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                                                              Self Drive Tour

                                              Andalusian Adventure
 •       8 nights in elegant 4 star hotels with private bathroom           •    Wine tasting
 •       Private English speaking guide                                    •    Private tour of The Mesquite
 •       Relax at your hotel by the sea
                                                                           •    Sightseeing according to itinerary
 •       Enjoy the rich Spanish history that defined the country.
                                                                           •    Watch the famous Andalusian dancing horses.
 •       Tour the famous Rock of Gibraltar

Day 1 - Malaga - Marbella (Malaga to Marbella 58 km)
Today you arrive at the airport in Malaga. You will then pick up your reserved car                  LAND COST PER PERSON:
rental and drive yourself to the neighboring city of Marbella where you will spend the
next few days at your relaxing hotel by the sea and visiting the sights surrounding this                      4 Star Program
beautiful city.                                                                                            Based on 2 participants
                                                                                                               EUROS: 1650
4 Star Marbella Club or 5 Star Puente Romano                                                               Based on 4 participants
                                                                                                               EUROS: 1284
Day 2 - Marbella (free day)
Take the day to enjoy the sunny beaches of Marbella or drive yourself to Puerto Banus                      Based on 6 participants
and see the parked yachts belonging to some of the world’s richest people. You may                             EUROS: 1162
wish to do an optional skippered afternoon boat cruise which will allow you to spend
time on the water as the locals and wealthy vacationers do.                                                   5 Star Program
                                                                                                           Based on 2 participants
                                                                                                               EUROS: 2064
Day 3 – Marbella – Gibraltar – Marbella
Drive yourself to Gibraltar where you will meet your private guide for a half day
tour. There you will visit the Rock of Gibraltar which dates back to the glacial pe-                       Based on 4 participants
riod. A tour of the rock will include St. Michaels Cave, Barbary Apes’ den, the Moorish                        EUROS: 1698
Castle, The Trafalgar Cemetary and the City under Seige Exhibit which will highlight
the significance of the world’s most famed rock.                                                           Based on 6 participants
                                                                                                               EUROS: 1576
Day 4 - Marbella - Ronda - Seville (from Marbella to Seville 187 km)
                                                                                                 (Prices may vary with different season, weekend, holiday or
This morning you will check out of your hotel in Marbella and head towards Seville                               trade fair date surcharges)
stopping at one of Spain’s oldest cities, Ronda. There a private guide will give you a
tour of this city where the 100m deep gorge, created via natural accident, separates the                    Our tour designers are
old and new quarters of Ronda. Visits to Spain’s oldest Bullring and The Great Church                   happy to customize any of these
of St. Mary will give you an idea of how this city was able to inspire poets, artists and        programs for you, please call for further details.
writers alike.

4 Star Dona Maria or 5 Star Alfonzo XIII

Day 5 - Seville
Today a guide will meet you at your hotel to give you a tour of the monuments of
Seville. You will get to see the wonderful architectural innovations created for the
Iberoamerican Exposition in 1929. You will also visit the Giralda, the Alcazar and Bar-
rio de Santa Cruz which will give you an idea of how Jewish, Christian and Muslim
culture and community are intimately intertwined in Spain.

Later tonight you may wish to take in a Flamenco show popularized in this region of

                                       Contact us Toll Free 1 800 848 8163  OR  by e mail 
                                                               Self Drive Tour

                                              Andalusian Adventure
Day 6– Seville – Jerez de la Frontera – Seville (from Seville to Jerez 91 km)
From Seville you will do a day trip to Jerez. There you will visit the Sherry Cellars of                 Included Features
Alvaro Domeq and the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. The taste of deli-               •    Pre-paid car rental reservation;
cious sweet wines and the sight of famed Andalusian dancing horses will provide you
with a further idea of the rich tapestry of culture that makes Andalucia the exciting re-
gion it is.
                                                                                                 •    Private guides for scheduled
(Tuesday and Thursdays there is the option of viewing the actual horseshow versus the
training of the horses.)                                                                         •    Half day tour of Gibraltar;

Day 7 – Seville – Cordoba – Granada (from Seville to Granada 208 km)                             •    Half day tour of Ronda including
Depart Seville and drive to Granada. Along the route, stop in Cordoba for an afternoon                entrance fees to Bullring and St.
private tour of the of the city quarters and The Mesquite. The mosque turned cathedral
                                                                                                      Mary’s Cathedral;
is emblematic of the shifts in power that have occurred in Spain’s history.

Hotel:                                                                                           •    Half day tour of Seville including
4 Star Granada Parador or 5 Star AC Santa Paula                                                       entrance fees to the Cathedral and
                                                                                                      the Alcazar;
Day 8 – Granada
You will be met at your hotel today for your private tour of the Albaicin, Alcazaba and          •    Full day tour of Jerez de la
the Palace of the Alhambra, which was nominated for the status as one of the seven                    Frontera including entrance fees
wonders of the world. Strolling through the grounds, you will encounter wondrous
                                                                                                      to the Cellars Domecq and the
beauty in the gardens and see just how prevalent the Arab influence was, and still is, in
                                                                                                      Royal Andalusian School of
                                                                                                      Equestrian Art;
Day 9 – Granada – Malaga (128 km)
Today you willl drive to Malaga for your last night in Andalucia. After you settle into          •    Half day tour of Cordoba includ-
your hotel, meet your private guide for a tour of the Picasso Museum, exhibiting works                ing entrance fee to the Mesquite;
of the noted artist who was born in this very city.
                                                                                                 •    Half day tour of the Alhambra
                                                                                                      including entrance fees to the
4 Star AC Palacio or 5 Star Parador Malaga Gibralfaro
                                                                                                      Alhambra; Reservations at the
Day 10 – Malaga – Home
                                                                                                      Picasso Museum including en-
Return your car rental to the airport before boarding your plane home.                                trance fees.

                                                                                                 Quality Hotels
                                                                                                 4 Star program
                                                                                                 Marbella Club — Marbella
                                                                                                 Dona Maria — Seville
                                                                                                 Granada Parador — Granada
                                                                                                 AC Palacio — Malaga

                                                                                                 5 Star program
                                                                                                 Puente Romano — Marbella
                                                                                                 Alfonzo XIII — Seville
                                                                                                 AC Palacio Santa Paula — Granada
                                                                                                 Parador Malaga Gibralfaro — Malaga


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