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									                                                       Whittier College
                                              Tuition Payment Agreement

Student Name___________________________________________________                                    WC I.D. No._____________
                     Last                           First                  M.I.
_____________________________________________________                                               ______________________
Street Address                                                                                             Area Code Phone No.
_____________________________________________________                                               ______________________
City                                           State                        Zip Code                       E-Mail Address

A. Tuition and Fees ( WC Schedule of Charges 2006-2007 )                          Fall 2006                       Spring 2007
Tuition                                                                                   13,953.00                        13,953.00
Student Body Fee                                                                             100.00                           100.00
Student Health Insurance ( Must submit a WC Student                                          550.00                           550.00
Accident & Health Insurance Program Form by 8/7/06 )
Health Services Fee                                                                              50.00                            50.00
Lab/Course Fee(s)
Orientation Fee (New student only)                                                             200.00
Meal Plan *( Default to a 15 Meal Plan (if living on Campus )                                1,819.00                          1,819.00
Residence Halls *( Based on Double Occupancy )                                               2,286.00                          2,286.00
Residence Hall Assessment Fee                                                                  100.00
  Total Tuition and Fees
* Enter appropriate charges from 2006-07 WC Schedule of Charges, if selecting a different room occupancy or meal plan

B. Financial Aid ( Refer to 2006-07 Financial Award Letter )                      Fall 2006                       Spring 2007
Whittier Grants, Scholarships and Endowment Awards
Federal Pell, Cal Grants & Federal SEOG
Federal Perkins , Whittier College Loan(s)
Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan(s)
( minus 3% origination fee )
Federal Plus Loan / (minus 3% fee)
Alternative Loan (minus 3% fee)
Outside Scholarships
Other: (Tuition Remission / Tuition Exchange Program)
   Total Financial Aid Awards
C. Tuition Pay Plan Contract Amount
D. Amount Due = (A.) Total Charges and Fees
minus (B.) Total Financial Aid minus (C.)Tuition Pay
Payment due dates                                                      Fall 2006 due: 8/7/2006           Spring 2007: due 1/8/2007

The Tuition Payment Agreement is a part of the contract between the Student, Parent and Whittier College. Every Student is
required to complete, sign and return this form to the Whittier College Business Office along with payment as a condition to
being allowed to register for and attend classes at Whittier College. Under this agreement, it is the primary responsibility of the
Student to pay all tuition, room, board and other fees due to Whittier College. By signing below, the Parent agrees to be a
guarantor of all tuition room, board and other fees due to Whittier College.

Satisfactory arrangements for the payment of the total charges for each semester’s tuition, room, board and other fees (less
financial aid, if any) must be made prior to clearance for registration and attendance of classes by the Whittier College Business
Office. Satisfactory arrangements are: (1) Contractual arrangements with The Tuition Pay Plan (2) Payment in form of Check,
Cash or Wire Transfer (3) One Time Credit Card Payment via the Sallie Mae Link at
All payments are due prior to the payment due date. In addition, all past due charges from the previous semester must be
paid prior to registering and attending classes in the next semester, obtaining transcripts and/or participating in commencement.

By signing the Tuition Payment Agreement, the Student and Parent agree to pay reasonable collection costs, including
reasonable attorney fees and collection agency fees incurred to collect any delinquent accounts. In the event of withdrawal from
Whittier College, refunds will be made in accordance with policy stated on the Official Whittier College Website. With the
exception of the applicable semester net balance of The Tuition Pay Plan contract, the College will assess a finance charge on any
other outstanding balance at the annual rate of 12 %.

________________________________________                         _____________________                     _________________
Student’s Signature                                              Social Security Number                              Date
__________________________________                               ___________________                       _________________
Parent’s Signature                                               Social Security Number                               Date
_________________________________________________________                                                  _________________
Parent’s Address                                       City           State             Zip Code               (Area Code) Phone No.

White, Yellow Copies - Please return to Whittier College Business Office                 Pink Copy - Student

                                                                                       Whittier College Tuition Payment Agreement 6/12/2006

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