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                                Socrates Main Features
Multi-Disciplinary Support - (Support All Professionals At Different Levels Of Access, Completely
Customizable To Each Users Needs Or Security Requirements)
Integrated Care Protocols Module (Free As Standard With Socrates)

           Ante Natal / Post Natal Clinic
           6 Week Childcare (Baby Care)
           MMSE (Mini Mental Sate Exam)
           Mirena Counselling

Integrated Document Management System - Ability to Scan letters, Investigation results, Referrals and
attach any file to a patient’s record. Storing multi-media files such as videos of minor surgeries or patient
dermatology photo’s taken via digital camera directly in a patient’s chart.
Digital Camera Integration - Storing patient dermatology photo’s taken via digital camera directly in a
patient’s chart. You can store Photo’s of patients directly in their chart also and this photo is always visible
in the consultation module of the patient’s chart.
Appointment Diary / Waiting Room Module - (The Appointments Diary displays all appointments,
holidays and availability times in one view, the waiting room displays all the patients currently expected,
present in the waiting and in consultation in real time, as well as recording the actual total waiting time
and time in consultation of each patient).
Accounting Module - (Completed New Accounts Module Implemented – Custom Designed By The Keogh
Practice, Ballybricken, Waterford.)

Communication Module - (SMS Messaging, User Tasks, Instant Messaging, E-Fax, Personal Address Book)

Consultation Module - Consultation Notes, ICPC-2/ICD-10 Support, Immunisations, Prescriptions,
Investigations, Documents, Care Protocols. We also support backwards compatibility with ICP C-1/ICD9CM
for migration purposes, while also supporting a full keyword based ICPC-2/ICD-10 implementation which
Reporting Module – We have just completed our XML based reporting system. Which allows report
we spent months documenting.
generation with exports into over 10 formats. You can also edit a report after it is generated or of course
edit the report template. Standard Reports Include Patient Reports, Prescription Reports, Letter Reports,
Appointment Reports, Immunisation Reports, Investigation Reports, Accounting Reports, and Audit Log
Reports. STC Form generation is also supported in our new reporting engine.
SMS Alerts System - The Ability To Remind Patients About Appointments Or When Examination Results
Are Back Automatically Using Text Message.

Central Management Module - A Central Location To Manage All User Accounts, Permission Levels,
Manage SMS services and Licensing.

Remote Office Support - Socrates can work with multiple branch surgeries remotely or support remote
users over dialup or broadband solutions.
Integrated Instant Messaging - Real Time Instant Collaboration via Instant Messaging. Socrates Displays
All Logged On Users and Instant sending and receiving of messages. A Message History automatically logs
all messages to later viewing.

Automatic Socrates Updates / Automatic Drug Updates - Socrates Has A Built In Automatic Update
System To Check You Are Always Using The Latest Version Of Socrates Or The Socrates Drugs Database.

Integrated Sketch Pad - Ability to use images of the human and sketch over them such as drawing a
fracture along an image of a bone in the arm. Users can add their own sketch template and even create
their own sketch template categories.

Multi-media Integration – Ability to store any multi-media file in a patient’s chart, for example a video of
minor surgery, or a PDF document detailing a certain disorder. When this items are double-clicked in the
DMS system, the video will start playing in its appropriate application.

Microsoft Office Integration - Socrates Integrates Into Microsoft Word for its Consultation Letters
Module, allowing deep familiarity for users of the world’s most popular word processor.

Tablet PC Support - Socrates includes native Tablet PC Support. Socrates immediately detects when it is in
use on a tablet pc and immediately includes controls for pen input using the Tablet PC SDK. Tablet PC users
can roam free using wireless technology and using pen input only.
User Diary - The ability to record your personal tasks to complete for the days, weeks and months. Store
personal contacts and you have the ability to email them.
Integrated Video Help - Socrates includes an integrated video help system. Each video includes a
recorded video of our support team performing a task in Socrates, while also including balloon tips talking
you through the process you are trying to perform. Socrates ships with over 40 Integrated Help videos out
of the box.
Integrated User Manual - Socrates includes an electronic user manual with the software, which details all
the functionality in a quick and easy searchable format.
Electronic Lab Messaging Support - HL7, Importing, Mapping, Assigning (AKA Lab Messaging) We fully
support DMF/Health link/NEHB/NWHB/SEHB/SHB/MediLink HL7 Message Formats. Socrates fully
supports Co-Op Messaging including Discharge Summary Messages (REF_112 COOP) and Appointment
And Waiting Lists (SIU_S12) message formats.
Online Support (Knowledge Base / Online Forum / Online Helpdesk) - Remote Support

Co-Op Messaging Support – Socrates includes full Co-Op Messaging support out of the box.

Free Data Migration - Move All Your Data From Existing Systems To Socrates.

Free Demonstration - Available On Request.

Network and IT Support - Are Available To All Clients On Request.
We Do Not Include Microsoft Word With The Purchase Of Socrates - each client pc wishing to use the
consultation letters module for writing or editing letters requires an individual license of Microsoft Word.
If you already have any of the following versions of Microsoft Word 2000/XP/2003/2007 on each client pc
running Socrates, then you do not require this additional purchase.