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					         2010 Taiwan LPGA Tournaments
        Presented by Taihong GC, Royal GC, Hitachi
                   New Rules of Iron Grooves shall not be applied.

           Taihong Ladies Open January 15-17
            Royal Ladies Open January 21-23
           Hitachi Ladies Classic January 29-31
                    Closing date of entry : Tuesday 15 December 2009

When the below allotment are full, the entry shall be closed and be chosen mainly
on first come basis.
However, when more entries than the limited fields come, we may choose the
players first from those who will play all of three tournaments and secondly we shall
select the players at our own criteria.
That’s why the final acceptance of your entries shall be confirmed as at 15th

25 from Japanese players
8 from Korean players – please be advised that Korean spots are already too full
10 from other Asian players – please be advised that Asian spots are almost full
10 from European/American/Australian players

NATIONALI No.           PLAYER'S NAME                        Taihong   Royal   Hitachi   Caddie
                        Japanese fields                        23       25         21
Japan     1     Adachi Yumika             足立由美佳                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     2     Chinzei Mayumi            鎮西まゆみ                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     3     Fujishima Hiroko          藤島妃呂子                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     4     Hayashi Ayaka             林 綾香                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     5     Hayashi Kayoko            林 佳代子                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     6     Ichiki Miwa               市来美和                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     7     Kanemiya Mikado           金宮美司                 ◎        ◎
Japan     8     Kawamoto Mami             川本麻美                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     9     Kawamoto Mitsuko          河本美津子                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     10    Kikuchi Sachie            菊池祐江                 ◎        ◎
Japan     11    Kimura Mika               木村実香                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     12    Koyama Mao                香山麻央                 ◎        ◎
Japan     13    Kunimoto Momoe            国本百恵                          ◎          ◎
Japan     14    Miyata Seiko              宮田聖子                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     15    Nagahori Yoko             長堀容子                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     16    Nagaishi Mika             永石美香                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     17    Nagamori Sachiko          永森佐知子                                    ◎
Japan     18    Narita Izumi              成田いづみ                ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan     19    Sakai Chie                酒井千絵                 ◎        ◎          ◎
Japan       20   Sakurai Yuki                   櫻井有希                                    ◎
Japan       21   Sato Atsuko                    佐藤敦子                           ◎        ◎
Japan       22   Shiozaki Ami                   塩崎亜美                  ◎        ◎        ◎
Japan       23   Tanaka Miyako                  田中美弥子                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Japan       24   Tsuchiya Yoko                  土屋陽子                  ◎        ◎        ◎
Japan       25   Ueno Aiko                      上野藍子                  ◎        ◎
Japan       26   Yokoyama Tomoko                横山倫子                  ◎        ◎
Japan       27   Yoshizaki Chiaki               吉崎千晃                  ◎        ◎
                            Korean fields                             9         9        9
Korea       1    Ji Jessica                     池 玧 周                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       2    Kang Yeo Jin                   姜 如 珍                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       3    Kim Hae Jung                   金 慧 廷                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       4    Lee Eun Kyoung                 李 銀 景                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       5    Lee Joy                        李 鍾 壬                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       6    Lee Mi Rim                     李 美 林                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       7    Nam Min Ji                     南 玟 至                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       8    Park Boo Mi                    朴 宝 美                 ◎        ◎        ◎
Korea       9    Park Hyun Jin2                 朴 炫 珍                 ◎        ◎        ◎
                         other Asian fields                           14       14       14
Hong Kong        Tao Sandy                      涂玉華                   ◎        ◎        ◎
Indonesia    2   Jaya Lidya Ivana               莉蒂雅.伊凡娜‧嘉雅            ◎        ◎        ◎      YES
Thailand     3   Chutichai Porani               楚缇差-波拉尼               ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand     4   Huajai Noon                                          ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand     5   Kongkraphan Patchharajutar                           ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand     6   Nualraksa Ajira                                      ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand     7   Pangjan Rungthiwa              庞娟-阮缇瓦                ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand     8   Phol-Uayporn Praewnapa                               ◎        ◎        ◎      YES
Thailand     9   Plucksataporn Titiya           提蒂亞‧普拉克莎塔朋            ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand    10   Sattayabanphot Moo                                   ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand    11   Srisawang Nontaya              斯瑞萨旺-娜塔娅              ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand    12   Vitayakonkomol Nuchada                               ◎        ◎        ◎
Thailand    13   Yoopan Tiranan                 提拉兰‧尤潘                ◎        ◎        ◎
Vietnam     14   Tang Nhung Thi                                       ◎        ◎        ◎
                                Amrican/European fields               5         5        5
Canada      1    Shepley Jessica                                      ◎        ◎        ◎
Canada      2    Richdale Samantha                                    ◎        ◎        ◎
England     3    Bowers Danielle                                      ◎        ◎        ◎
USA         4    Tavee Tifany                                         ◎        ◎        ◎      YES
Wales       5    Hassan Sahra                   沙哈拉-汉桑                ◎        ◎        ◎      YES

The 2010 Taiwan LPGA Tour is not a part of Ladies Asian Golf Tour (LAGT), but Mr Kato shall help TLPGA
coordinate the foreign participants as a part of the LAGT players’ services.

JAN     10    Sun
        11    Mon
        12    Tue   arrive in Chang Hua
        13   Wed    Practiceday
        14    Thu   pro-am day
        15    Fri
        16    Sat   Taiwan, Chang Hua       Taihong GC           Taiwan LPGA Tour
        17    Sun
        18    Mon   move to Hsinchu
        19    Tue   practice day
        20   Wed    pro-am day
        21    Thu
        22    Fri   Taiwan, Hsinchu         Royal GC             Taiwan LPGA Tour
        23    Sat
        24    Sun   move to Taoyan
        25    Mon
        26    Tue   practice day
        27   Wed    Practice day
        28    Thu   Pro-am day
        29    Fri                                                Taiwan LPGA Tour
        30    Sat   Taiwan, Taoyan          Orient GC
        31    Sun
FEB      1    Mon   Back home
         2    Tue

Taihong Open Golf Tournament
Prize money NT$5,000,000
The Taihong Golf Club, Chang Hua
Tel:886-48-521102    Fax:886-48-534313
No website

Royal Open Golf Tournament
Prize money NT$5,000,000
The Royal Kuan-Hsi Golf Club, Hsinchu
Tel:886-3-5476331     Fax:886-3-5476386

Hitachi Ladies Classic
Prize money NT$5,100,000
The Orient Golf & Country Club, Taoyuan
Tel:886-3-350-1212     Fax:886-3-320-2644
No website

Any pro golfer authorized in the existing tours like JLPGA, KLPGA, USLPGA, Futures Tour, Taiwan LPGA,
LET, LAGT Thailand LPGA, WGAI and others can be accepted to play the tournament unless otherwise
approved in advance.
In case or trainees golfers or teaching pros, their eligibility shall be that they are to have an
experience of competing the latest final stage of pro-test or qualifying school in 2009..

The proposed fields are
25 from Japanese players
8 from Korean players
10 from other Asian players
10 from European/American/Australian players

The first venue is Chang Hua which is located almost in 2 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours by car.
If you take a taxi from the airport, the fare may not be so cheap but be more than NT$3,700.
However, if your arrival will be in group on January 11 Monday or 12 Tuesday, 2010, a paid
group bus can be arranged. The bus fare is subject to the number of joining group.
Please inform your flight schedules to LAGT before 31th December 2009.

Those who will join the tournament from the second week or the third week are advised to come to the
tournament place by your own arranged taxi or so.

The hotel reservation shall be made by yourself using the separate booking form. One form per one room
The hotel reservation is required to complete by 20th December 2009.

Taihong Open Golf Tournament
The Grand View Hotel         昇財麗禧酒店
No.395 Sec. 2, Jhongshan Rd., Yuanlin Township, Changhua County 510, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-8333999    Fax: 886-4-8372999

Room Type                    Room Rate
 Standard Single             NT$ 1,439
 Deluxe Single               NT$ 2,460
 Deluve Twin                 NT$ 2,304 ( Sunday – Friday )
                             NT$ 2,624 ( Satueday & Holiday )

Neither hotel nor club has transport service between the hotel and the golf course, so that the players
may daily take a taxi to the golf course which may cost only NT$200 one way and takes only 5-10
After the tournament
The attractive group paid transport shall be arranged from Changhua to Hsinchu which takes almost 1
hour 30 minutes– 2 hours by bus on Monday 18th January.

Royal Open Golf Tournament
The Hotel Royal Hsinchu        新竹老爺大酒店
227, Kuan-Hu Rd., Sec. 1, Hsinchu 300, Taiwan
Tel: 886-3-563-1122    Fax: 886-3-563-1899

Single: NT3700 inclusive of breakfast & daily transport to the golf course (35 minutes)
Twin : NT 4000inclusive of breakfast & daily transport to the golf course ( 35 minutes )
Triple: NT 4900inclusive of breakfast & daily transport to the golf course ( 35 minutes )

After the tournament
The attractive group transport shall be arranged from Hsinchu to Taoyan which takes almost 1 hour by
bus on Sunday 24th January.

Hitachi Ladies Classic
Fullon Hotel Linkou   林口福容大飯店
68,Wen Er 1st St, Gueishan,Taoyuan Country,Taiwan.
Tel:886-3-327-7338      Fax:886-3-397-1536

Room Type                     Room Rate
 Single                       NT$ 2600
 Twin                         NT$ 2600
 Triple                       NT$ 3100

After the tournament
40 minutes for about NT$1,200 (US$46) by taxi to the Taipei (TaoYuan) International Airport from The
Hotel Fullon Linkou.

The prize money shall be scheduled to pay in Taiwan Dollar cash right after the tournament,
The 20% local tax & 5% of the levy of TLPGA shall be deducted from your earnings.

For the government tax purpose, your passport copy shall be submitted to TLPGA when you
register the appearance on the site. Please have your passport copied in advance.

Some nationalities may require a “Visa” to enter Taiwan, ROC. In this case, you have to obtain only
“Tourist Visa” or “Entry Visa” which is the same as “Sight Seeing Visa”.

You may arrange any airlines’ carrier by yourself that is the most convenient and the most attractive price
& routing. The name of disembarkating airport is “TAIPEI / Tao Yuan Intl. Airport”.

The weather in Taiwan is very changeable at this season. Sometime it is very cold but other time is
suddenly hot. You will be advised to bring some wind protecting cloths or rain wear just in case.

Please check your passport to make sure if it is valid for more than six months with appropriate visa or
three months left when you enter Taiwan if you are exempted from the visa. Please consult it with your
travel agent.

All participants are required to have adequate insurance cover for personal accident, medical expenses,
baggage loss and third party liability.
Although first aid facilities are provided in every tournament venue, you are advised to bring any
necessary medicines and ointment with you.

The Tour will not allow you to play without caddy. In principle only house caddies are allowed, The below
caddie fee plus adequate tax and insurance shall be collected by Taiwan LPGA at the registration

The caddie fee is;
Taihong Open Golf Tournament
NT$1,220(day final) & NT$900(day 1&2, two bags) and the caddie fee shall be charged once you have
teed off.
You may bring your own caddy upon your advance declaration.( only for final day.)

Royal Open Golf Tournament
NT$1,320(day final) & NT$1,120(day 1&2, two bags) and the caddie fee shall be charged once you
have teed off.
You may bring your own caddy upon your advance declaration.( only for final day.)

Orient Open Golf Tournament
NT$1530/day and the caddie fee shall be charged once you have teed off.
You may bring your own caddy upon your advance declaration. (for 3 days.)
To use your own caddy need to pay NT$730 each day.

Please be informed beforehand that no driving range facility in the Royal Hsinchu Golf Club and the
Taihong Golf Club is located, but only putting practice green.
When you like to practice hitting balls, a city driving centre is located in not so far from the official hotel
in Hsinchu only but none in Changhua. You shall be charged.

Tunghai Driving Range
No.16, Lane 776, Sec.3, Fulin Rd., Cyonglin Township, Hsinchu County 307
Tel: 886-3-512-0773

①The closing date of entry is December 15, 2009, but when the fields become full, the entry can be
  closed earlier than the date. The choice of entries shall be on first come basis.

②You are also advised to pay the below fee as the Tournament Entry Fee per each tournament. This
 shall be also paid on the site when you register the appearance.

                                   Pay to         Taihong Open         Royal Open          Orient Open
     Foreign pro-player           Mr. Kato            U$80               U$80                 U$80
     TLPGA members 、           Taiwan LPGA          NT$1500             NT$1500             NT$1500
     Taiwanese players &
     China players             Taiwan LPGA          NT$1800             NT$1800             NT$1800

③You cannot play in the tournament without a caddy.

④Pros scheduled to play in the Pro-Am (40 pros selected by the Organizing Committee ) are required to
 play and attend all Pro-Am functions unless the Organizing Commiitee accepts the absence. The
 players who cancel from the Pro-Am without any medical reason shall be fined.

  The Pro-Am players shall be paid NT$4,000 as a gratitude and the caddie fee for that day shall be
  paid by the organizer.

⑤There is a limited size of field acceptance for each tournament
 When more entries than the limited field enter, Taiwan LPGA is final responsible for selecting the
 entries up to the limited number instead of holding a prequalifying round.

⑥Please fill out on-line entry form and return it to Mr Kato immediately through the internet( for foreign
 players only )
  Internet website

  Mr. Koichi Kato
  Ladies Asian Golf Tour
  51, Minamidai, Ushikawa, Toyohashi, Japan 440-0016
  Tel/Fax +81 (0)532-54 7360

⑦The Taiwanese players or Taiwan LPGA members or China players are advised to contact directly to
 Taiwan LPGA

A player who withdraw her entry within 7 days of the first round will be fined unless such withdrawal is
supported by a relevant medical certificate within seven (7) days of the date of withdrawal.

  Disciplinary Actions: U$300

Until the payment of fine, the player shall be banned from any forthcoming tournaments of Taiwan LPGA