Centre                 Radcliffe Paper Mill                    A mixed-use development is proposed for the former
                                                                 Radcliffe Paper Mill site to include 75,000 square feet of
                                                                 floorspace comprising of 13 modern industrial units.
                       Employment potential of Strategic       Bury MBC are in discussions with the owners of the
                        Investment Action Plan                   former East Lancashire Paper Mill to develop a mixed
                                                                 use site to meet the needs of Radcliffe.
                                                                Dumers Lane offers potential for the provision of
                                                                 additional modern employment premises, building on the
                                                                 BT Cellnet development.
Areas to the           Bury Ground                             Progress on development of Bury Ground has been
north and east of                                                delayed by an access title issue, however this has now
Bury Town                                                        been overcome.
Centre                 York Street Area                        A business questionnaire has been completed for the
                                                                 York Street Area to form a baseline. An action plan will
                                                                 be developed in 2002/3 with implementation of proposals
                                                                 planned to begin by 2003/4. £30,000 SRB5 funding has
                                                                 been secured for the initial survey and consultation stage
                                                                 to explore options and to develop an Action Plan to bring
                                                                 about the regeneration of the area.
River Valleys          Improve quality of River Irwell         A campaign to improve the water quality of the River
such as the Irwell                                               Irwell is proving successful.
and Roch               Implement Roch Valley Project           Implementation of phase 1 of the Roch Valley project will
                                                                 officially open as part of the National Cycle Week Events.
                                                                 Outline planning permission is in place for the housing
                                                                 development as part of phase 2, which will start on site in


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