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					                    IT’S WHAT WE DO: CSI STUDENT SERVICES

Admissions & Records, Matrix

The mission of the Admissions & Records office is to provide an accurate and complete
records collection and management service for our customers and to serve our
customers in a professional, courteous, and timely fashion enabling them to meet their
goals while upholding college policies.

Services include:
    FERPA compliance
    Student education record maintenance
    College catalog
    Schedule of classes (interactive version available in MyCSI, and pdf available
       with the catalog) Photo ID for students, faculty & staff
    Financial aid check disbursement for students
    Student registration assistance (in-person, by phone, and
       online), x6795

MyCSI assistance (web portal for students, faculty & staff)
   Login help
   View Class List
   Grade Entry
   View Advisee List
   View Unofficial Student Transcript

Advising Center, Matrix

It is the mission of the CSI Advising Center, in concert with faculty and staff, to provide
information and guidance to support students in their educational planning as they work
to achieve career and life goals.

Advising staff provide assistance to first semester students in the selection of a declared
major and appropriate courses leading to a degree and/or certificate. Community
members interested in enrichment courses are also encouraged to contact the Advising
Center. The Advising Center also provides on-going educational advising to Liberal Arts
majors, students who are still deciding on a declared major, and non-degree seeking

Advising staff provide assistance to students with appropriate course placement in order
to determine course pre-requisites, program entry requirements, and the enhancement
of student educational success.

Advising staff provide major advisor referral assistance to connect students with various
program offerings of interest. The Advising Center also serves as a resource to
students, faculty, and staff with a variety of retention services, student support programs,
and directory contact information.
For more information, visit our website, call the Advising Center
(208) 732-6250, or consult with an advisor in the Matrix, inside the Taylor Administration

Center for New Directions (CND), Canyon Building

The mission of the Center for New Directions is to provide Technical Education students
with resources for retention in training program, completion of program, and placement
in an employed position.

CND functions include:
   Single Parent/Displaced Homemaker program: Activities throughout the
      semester. Luncheons with speakers presenting topics of interest to single
      parents (family entertainment, meal planning, stress management, etc.)
   Non-Traditional Occupations program: Support for students entering
      nontraditional occupations by gender.
   Both of the above programs receive grant funding which varies from year to year.
   Beginning of semester orientation classroom presentation for new PTE students
   Career readiness training for CSI students, delivered to PTE classrooms and
      offered in workshop format each semester.
   Liaison with area employers.
   Career placement data tracking and reporting.

Currently, the CND funding provides for services to PTE students.

Financial Aid Office, Matrix

The mission of the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is to provide financial
assistance to students so that they may achieve their educational goals while attending
the College of Southern Idaho.

The Pell grant is considered gift aid and therefore does not need to be repaid. It is
intended to assist students who have not yet earned or met the requirements for a first
bachelor's degree and who are attending school at least part-time.

A student loan is money for school expenses that must be paid back with interest.
Student loans can help you meet today's education expenses, but they will also bind you
to a future of financial commitment that can last as long as 10 years. That's why it's
important to fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower before you
take out a loan.

The College of Southern Idaho participates in the Federal Family Educational Loan
Program (FFELP) Stafford Loan Program and offers student loans funds from private
lenders, guaranteed by the Federal Government.

College work-study is a federal and state funded need-based program for those students
who have applied for and are determined to be eligible for this program. In the work-
study program students work in exchange for earnings, and can work up to their award
amount. This usually entails about ten hours of work each week. Job opportunities
include work on campus in the College's offices, computer labs, game rooms,
maintenance, library, and art department.

Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress in their classes to continue
receiving financial assistance.

Information Technology Center (ITC) in the Gerald R. Meyerhoeffer Building

The mission of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) is to provide leadership in
promoting the effective and efficient use of educational technology to enhance teaching
and learning at CSI, and increase access to higher education. ITC offers a learning and
demonstration area in which to try out new technologies that enhance the delivery of
instruction in a multimedia environment, and serves as a source of expertise and support
for those at the college who wish to take advantage of the capabilities and opportunities
offered by information technology to transform their academic practices.

Services provided by ITC include:
    Maintenance and development of the CSI website; development of web-based
       services and solutions
    Maintenance of the Blackboard server
    Training (classes, small group training sessions, and one-on-one) on a variety of
       topics, including:
           o Webtools
           o Blackboard
           o MyCSI basics (in collaboration with Student Services)
           o Online course evaluations
           o A variety of software packages/applications such as: Word, Excel,
               PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe
               Connect, etc.
           o Use of multimedia equipment across campus
    Technical support
           o Website
           o Blackboard
           o Adobe Connect
           o Software-specific
           o Multimedia equipment (support for use, not replacing bulbs and such
               which is the responsibility of ITS personnel)
    Design of various online and printed marketing materials
           o Webpages, posters, brochures, flyers, etc.
    Chairing the Web Committee and the e-Learning Initiative Committee
Library Information, Gerald R. Meyerhoeffer Building

The mission of the CSI Library is to provide information resources and services that
meet the needs of the College community and support the teaching, lifelong learning,
and service functions of the College.

        Books, Videos, DVDs, Audiocassettes, CDs, Playaways, Periodicals,
        Newspapers, Pamphlets, Reserves, E-Books, E-Journals,

Online Resources (
       Library Online Catalog, online access to articles, digital books, e-reserves. AP
       images, KnightCite, LearningExpress Library Value Line

Course Reserves
      Instructors may place supplemental materials on reserve for their students.

Information Literacy Instruction
     Presentations to classes
     One-on-one assistance
     Workshops on new software

Computer Lab
   Main student computer lab on campus
   95 student computers
   4 black & white laser printers
   1 color laser printer

Library Users with Disabilities
     Two electric-lift wheelchair accessible computer stations
     Merlin desktop video magnifier – to help low vision users to read
     Zoomtext (installed on stations #309 and #802)
     Kurzweil 3000 (installed on stations #309 and #802)
     Inspiration (installed on stations #309 and #802)
     Dragon Naturally Speaking (installed on the station located in a separate room by
        the copy machines)
     JAWS (installed on the station located in a separate room by the copy machines)

Group Study Rooms
      For collaborative study and research.

A large Student Conference Room is equipped with:
     Two computers (with Internet connection and standard software package)
     A conference table that sits 10
     Comfortable chairs
     A whiteboard
     A SmartBoard
     A projection unit
     A DVD/VHS player
An Information Literacy Center offers literacy and technology training and includes:
    Computers for instructor and students
    Multimedia projection unit
    DVD/VHS player
    Sound system
    Printer
    High speed Internet
    A variety of high-end software applications

Self-Service Copy Center
     2 coin-operated photocopy machines
     Cutting board
     3-hole paper punch

Monthly List of Items Added To Library: email to receive a monthly notice

Interlibrary Loan: email with your requests

Reference Services: call Steve at x6504 or email

Table of Contents Service: email for information on signing up

Multicultural and International Student Services, Taylor 2nd Floor

The mission of the Multicultural Student Services Office is to enhance the educational
opportunities of the diverse student body of the College of Southern Idaho by providing
individualized support and referral, college preparation, opportunities for cultural
interaction and a welcoming environment to all. We are located on the second floor of
the Taylor Administration Building in room 201.

Multicultural Student Services works with international and multicultural students by
    Information about college
    Help with filling out admissions, financial aid and other college forms
    Mentoring
    Academic advising
    Guidance on visa, immigration, cultural, financial, employment and educational
    Clubs and organizations support
    College preparation programs
    And opportunities for students to interact with each other and the community.

Please contact us at 208 732-6293 or via e-mail or please see our
websites: and .
New Student Services Taylor 2nd Floor, SUB 235

Mission: We, the staff of the New Student Services Office, are here to provide all
prospective students with information, resources, and tools through individual assistance
with the college entrance process, while promoting a positive and rewarding experience.

The New Student Services office assists prospective students by responding to requests
for college information, scheduling campus visitations and tours, and making
presentations to schools and community groups. The staff coordinates many of the
special events on campus for prospective students including Multicultural Day, Fine Arts
Day, and the program for 6th graders, “I’m Going to College.”

Scholarship Office, Matrix

The mission of the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is to provide financial
assistance to students so they may achieve their educational goals while attending the
College of Southern Idaho.

Here is what is happening in the world of the CSI Scholarship Office:
    Scholarship opportunities from the CSI Foundation, State of Idaho and Outside
       sources are coordinated through my office for students and the College
            o Promise A
            o Promise B
            o Minority at Risk
            o New Hope
            o Presidential
            o Near 200 CSI Foundation endowment/scholarships
            o Outside scholarships (example: Coca-Cola, Jack Kent Cooke Fdn., Barry
               Goldwater, Morris Udall scholarship -- to list a few)
    Website for scholarship applications and many scholarship opportunities are
       listed at
    Scholarships touch 1 out of 5 enrolled students impacted by scholarship dollars
       (as of 2005)
    Presentations to outside groups: high school groups, church groups, community
       groups regarding scholarship searching/application

Student Activities Services Taylor 2nd Floor

Mission: We, the staff of the Student Activities Office, are privileged to provide
information, support, and guidance in a friendly, caring, and professional manner in
order to promote a positive and rewarding college experience for all prospective and
current students.

Student Activities: Coordinates the activities sponsored by campus clubs, schedules
special student events, provides information on student recreational activities, and
supervises the Student Senate, Ambassadors, Diversity Council, Interclub, and Eagle
Housing Services: Oversees Eagle Hall and Northview Apartments, maintains on-
campus housing records/reservations, and provides referrals for off-campus housing.

Student Assistance: Student Assistance provides information and resources to assist
students who encounter difficulties during their college experience.

Student Senate is the governing body of the Associated Students of CSI and provides a
means of communication between the college’s students and its administration
regarding educational improvements, student-faculty relations and student life. The
senate annually sponsors student activities and entertainment events at CSI. Elections
are held each fall for incoming freshman and in the spring for continuing students.

Ambassadors represent the college in a public relations capacity by giving campus
tours, assisting with future student recruitment, promoting campus activities, and serving
as “listeners” for student problems and concerns. Members are selected by interviews,
which are conducted each fall.

Intramural Sports are open to all students not participating in intercollegiate athletic
programs and offer a broad range of sports including flag football, softball, basketball,
volleyball, billiards, bowling, racquetball, skiing, and golf. Most intramural programs are
open to both men and women and many teams are co-ed.

CSI Challenge Course is the largest pole course west of the Mississippi. The course has
a series of high and low experiential elements that students and community groups use
to promote teamwork, motivation, communication, and goal setting. For more
information, contact the Student Information Office at (208) 732-6221.

The CSI Program Board and many campus student clubs and organizations are also
included in the services offered by this office.

Student Disability Services (SDS) Taylor, Room 272, 732-6260

The Student Disability Services Office works to provide accommodations to students
with disabilities. All classes, activities and facilities at CSI must be accessible to people
with disabilities. This responsibility falls on all faculty and staff at CSI. The SDS office is
a resource to all staff and faculty when working with and accommodating people with
disabilities on campus.

Some of the accommodations we provide include:
   Sign Language Interpreters
   Text in Alternate Format
   Testing Accommodations
   Assistive Technology
   Academic Coaching