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					                           ST ANNE’S COLLEGE
                    INFORMATION FOR DEGREE DAYS 2010
                          Please retain this information until you graduate
          (To graduate without attending a ceremony please see the form at:

Please note: for current students, bookings for 2010 will open:
    From 2 February 2010 for overseas students
    From 9 March 2010 for UK students.

The College will present graduands on the following dates, which are all 2.30 ceremonies on a Saturday.

 Hilary Term 2010 places for MA conferments in person are now full
 6 March – Sheldonian Theatre (3 guests permitted)

 Trinity Term 2010 places for MA conferments in person are now full
 12 June - Sheldonian Theatre (3 guests permitted)

 Summer vacation 2010: these two ceremonies are reserved for students completing in 2010
 17 July – Examination Schools (2 guests permitted)
 31 July - Examination Schools (2 guests permitted)

 Michaelmas Term 2010
 6 November - Examination Schools (2 guests permitted)
 27 November - Sheldonian Theatre (3 guests permitted)

Graduation in absence
Other dates in addition to the dates above are available for in absence graduations. If you are unable to
attend a ceremony in person but would still like to graduate your application will be put forward for the
next ceremony after receipt. Please use the form at:

Applications, for which the form is attached on page 4, should be returned to Rebecca Smith in the Academic
Office as soon as possible and not later than 18 days before the date of the ceremony at which you wish to be
conferred. If your application form is not acknowledged within a fortnight of despatch, please email to enquire whether your place has been booked. Provisional bookings which
are not promptly confirmed by a completed application form will be released to later applicants.

MA Conferments
MA conferments in person are possible only at the ceremonies on 6 March and 12 June. These dates are now
full for MA conferments in person.. In absence conferments are possible at all ceremonies.
Fees are payable as follows:
Undergraduate                  No fee if taken within 2 years of the Final Honour School. £10.00
Degrees:                       thereafter
Graduate                       No fee if taken within 2 years of completing the degree. £10.00
Degrees:                       thereafter.
MA:                            £20.00 (i.e. University £10.00/College £10.00)

Please note that graduation is not possible for anyone with un-returned library books,
outstanding accounts, or loans from the College or University (including the University Hardship

Payments to College should be by cheque, made payable to St Anne's College.

Guest tickets to the Ceremony
Each graduand is asked by the University to bring no more than two guests to the ceremonies on 17 July, 31
July, and 6 November, and three guests to the other ceremonies. To enforce this, tickets for the ceremony are
always required for guests. The ceremony is not suitable for children under the age of seven.

Graduation Day Programme
It is essential that all candidates receiving their degrees in person should sign the Degree List in the Lodge on
the day of the ceremony between 11.30 am and 12.15 pm. Your visitors' tickets for the ceremony should be
collected at the same time, along with lunch tickets if ordered. All candidates should assemble at the
Sheldonian Theatre (Convocation House) or the Examination Schools not later than 30 minutes before the
ceremony, wearing the appropriate academic dress (please see page 3 for details). Ceremonies start at 2.30 pm,
and generally last for an hour-and-a-quarter to an hour-and-a-half.

Programme: 11.30-12.15         Sign degree list
           11.45-12.30         Drinks Reception in Seminar Room 8
           12.15               Briefing from Dean of Degrees
           12.30               Lunch
           14.00               Assemble at the Sheldonian Theatre or Examination Schools

Hospitality in College
Sparkling wine and soft drinks will be served at a reception in College between 11.45pm - 12.30 pm and you
and your guests will be very welcome. Graduands who do not wish to take drinks are nevertheless advised to
attend, if at all possible, at 12.15 pm, when the Dean of Degrees gives a brief explanation of the ceremony.
Lunch is an excellent three-course buffet, with wine and coffee, organised so that you will reach the Sheldonian
Theatre or Examination Schools in good time for guests to be seated at 2 pm. Lunch will be served at 12.30 pm
for those who have ordered it in advance (see the application form on page 4).

If you find yourself unable to attend having said that you will do so, please inform the Academic Office as soon
as possible on 01865 274825 or, if out of office hours, the Lodge on 01865 274800. The University requires
candidates to give 16 days’ notice to withdraw from a ceremony. If the required notice has not been given the
degree will be conferred in absence and you will not be eligible to attend a ceremony.

Degree certificates
Certificates are not issued automatically following a degree ceremony but must be requested from the University
Offices (details at: ).
                                       DEGREE DAYS - DRESS

All candidates must wear full academic dress:-

Subfusc Clothing:
Men:          a dark suit and socks, black shoes, a plain white shirt and collar, white bow tie, and square
Women:        a white blouse, black tie, dark skirt or trousers, black stockings and shoes (no stiletto heels,
              please), square cap or soft cap and, if desired, dark coat.

Dress for each sex should be such as might be appropriate for formal occasions.

Please be aware the due restricted facilities at the Examination Schools, graduands who have booked for
ceremonies at this venue will not be required to change dress (as is customary at ceremonies held at the
Sheldonian). For ceremonies at the Examination Schools, graduands need only wear the gown and hood of
the degree they are about to have conferred upon them.

Dress for degree ceremonies in the Sheldonian Theatre:
First degrees:        Undergraduate gown and gown and hood of degree to be conferred. (BA
                      gown and hood for: BA, M.Biochem, M.Chem, M.Earth Sciences, M.Eng,
                      M Math, and M.Phys.)
Graduate degrees: Oxford graduates - gown and hood of present degree and gown and hood of
                      degree to be conferred (or full dress robe of a D.Phil.).

                        Graduates of other universities - academic dress of previous university, or
                        Oxford Advanced Student's gown, and gown and hood of degree to be
                        conferred (or full dress robe of a D.Phil.).
MA:                     First degree gown and hood and MA gown and hood.

Dress for degree ceremonies in the Examination Schools:
First degrees:        Gown and hood of degree to be conferred. (BA gown and hood for: BA,
                      M.Biochem, M.Chem, M.Earth Sciences, M.Eng, M Math, and M.Phys.
Graduate degrees: Gown and hood of degree to be conferred (or full dress robe of a D.Phil.).
MA:                   MA gown and hood.


Candidates should note that the Proctors may refuse graduation to anyone incorrectly dressed. (This
includes wearing a skirt without black tights.)
Gown and hoods may be hired from the shops below.
Please arrange hire in good time as the shops have been unable to provide gowns for some degrees for
popular ceremonies. (Particularly Masters degrees in the summer and autumn.)

Shepherd & Woodward Ltd.                          Castell & Son                     Walters & Co.
109-113 High Street, Oxford                       (Oxford) Ltd.                     (Oxford) Ltd.
(Tel. 01865-249491)                               13 Broad Street,                  10 The Turl, Oxford.
(                 Oxford.                           (Tel. 01865 241848)
                                                  (Tel. 01865-244000)

NB: Please note that photographers will be based at the Sheldonian Theatre and at the Examination Schools.
Photographers who operate outside the railings of the Bodleian quadrangle and Examination Schools do so
without the permission of the University authorities.
                                            ST ANNE’S COLLEGE
               Application to be entered for Conferment of Degree by attending a ceremony
                             (To graduate in absence please complete the form at: )
              Bookings must be made no later than 18 days before the date of the ceremony.
Please return this form by post to: Rebecca Smith, Academic Office, St Anne’s College, Oxford OX2 6HS

Your attention is drawn to the accompanying notes about DATES, the ARRANGEMENTS IN COLLEGE on
Degree Days and DRESS. Please retain them until the ceremony.

With the exception of Employment/Study please use block letters:
Full Name
Maiden Name
Degree+ to be taken (e.g. BA, DPhil)
Degree Day Date for conferment IN PERSON
(all ceremonies are at 2.30pm)
E-mail address (other than College account):
Address for correspondence:

Tel. No:
Permanent Address:
(if different from above)

Tel. No:
Matriculation Year (your first year at Oxford)
Current employment/further study


Lunch at a cost of £15 per head for guests (no charge to graduands) will be available in College and must be
ordered and paid for in advance, and not later than 9 days before the ceremony. Tickets will be required and
may be collected from the Lodge at the time you sign the Degree List. The total amount payable should be
added to fees, if any.

                                                                      Number             £ total
Fee for conferment of degree (if applicable)                          ----------
Total number for drinks reception (no charge)                                            ------------
Lunch for Graduand (no charge)                                        YES/NO             ------------
Lunch for additional guests @ £15 per head
The deadline for lunch bookings and cancellations is 9 days before
the ceremony.
Total number for lunch                                                                   ------------
If you require vegetarian lunches, please indicate how many                              ------------
TOTAL (Cheques payable to St Anne's College)                          ----------

Date:                          Signature:

Please note that the names of graduands will be published in the programme provided at the ceremony,
including those graduating in absence. If you do not wish your name to appear please notify Rebecca Smith in
the Academic Office no later than three weeks before the ceremony.

+ Only one degree will be conferred in person at a ceremony. Additional degrees may be conferred on the same
date in absence, and if you are applying for more than one conferment, please complete an additional form for
the in absence conferment.