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									                 North West IFG Executive Committee Meeting

                                18 May 2009
                                  2.30 – 4.30
              The Glen Mhor Hotel, Ness Bank, Inverness, IV2 4SG


David Lovie          Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association
Duncan MacInnes      Western Isles Fishermen’s Association
Peter Davidson       Highlands and Islands Fishermen’s Association
Alan Coghill         Orkney Fisheries Association
John Hermes          Scallop Association, Mallaig and North West Fishermen’s
Neil Robertson       Non-Affiliated member
Bill Ellis           Scottish Government Marine Scotland
Alison Stalker       Scottish Government Marine Scotland
Rod Cappell          Poseidon
Fiona Nimmo          Royal Haskoning
Derek Duthie        Scottish Pelagiac Fishermen’s Association
Sandy Ritchie       Anglo-Scottish Fishermen’s Association
Hugh MacPherson     Mallaig and North West Fishermen’s Association
Alistair Sinclair   Scottish Creeler’s and Divers Association
Patrick Stewart     Clyde Fishermen’s Association

1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

   1.1 John Hermes, Chair, welcomed all to the meeting. Rod Cappell from
   Poseidon and Fiona Nimmo from Royal Haskoning were introduced. Apologies
   were received from Derek Duthie, Sandy Ritchie, Hugh MacPherson, Alistair
   Sinclair and Patrick Stewart.

2. Minutes of the last meeting and Matters Arising

   2.1 Minutes of the meeting of the North West IFG Executive Committee on 18
   May 2009 – approved by Neil Robertson (NR) and seconded by Peter Davidson

   2.2 It was reported that 2 Lochs Radio had provided some news coverage on the
   IFG meetings. All agreed that local media should be used more often to raise
   awareness of the IFGs and future meetings.

   2.3 Bill Ellis (BE) explained that the sifting for the Local Coordinators would take
   place on Thursday 4 June, with interviews being held provisionally between 30
   June and 2 July. Sifting for Chair will be held shortly.
  2.4 BE explained that a compromise proposal for travel and subsistence (T&S)
  for the first 3 meetings had been accepted.

  2.5 Those members of the ExCom who had submitted comments about the
  issues in the area prior to the meeting were thanked. These comments had been
  forwarded to Poseidon.

3. Presentation on Management Planning by Poseidon followed by discussion

  3.1 Rod Cappell from Poseidon introduced himself and his company as the
  consultants contracted to support pilot IFGs with compiling a model fisheries
  management plan. He introduced Fiona Nimmo from Royal Haskoning who
  would be supporting the process.

  3.2 It was emphasised that Poseidon were contracted to produce a model
  management plan to suit all the pilot IFGs, but would not write the North West
  IFG management plan itself. This was the responsibility of the North West IFG
  and the local coordinator in particular. Poseidon would talk to the IFG Executive
  Committee members and would produce a scoping exercise to identify local
  issues. A management plan would have to be supported by data either existing
  or identify further data requirements, and ensure each objective fitted within the
  high level objectives for Scotland. It was agreed that Anne McLay from Marine
  Scotland Science should be invited to the next North West IFG meeting.

  3.3 Rod and Fiona led a discussion about the local areas issues under the
  headings of Stock Management, Sector Management, Marketing Support and
  Data Requirements. Members of the ExCom submitted ideas for these which
  were discussed as a group and explored on different levels according to what has
  happened in the past, what scientific evidence was already available, local fishing
  knowledge of stocks and activity.

  3.4 The discussion that followed included the following points:

     Substantial resources would be needed for IFG management proposals, and
     also for enforcement and science requirements.

     Creel effort across the fishery and the issue of intensity of effort in specific
    areas versus sustainability needs addressing. Creel limits need to be supported
    by scientific evidence and improvements in enforcement. Research on creel
    design needs to be undertaken – mesh size/escape panels.

     Harbour charges and mooring fees – where shore facilities don’t exist, IFGs
     could take responsibility for their establishment.

     Community Involvement/Cooperative Scheme – The possibility of
     cooperative catch transportation lorries similar to cooperative fuel system was
         Need to encourage more interest in local products. The group could
        consider how to get shorter marketing routes to meet local demand.

     When discussing more national issues, form a joint IFG grouping at national
     level, rather than SIFAG.

     Create more promotional opportunities. Lot of holiday/second homes in the
     North of Scotland which are disconnected from the community and the local
     fishing industry. Re-establish links between these parties.

         Important to chart where the fish are in each area and where everyone does
        and doesn’t fish. In order to this, it is important to establish a good working
        relationship with Marine Scotland Science and environmental agencies.

  3.6 Fiona and Rod will contact members of the ExCom as part of their information
  gathering. They emphasised that consideration of the key issues was needed: it
  was important that IFG Executive Committee members consider what the
  priorities were for the local area and work upon those that could be developed.

  3.7 The next meeting will take place when both the Local Coordinator and Chair
  are in post. Poseidon will present a first draft of the model management plan and
  the results of round up of local issues.

4. AOB

   4.1 After 12 months, the IFGs will be reviewed, including the issue of

5. Date of Next Meeting

  5.1 2:30pm on Thursday 27 August in Inverness was agreed upon. Details will
  be confirmed nearer to the time, by which point the new Local Coordinator and
  Chair will be in place.

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